Best Toddler Climbing Toys 2018

When you have a young child you often feel you don’t provide them with a time where they can express their playfulness whilst also supporting their development. At toddler age, it’s so critical to ensuring the child has plenty of activity to help build their motor skills, coordination, and mobility.

baby cartoonHaving a climbing toy in the garden or playroom would be an advantage to the type of developmental support a toddler needs, as we all know before long they will be venturing up and down steps and over all kinds of obstacles in daily life which is fantastic when they can enjoy themselves as they practise with a fun, challenging and uplifting climbing toy.

There is a great variety of toddler climbing sets available on the market today too, and so I’m sure this guide will give you a nice overview on the types of climbing toys available and give you some advice when considering purchasing one.

Common Questions

When weighing up the options provided by the reviews featured in this guide, you will be certainly be considering how the characteristics of each climbing toy match the ideal climbing toy you are looking for. The characteristics that I am talking about include the size, design, style, assembly and extra features which certainly determine how the climbing toy best suits you and your child or children.

Design and Style

Color and design; as mentioned, are something you would probably like to consider when choosing your climbing set, whether you would like your child’s new toy to blend into the room that it’s in or to add a splash of color to your yard.
Characters and animal designs are common themes and are super fun for the kids! You can also get them in the style of buildings, ships or as a collection of spongy blocks which allow for you to make your own configurations.

Safety Concerns

Its absolutely critical to find a climbing set which you trust is secure, stable and does not pose any choking hazard but its key for you to remember that when it comes to young children and toddlers, adult supervision is highly encouraged when a child uses these toys.

Of course, its reasonable to mention that, when it comes to safety, the size of the toy is a concern, because if you would prefer to have a climbing toy inside, it can be a tripping hazard and hence it’s good to make sure you have the space for the one you want to buy.

They can also come with toys and attachments but most of which are designed for use by young children and you are more likely to find that the latest 2017 climbing sets are much less likely to pose health and safety risks due to them being designed with accordance to the latest health and safety regulations.


Toddler climbing toys can vary on how straightforward they are to assemble and the majority of climbing toys that you can buy will have some degree of hands-on activity when putting the toy together.

Some of the larger models require a bit more work and come with more parts, which is to be expected, but most of the time, with the correct use of the manufacturer’s instructions; they can be fairly quick and easy to put up and use.

Toddler Climbing Toy Reviews

Just for your ease of use, I am going to have two categories for the reviews to go into, the first being for indoor toddler climbing toys and then those suited more for outdoors. This way you’ll find it a bit easier to compare them.

Our Top Picks

ECR4Kids SoftZone Slide and Crawl Set

ECR4Kids SoftZone Slide and Crawl Set



This first review is about a climbing toy which is quite modular, making this set particularly convenient when it comes to space saving and assembly. Great for those who have small living rooms, you’ll be able to decide how many parts will be too bulky and therefore allow you to choose how much space you save.

The blocks and shapes that make up this set are all very soft and have no sharp edges at all, there are no detachable small parts either and so no choking hazards. Its also really easy to wipe clean and is very resistant to damage. There is a mirror attached to one of the blocks, you don’t have to worry about it being a hazard, it shatter-proof.

This set is a lot of great fun for the young child to crawl and climb about whilst supporting their skeletal and muscle development. Its really safe to use, simple to put together and actually to be honest; quite comfortable to sit on too!

The only downside, when compared to the bigger outdoor climbing toys, is that, since there is no way to attach the blocks together, they can come apart from each other as the child uses it so it is a good job to keep an eye on it to reduce any risk of falls.

Constructive Playthings Lightweight Play Forms

Constructive Playthings TCF-323 Cp Toys 5 Piece Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms For Toddlers



Another modular climbing set made from soft squishy blocks, it really does make for a great playtime! This one is very similar to the previous climbing set that I reviewed but it does have its own advantages and disadvantages.

The primary thing to mention is: this climbing toy is smaller than the SoftZone Slide and Crawl Set and there are fewer components and so this is an advantage to those of you who are interested in space conservation. Being smaller also has an added benefit of being safer due to the risk of falling being from a lower position.

The blocks fit together well in different combinations, and so you can create an obstacle course for your toddler, giving them a fun challenge or even have them arrange the blocks themselves.

