Best Baby Dolls for Toddlers & Kids

Updated August 14, 2018

Best Baby Dolls

Children are naturally inquisitive and playful and learn an incredible amount of toys, which can be both fun in their own right and also act as a medium for developing other important life skills.

Take the iconic doll for example; I’m sure we all remember our first doll? They’re not only great for pretend play, but also help kids develop their imagination, communication, and fine motor skills as well as their nurturing instincts.

Dolls also help kids understand important life lessons, such as responsibility, from feeding their dolly to rocking them to sleep. Not only that but by seeing your child care and interact with their doll, you get to see how your parenting is rubbing off on them.

Although don’t get too worried if Bella get’s abandoned when your kid is preoccupied with their favorite show!

Whether you have a toddler or school-age child, there is a doll for every age group. The key is to choose a doll that looks great and offers the best features, that way you can be sure your child will have lots of fun and of course, take pride in their new dolly.

Our Top Picks

Lila Chérie Interactive Doll


If you are on the hunt for a doll with all the bells and whistles, then the Lila Cherie is probably it. This French doll is probably most appropriate for older toddlers and kids and is equipped with interactive features and stunning accessories to make playtime as engaging as possible.

The biggest benefit of this doll is the life-like interactive features, which makes playtime all the more fun. She babbles, coos, sucks on her bottle, laughs and cries when you lay her on her stomach – she even blushes! The cushioned body makes her soft to the touch, while the vinyl skin light vanilla scent makes this doll great for cuddling.

Babydoll accessories included the Lila Cherie doll include the pink outfit with hat, as well as a bib, bottle, and pacifier. These are great to start with and will allow your child to carry out all of the essentials including feeding and playing dress up.

There is also the option to buy additional accessories and expand the collection, since Corolle offers a selection of outfits, carry beds and complete accessory kits.

Best Baby Dolls for Toddlers

Baby Stella Sweet Dreams Doll


This beautiful fabric doll by Baby Stella is the ideal indoor doll for kids and since it isn’t made from any plastic or hard materials, it’s the perfect doll for bedtime, cuddling and lightweight carrying. Each beautifully stitched doll is stuffed with cotton, which makes cuddling even better!

The Baby Stella range comes with the added bonus of detailed and beautiful baby doll accessories. This doll, in particular, includes a fabric diaper, floral onesie, and fabric pacifier that are all attached to the doll magnetically, making changing time easy and simple for toddlers and kids.

Manhattan who makes this range has an entire collection of dolls just like Stella that come with a variety of different outfits and accessories. They are a great choice for those who are looking for a lightweight and soft baby doll.

Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Collection


The Cabbage Patch Kids are an iconic brand that generations of former children are familiar with. Maybe you even still remember your own? Today the Cabbage Patch Kids collection has expanded and offers a huge selection of styles and different sized dolls sure to suit the tastes and needs of children of all ages.

The ability to choose different sizes means you don’t have to worry about the doll being too large or too small when it arrives.

The cute outfits are also very unique and offer something different than the typical pink and floral onesies and PJs. As well as the tiger outfit, other animal prints are available including pigs, cows, dogs, and sheep.

The clothes on these dolls are attached to the doll and so can’t be removed – this means they won’t be losing any of them during play! Each doll comes with an adoption certificate and allows you to customize their name, which is a nice touch. It also helps to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Best Baby Dolls for 3 Year Old 

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Doll


This 12-inch doll by Melissa & Doug is another fantastic baby doll choice for toddlers. The soft body means it will be perfect for snuggling, while the realistic vinyl skin gives a realistic appearance that is easy to wipe clean – a definite advantage over complete fabric dolls.

The Jenna doll comes with a cute pink romper outfit, accompanied by a hat that can be removed for enhanced pretend play. This means they can enjoy life-like simulation and easily choose different outfits offered by Melissa & Doug. There is also the option of having the romper personalized with a name embellishment, which is great detail kids are bound to love.

Additional baby doll accessories are offered, so if your kid would like a more extensive clothing collection for their doll this is always an option. The dolls eyelids are able to close and open and can even suck their thumb, or pacifier if preferred. These details help to enhance pretend to play an immersive experience all young kids benefit from.

JC Toys La Baby Doll


Some baby dolls are more realistic than others and this is one of them. In fact, it’s termed a real-life doll and for this reason, it’s a great doll to help older kids get used to the arrival of a new baby in the home. By allowing to get used to a doll you can teach them how to interact with a baby so they can get used to the concept prior to arrival.

Ideal for kids above the age of 2, this 16-inch doll features a soft, lightweight body and vinyl skin that looks extra-realistic and is very easy to keep clean. The outfit included with the doll is also removable, so you can easily wash it when required.

The face itself is superior to many other available dolls; it features a nice smile, plump cheeks and detailed eyes that come in a variety of colors including blue, green and brown.

The great thing about the JC Toys range of baby dolls is the diversity; their collection includes babies of multiple skin tones, ideal for those looking for a Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and Caucasian doll.

Gloveleya Stuffed Cloth Dolls


There is something charming about the cloth dolls, they seem to conjure up memories of a previous era and their style still remains popular today. The cloth doll range by Gloveleya is particularly beautiful and the quality of the stitch and attention to detail do not disappoint.

The dolls in the range are available in a variety of different sizes, making them suitable for toddlers and older kids alike. Many kids prefer the softer feel of the fabric since it’s more snuggle proof and doesn’t get so cold making it the perfect companion for bedtime.

The amount of detail throughout the entire selection of Gloveleya dolls is really nice. The faces feature both embroideries in the eyes and mouth detailing, while the cheeks are the result of delicate paintwork. Overall, this is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and a great doll for kids to enjoy.

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