Best Remote Control Helicopter for Kids 2018

A thrilling and cool gift idea for a child; remote control helicopters are just copious amounts of fun for everyone and they make the best kids toy for outdoors. Take your RC helicopter to the park with the kids and spend hours learning to fly it, land it and perform gripping maneuvers trying to save it from near crashes!

Whilst RC helicopters can be flown indoors, they would take a lot more care to operate without hitting the ceiling or something else, damaging the blades and possibly your home decor! They do however make a fantastic toy to bring along to outings such as camping trips, fishing trips and vacations where there is more open space to fly the helicopter.

There’s quite a lot of different RC helicopters available on the market, with the range varying between designs, quality and value and so it’s understandable if its difficult to decide which one would suit your child. It’s always highly recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and with so many models that are only recommended for teens, it is hard to find the best remote helicopter for kids and so this guide aims to give you some direction.

Things to Consider

When choosing an RC helicopter to buy for a child you should keep the following questions in mind to lead you to make a more sensible decision and getting value for money:


First and foremost, age is the number one concern with these toys. The majority of manufacturers recommend ages from 14 years old onwards for RC helicopters. The reviews in this guide will provide you with information on RC helicopters designed for younger audiences.

Magic copter cartoon


The ability of the RC helicopter to fly and hover without losing balance will depend on their inbuilt gyroscope technology. The better this component is, the higher quality the toy is and so it will fly better for longer.


Another important factor to think about is the range of the communication signal between the controller and the helicopter because if it does loose range it will no longer be controllable and will most likely crash, hopefully not breaking as it lands. The higher the range; the better the toy as it means the helicopter can be flown further.


The components of the helicopter should be strong enough to resist some crashes and bumps. It’s understandable if the toy breaks after falling 15ft from the air but having blades break from slight bumps are not ideal!

Ease of Use

The RC helicopter is going to be operated by a child and depending on the child age and ability of course; the user interface and ergonomics of the controller should be simplistic enough for your child to understand and use.

Of course, it will take anybody some time to get used to the controls and the way they affect the helicopter but the less complication; the better for children.


It’s fair to say that you want the best for your money, and this doesn’t always mean taking the cheapest option. The key to getting your money’s worth is combining all of the factors above with the cost to get an idea on the overall value for money based on the quality and what the product offers in features that your child will like.

Our Top Picks

Now you have gained some insight from what we’re considering when we look at RC helicopters best suited for children. It would be a great idea to check out the product reviews to show how these characteristics come into play.

Also just to note; there can be some blurring between the lines of RC helicopters and drones and when you’re shopping you may come across items listed as helicopters but actually looking more like drones. The products featured below will be purely RC helicopters for children which look and fly like helicopters do.

SKY ROVER Voice Command Missile Launcher

SKY ROVER Voice Command Missile Launcher




To start things off, the Sky Rover TC helicopter is an intense toy for thrill-seeking youngsters. Great for imagination play this helicopter comes with an earpiece and microphone to receive voice commands such as “fire missiles” to launch its small plastic missiles which, with some practice can be surprisingly accurate.

This product is listed as being suitable for ages older than 8 years old and as you can see from the picture, has a very stylistic yet simple controller design with an analog stick for steering and throttle it also features an auto lift off and hover button for those struggling to keep control of this beastly toy.

There are a couple of downsides, however, including the range of the toy missiles; they are a disappointingly low range which was kind of anti-climatic the first time firing them. Also its worth mentioning that the control takes AAA batteries whilst the helicopter charges, this helicopter charges fairly efficiently.

Given that this remote control helicopter does fly well (after a bit of practice) indicating that the gyroscope has good performance, as well as the voice commands and the rocket function; overall this toy is good value for its price and would recommend checking it out.
With all that said, it does look awesome, has a futuristic crime fighting/military appeal. Most probably something that boys would find more appealing but of course girls can enjoy the toy just as much and it would all depend on whether you think this is the best RC helicopter for your kid.