SoftZone Tiny Twisting Corner Foam Climber Playset

 ECR4Kids SoftZone Tiny Twisting Corner Foam Climber Playset, Contemporary



This next climbing toy is a bit more simplistic and minimalistic than the previous two indoor toddler climbing sets. It seems to be a much more modern design and my favorite so far as it has been designed with very young toddlers in mind, and will greatly help them in developing their motor skills.

This set made form a very soft and durable polyurethane which is easy to wipe clean and gentle on the skin. It’s really a great product for giving a child a boost in experience in climbing stairs before they do start to make that dangerous climb for the first time, which is a worry for every parent when it comes to it.

There are several color varieties available which suit personal preference, I myself prefer the color I have posted in the picture as it’s not such an eye-grabbing statement as the other colors and it also suits the playroom color scheme perfectly and am willing to pay a little bit extra for a better style option which most of the toys available do not offer.
Outdoor Toddler Climbing Toys

Buccaneer Boat Structure for Kids

ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag Play Structure for Kids



Now I have to say before starting off; the outdoor playsets are a lot more fun than the indoor ones by far! They are also a lot bulkier and sturdier so it really does depend on your space availability and also, of course, it depends on the weather!

This climbing toy can be used indoors if you have space as it says in the product name, but I would expect you would need a fairly large playroom to comfortably fir this one in. However, with bulkiness aside, this is a great climbing toy, its shaped like a pirate ship which you can also get inside, which is amazing fun for the child and great for imaginative play.

I think the coloration is a little bit disappointing, and the assembly is not as simplified as the indoor climbing toys but still relatively easy to get together as the plastic pieces fit together like a jigsaw and the instructions are laid out simplistically. I do like the material though, although it’s not as soft and comfortable, its more hardy, durable and weather resistant and so can be left assembled outside ready for the next sunny day.

Little Tikes Rock Climber & Slide

Little Tikes Rock Climber & Slide



The Little Tikes Rock Climber & Slide is the toddler largest climbing set I have reviewed so far and is really for those with enough space for it. Its designed to be in the shape of a castle or maybe a rock climbing wall. It has a scope and a wheel for some reason but it’s certainly not a boat with the green bush detail attached to it.
Regardless of the design flaws, it’s a lot of fun for the kids. With their imagination, they make the climbing toy whatever building or vehicle they want it to be anyway. The coloration is less garish than most climbing toys you find and it features a slide as well as a couple of crawling tunnels.

Its made from a very similar plastic-type material as the ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Boat which is very durable, stable and weather resistant, and it also assembles in pretty much the same way which is fantastic; the easier the better!

What’s great about this one is it has an assortment of grooves and foot holes for the children to climb around the outside of the toy. The toy isn’t very high so there isn’t too much risk of a dangerous fall, but risks are always present, so make sure an adult is always supervising when the children play on this climbing toy.

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing



For those who are looking for an outdoor toddler climbing set that is aimed at much younger toddlers or is a bit smaller scale, the Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber Swing is perfect I would say. The kids will love being pushed on the small swing it features as well as adventuring between the crawl spaces and zipping down the slide.

Its designed in the theme of a cute clubhouse with a tree, between which the swing is attached. The clubhouse has little windows the child can see out of when they have climbed the ladder on the back of the slide so that they can look on and show others they are enjoying their time.

Again this toy is a similar plastic material to the others and similar jigsaw piece style assembly. It’s really low to the ground and has very few parts, the swing is attached to two metal bars and so can’t go so high as to pose a danger.

As much as I love this option for space conservation and being a great option for younger kids, this product seemed slightly flimsy and I would think adult supervision should be much more vigilant with this climbing toy.

Final Points

To wrap up this guide I do think the main thing it’s worth considering is the safety aspects of the products and I would agree that most of the options are stable and safe to reduce the risk of falls as much as possible and also made from safe materials.

The amount of space you have indoors or out will greatly affect your decision, and so I would recommend going through all of the options, shop around and you’ll find a toddler climbing set that is perfect for you, your child(ren) and your home.

I do hope this guide helped to point you in the right direction, as keeping our children content, allowing them to have an amazing early life experience and supporting their development are so important to us that it’s worth weighing up all of the options before deciding on the right purchases for them.