Best Toddler Drum Set 2018

It’s a great idea to take advantage of the opportunity for your young child to become inspired and take up a musical skill early on. Learning percussion at an early age would certainly encourage your kids to feel more at home on a drum kit and they will gain a valuable head-start with the instrument which would greatly benefit their future learning.

When it comes to taking up percussion, it’s important to learn how to hold a beat, and a great way to do this is to make the first steps and experiment! It’s a great experience and a lot fun for most ages to set on the path of drum mastery and discovering their potential with a new drum set.

Common Toddler Drum Set Questions

A puzzling question

You may have some questions that need answering before jumping off onto the subject blind and I am going to answer as many queries as I can think to cover, as I know choosing a hobby and encouraging a young child to stay focused can be challenging at times.

So why should I choose drums for my toddler?

Its critical at this point to note that starting off on learning an instrument or even to have an introduction to the world of music is increasingly more beneficial the earlier you start your child on the journey. It’s fantastic that you would take the time to encourage your child into taking up a skill that they can benefit from in later life. The drums are a great choice because they are easy to pick up and with practice, your child will be able to play music with others in no time!

Also, I would expect you may be worried about the hobby is quite noisy, but you’ll find that actually, the majority of the toy drum sets for toddlers are at most, just as loud as other electronic or musical toys your child may have.

Is my toddler ready to learn drums?

As long as you have the time and patience to spend with your child, giving plenty of gentle encouragement; children from 1 years of age would benefit from having a toy drum set. It would not only serve as a fun activity but as valuable bonding time between parent and child as well as a way for your toddler to be creative and express themselves. Some of the product reviews I have will feature a different variety of drum sets for ages 1 to 3 years old which between them ages is quite a difference in capability.

What benefits does learning the drums have for my child?

DrummingDrums are fantastic for developing a great coordination, memory, focus, and imagination, which are key aspects when it comes to drumming. These are all skills which you can nurture by introducing your child to music and that they too can create something musical themselves. Without a doubt, this would help to build their confidence, especially when it comes to them being comfortable in experimenting with music and learning practical skills.

Not only is the confidence boost important but also science has shown that mental stimulation and having educational toys at an early age will help them succeed later on in life. So this head-start in a hobby such as drumming that you are giving them will have a positive impact on their focus and performance throughout their development.

How do I keep my child interested in learning the drums?

Introductions are important and so is the introduction of the instrument to your kid. It’s important to not seem discouraging in any way and to let your child experiment in their own way if they want to. Make it a part of playtime! This will get them used to the instrument, and to the concept that it produces sound when it is interacted with which can be an interesting and enjoyable activity, a natural part of playtime.

Once your child is comfortable with the instrument or toy that they have, just give them plenty of positive reinforcement when they are using it. Don’t try to force them to play with the drum set over other toys or instruments if they don’t want to; as having breaks from the activity are also beneficial to learning and just remember that having fun when playing the drums is key.

What drums should I choose for my toddler?

There is such a vast variety to choose from, and this is notably dependant on your child’s age, experience, and capabilities. After that, it’s also choosing a pleasing look and feel to the drum as well as the sound you are looking for. I will take you through a few product reviews that I have tried and tested myself which are organized based on age, to give you an overview on what the ideal “my first drum kit” is for your child.

Our Top Picks

Drum Sets for 1-year-olds

Remo Lynn Kleiner Baby Drum

Remo Lynn Kleiner Baby Drum Children, Kids, Game



A great way to make a really early first introduction of your toddler to drumming is to have a soft toy version like this one. It’s extremely safe for a young child and is a nice way to teach him or her that the drum and drumstick go together. It doesn’t do much in the way of sound due to the material its made from which is unfortunate.

Its made from a fabric which feels very soft to touch and safe to play with, the drumstick is too large to be a choking hazard and so is a perfectly suitable drum for children who are just reaching their first birthday or a bit older.

The design and coloration of the toy drum itself is really pleasant and inviting to a child, having the drum and drumstick with a matching pattern to indicate they both belong to each other is also a nice touch to this product. As I said, suitable for the really young who just need an introduction to what a drum is and that’s the reason I would recommend it for a 1-year-old.

Solid Drum

Solid Drum



If you are after a drum which makes a bit more sound than the last but still as simplistic and easy to use, then this is the best drum for a toddler. It produces 3 tones, and is constructed of real wood, which is perfectly smooth and has an eye-catching pattern painted on the side.

The drumstick has a large rubber head for striking the wood, which does not need to be a powerful strike to produce a sound and it does have a pretty nice, soft tone; the tone changes depending on where on the surface is struck. With time, encouragement and this drum, your toddler will be able to experiment with tone dependant on where you strike the drum which is a basic lesson to learn when starting out.

This drum I think would be a great addition to a 1-year-olds playtime, especially if there are other instruments and players present to join in and make a fun and exciting activity in which your child can pick up the skill as well as enjoy their time with their parents, family, and friends.

A good instrument to compliment this toddlers drum set would be some maracas which are also easy for your child to pick up and use.

