Best Baby Light Show Projector

Getting your baby off to sleep isn’t always easy and once they do there’s no guarantee they will sleep right through the night, leaving both baby and parents feeling tired and moody come morning. Similar to the old mental exercise of “counting sheep”, sometimes all a baby needs is a distraction and something to focus on while they naturally fall asleep.

A light show projected into their nursery room is an effective way to help soothe many babies to sleep and improve their long-term sleeping pattern – creating a more harmonious life for both of you.

Why do People use Baby Projectors?

Projectors designed for baby nurseries have a wide range of benefits for both parents and infants. Some of the most common reasons for using them include the following:

Babies have shorter sleep cycles – Infants spend much of their sleep in what is termed Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This is a lighter form of sleep, which may make your baby prone to waking up often. For this reason, many parents find a light projector can help soothe their baby back to sleep in the event that they wake up.

Scared of the dark? – It’s extremely common for older babies, toddlers and children to go through a phase of being afraid of the dark. Therefore, a nighlight or projector is a nice compromise, allowing your child to get to sleep without demanding to have the light on.

Diaper changing – If you ever have to change your baby’s diaper during the night, having to turn the main light on is a startling experience for both parent and baby. Having a more subtly light source will allow you to do your duty without completely waking you both up without any hope of getting back off to sleep easily.

What to Look for in a Projector

You may be tempted to purchase the first baby projector you see, but if it doesn’t have all the functions you’re looking for, what’s the point? Here are some of the most important things to consider when you’re on the hunt for the best baby soother projector:

Do you want it to play music? – Many best baby projectors provide built-in playlists that allow you to play natural sounds, as well as lullabies and white noise, but some don’t so make sure to check. If you want to have the option of playing your own sounds and music, you will want to choose a projector that can be connected to your devices.

Do you want the projector to have a timer? – You probably don’t want to have to wait until your baby falls asleep to risk waking them in order switch it off. Equally, you probably don’t want it to stay on all night and pose the risk of waking you baby back up. The solution is to choose a device that is fitted with a timer that switches the sounds and light off after a certain period of time.

How do you want the lights to look? – There is huge variation in the quality and type of lights projected by different devices. These include constellations of the night’s sky, ocean waves and other more abstract shapes and effects. Equally, you will also find that they tend to emit different colored lights – some allow you to change the colors while other projectors don’t. Colors such as pink and red are thought to have a calming effect, so this may be something worth remembering.

Do you want it to detect when you baby wakes up? – A feature many parents look for is a motion sensor that detects when your baby is awake. While they are not 100% fool-proof they certainly offer the chance of helping to sooth your baby back to sleep. This feature is relatively uncommon, so if it’s a requirement make sure to check the product details.

Our Top Picks

Fisher-Price Calming Seas Projection Soother



This projector has a child-friendly design featuring colorful buttons and a cute light-up aquarium that houses sea creatures and plays various sounds to help your baby get some rest. From the table-top stand emits a soothing light show and plays a variety of sounds, allowing you to experiment with the right combination that works for your child.

The natural sounds of the ocean are often associated with meditation and soothing people into a relaxed state. This soother includes 3 different sound settings – an ocean setting that features harbour like sound effects, as well as two different “white noise” sounds and a variety of songs to help your baby get off to sleep.

Along with the sounds is a powerful projector that is beamed on the ceiling to create a calming and beautiful light show composed of “colorful bubbles”. This can be active by itself or in combination with one of the many available sound effects. Although, bear in mind that the aquarium and projector cannot be active at the same time.

The projector is active for 10 minutes after which time it automatically shuts down, which is the ideal time frame for soothing, as you don’t want it to become too distracting or end up waking them up later. While the sound effects operate for 60 minutes, helping them stay relaxed until they fall into a deep sleep.

Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle



What baby or toddler doesn’t like to snuggle a plush companion? This turtle has a soft, cuddly body and a hard shell that has a built-in nightlight, which emits a variety of stunning night sky constellations into the room. There are eight constellations to choose from in total and the colors can be adjusted on demand.

This is solely a nightlight, so don’t expect it to provide any sounds. However, the light projects a variety of different colors said to be associated with different moods. The constellations are also based on the very ones you would see on a clear night’s sky, so it’s a great educational tool too.

A story book is also included with each turtle that includes information about the colors and associated moods, as well as the constellations, an adoption certificate and facts about turtles. Great for building a bond with their new sleep aid (and cuddly friend of course) and teaching them something new, this is always a nice bonus.

The nightlight itself projects on a 45 minute timer and runs off of AA batteries.

SOAIY Sleep Soother Projector for Baby Nursery



This baby projector produces a light display inspired by the Aurora Borealis which millions of people go witness in the Northern Hemisphere every year. It is a truly dynamic and relaxing display that is far superior to the competition.

The stand can be placed on a bedside table easily and the direction of projection can be altered. It will curve to a 90 degree angle if it’s projecting on the ceiling, alternatively you can have it project on a horizontal wall. There are two projector options available – one option with the dome placed on top for a more subtle effect, or alternatively you can have the dome off for a more intense and mesmerizing show.

There are no built-in songs that accompany this projector, but it does have a built-in speaker and audio cable that allows you to connect to your own devices and play your own music. This means it’s far more versatile and allows you to use it in a variety of situations, such as the nursery room or perhaps even a kid’s party?

Ohuhu Remote Control Night Light Projector



If you’re looking for a projector that is not just limited to babies, then this un-themed projector that has all the technology you could possibly want is perfect for children of all ages. It allows you to play your own music, comes with a built in speaker, LED lights and even a remote control.

The LED projector produces a colorful wave effect on the wall, which is that relaxing it’s verging on hypnotic. There are 7 different color modes in total and the direction of the projector head can be altered vertically and horizontally, allowing you choose exactly where you would like the lights to be displayed. As well as being able to do this manually, this can also be altered via the remote control, meaning you never have to disturb your baby, you can do it all from afar.

This has both a built-in music player with 4 lullaby songs and gives you the ability to plug in your own device and play whatever you like. This gives you the option of playing a song or sound you know works wonders on your child. Parents often feel limited by the available songs in other baby projectors, but with this you literally have unlimited options.

Night Owl LED Star Projector



There’s something superior about character driven sleep aids – many parents find that their child derives a huge amount of comfort from a child sleeping aid that also doubles up as a companion. This cute owl plays a range of sounds and projects a constellation of stars to help your baby get to sleep fast. Is also lightweight and portable ideal for travelling in the car or walks in the stroller.

The built-in speaker plays a range of classic lullabies including Baa Black Sheep, Home Sweet Home, American Patrol, Mary has a Little Lamb, Oh My Darling, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Hush Little Baby. It also plays a range of other relaxing sounds such as a natural bird song as well as a heartbeat sound guaranteed to help your baby wind down and get off to sleep. You can also play all songs in sequence easily by pressing both arrow buttons, or alternately select your preferred song using the arrow buttons.

The built-in timer switches the sounds and light off after 30 minutes meaning you don’t have to worry about having to go back in and possibly disturb their sleep, or have it wake them back up later on in the night.

The LED projector is turned on using the light bulb button and requires AAA batteries to operate, which are included with the owl, meaning it’s ready to use from day one.

Which Baby Soother Projector do you like the Look of?

Baby projectors are a sleep aid many parents swear by and couldn’t do without. If you’re on the hunt for a device that offers versatility then we would probably recommend one that can be connected to your devices, allowing you to play your own music playlist. These have the advantage of being used for other activities to, for example, when your baby is no longer a baby you could use it to relax.

If you’ve tried and tested a particular baby projector and have some experience worth sharing, please feel free to share your opinion below.