Neptune RC Helicopter

Neptune RC Helicopter




This is another good RC helicopter to look at, and would surely make a perfectly affordable and fantastically fun present for a kids birthday or any other occasion really!The manufacturer recommends ages 5 years old or above only to use this toy and so is a good choice for the youngest wannabe pilots.

The Neptune RC helicopter goes for a more realistic look than science fiction but still remains sleek and appealing in its own way.

Again, this RC helicopter takes 3 AAA batteries for the control and the helicopter itself is charged which leads me to note that you don’t get much flight time for the amount of time you spend charging it. Regardless, it flies very well, it’s very stable indicating a good gyroscope and materials its made from.

It’s a very durable toy helicopter and can take quite a lot of crashing and propelling into the floor before damage even starts to show and products do get stress tested here at Serious Parent.

A great benefit to this particular RC helicopter is it can be controlled using a downloadable smartphone app rather than the control that is provided. The app actually makes it easier to fly the helicopter than the control, giving you a choice in which you prefer to use.

Syma S107G Remote Controlled Helicopter

Syma S107G Remote Controlled Helicopters




When you are looking for value for money when you have multiple kids to buy for, you’ll tend to look for deals where you can get multiple toys so that the kids know they are not being treated differently. With the Syma S107G’s you get two high-performance RC helicopters; one colored yellow and the other red.

This is a great value deal as you also get spare tail rotors to replace those damaged by crashing, alongside two USB cables and two chargers.
Not that you’ll likely need to replace any parts as I found them to be the most durable toy helicopters to the point that you don’t even need worry if they crash; just laugh pick it back up and you can fly it again ASAP.

They’re supplied with two AC chargers for faster charging which is a massive convenience and a value for our time the only problem is that the red helicopter is not an updated model and so unfortunately does not charge with the AC chargers supplied.

Overall, they’re movement is precise, they are great for experienced and beginner pilots alike and are fantastic value for money!

Mikong RC 901 Mini RC Helicopter

Mikong RC 901 Mini RC Helicopter




Here at the lower end of the price margins is the Mikong RC 901. Being this affordable yet still durable, fun and simple to use is no wonder this helicopter is a sure match for kids older than 8 years.

We’re featuring the blue variety here but there are the options of red and yellow for purchase at the same price point. I love this as it gives you some ability to personalize the helicopter, and also really great to have multiples, great idea for kids with siblings; take a few of these to the beach and see the kids have a blast for an hour or two.

The automatic takeoff feature is also very rewarding to newbies who have not played with an RC helicopter before making this pick very user-friendly whilst having a very basic control scheme.

Unfortunately the battery life is a downside to this helicopter when compared to others on the market, however, it does add to the convenience and practicality that the helicopter can be charged via USB, which is supplied with the toy, great value!

Avatar GT QS8006 RC Helicopter

Avatar GT QS8006 RC Helicopter




The final helicopter we are going to look at is a giant RC helicopter for kids aged above 5 years old. This mega flying toy is certainly impressive even before you fly it. It’s quite surprising it has such stable flight being this huge but it certainly does fly supremely well and it’s also very responsive!

This choice is definitely more than a toy and is quite a bit pricey, but if you can afford it I’m sure the child receiving this would be amazed. With some practice could fly beast of an RC helicopter all over due to its extensive battery life, and it will take some more practice with this product.

As with the helicopter; the control is quite bulky and may be difficult for younger children to get used to, but they shouldn’t have too much problem after some help. If you are going to give this toy to children younger than 5 I would advise the child be supervised when using it.

For the durability and the range as well as top quality performance, this is certainly the best RC helicopter, but I wouldn’t say its the best choice for kids and is more for the hobbyist, but I have included this one because a hobbyist may like to share it with their kids.

Final Words

The very last thing to say here is that remote control helicopters are quite a varied toy; be it in price, quality, and features, and it’s not always easy to find the best for a kid due to the age limitations but there are great RC helicopter choices for kids out there.

Hopefully, these choices are much easier to compare and evaluate for you after reading this guide as I’m sure you’ll no doubt find an amazing RC helicopter gift for your children that they’ll love!