Boikido Wooden My First Drum

Boikido Wooden My First Drum



My favorite of the drums I recommend for 1-year-olds, the Bokido Wooden My First Drum is a great value, great sounding drum with an incredibly joyful side design and is very user-friendly. I would highly recommend for to a parent who would like their toddler’s drum set to have striking colors, is not loud and produces a nice sound.

The sides are wooden, the drum “skin” is plastic and the rim is fabric. Additionally, the sticks are a soft plastic and are not small enough to pose a choking hazard and so its a very safe toy in general. It comes with stick holders attached which are also fabric, handy for keeping the drum and sticks together. You can really make some nice beats with this one and it will be great practice and loads of enjoyment for any toddler.

With this being such a quality toy drum, which is also affordable, it would be an amazing introduction to percussion instruments and drum sets in particular as well as a way to develop motor skills, perception, rhythm, and precision. These skills are good for a young one to learn as they help with other practical skills and to also encourage creativity and free expression.

Drum Sets for 2 year olds

Hello Kitty Fun In A Drum

Hello Kitty Fun In A Drum



The Hello Kitty Fun in a Drum is indeed hugely fun! With its attractive Hello Kitty design, it adds a loud splash of color to playtime. This toddlers drum set features a drum, a strap, 2 sticks, an ocarina, a harmonica, a tambourine and a drum tuning key which is a fantastic starter kit for an emerging drummer.

The other instruments are a great compliment to the drum, though not sounding like full instruments, its a great introduction to music in general and how instruments can complement each other and when played with others, music can be created.

Its an absolutely perfect gift for a 2-year-old, especially for one that has shown an interest in music and drumming, or even who is excitable and full of energy, drumming is a great way for a child to get the energy out and express some creativity.

Dovewill Small Hand Drum

Dovewill Small Hand Drum



Another drum that is brimming with cuteness, this toy drum is built from a high-quality polyester but despite its softness, it surprisingly produces quite a nice sound, although it is still pretty quiet which some would consider a bonus.

The set includes a strap, which allows the snare drum to be worn around the shoulders, and also 2 lightweight wooden drumsticks. This would be a great addition to the toybox and a really cool gift for a niece or nephew, and I’m sure any kid who takes to this drum will be laying down cool beats before long.

WolVol Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids

WolVol Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids



This is certainly an eye-catching and interesting toddlers drum set, the kids really loved this one. Its battery powered as it has a functional microphone, lights and plays beats and music which the child can drum and sing along to which is a joyful learning experience.

The drum set includes two sticks and a stool. It doesn’t include the batteries upon purchase but only requires three triple A’s so it is not so bad when its such great fun for the kids. The music it plays is recognizable¬†as well as simple beats which the child can recreate on the drum themselves allowing them to expand their experience in creating beats and rhythms.

The parts are adjustable to a degree but all together the kit is quite small and so most children would be able to reach the snares and the cymbal quite easily.

Drum Sets for 3-Year-Olds

Hape Rock and Rhythm Kid’s Musical Drum Set

Hape Rock and Rhythm Kid's Musical Drum Set



This drum set has got to be my favorite of them all as not only does it look interesting, but its built with the child in mind. The Hape Rock and Rhythms Drum Set is well suiting for the older toddlers who are reaching or are over 3 as this toy drum set relies a lot more on the child’s ability to start creating their own beats.

The set comes with 2 sticks and includes a cymbal and a rhythm maker which gives a small variety with a kids drum set which is more a simulation as a fully fledged drum set but is still heavily simplified. This is a great toy and kids will spend hours playing with it as they find their own new ways to play the instrument.

Junior Kid Child Drum Set

Junior Kid Child Drum Set



Now, this is the closest child’s toy simulation of a drum kit as you can get, this stylish miniature drum set comes with a comfortable stool, two sticks, and a cymbal. It also has a real wood build, is highly durable and relatively inexpensive.

A must-have for any parent who is serious about their child growing up to be a drummer, or to give a toddler a real drum kit experience. This by far is the best, most realistic and clear sounding (and loudest) of the drums I have reviewed. Its a bundle of fun to make a lot of noise on this one and it’s an impressive and realistic introduction for a toddler which will only increase their comfort and experience with the instrument.

This toddler drum set does require a bit more set up than the others I have reviewed, as you could imagine however it is quite easy to get started on this kit and even though it may seem so, it doesn’t actually require as much effort as you would think. Another great feature of this drum is that it comes in a variety of four colors: white, black, blue and red which makes the drum feel more personal to the child it’s being gifted to.

Final Points

There are some important points to consider when buying a toy drum for a child: the size, shape and the actual function of the drum. It’s apparent you can have totally wacky toy drums which are mostly for fun, and then you can have more realistic looking drums which (along with some encouragement and patience) act as a gateway into a world of music.Baby on drum

And finally as you can see varying designs of toddlers drum kits can suit each child differently depending on their skill level, their age, and their curiosity so it’s a nice idea to have a good shop around to see what type of drum would suit the child you are buying for, and I do hope my reviews helped point you in the right direction.