Best Solar System Toys for Kids


Solar system toys are a great way for kids to explore the wonders and mysteries of the solar system have been astonishing to people ever since we first set our eyes on the stars and it still continues to be.

We know a lot about it these days; the planets, the stars, the forces at play, other astral bodies and it’s all really fascinating to learn about.

Especially to kids, who are learning more and more about the state of reality that we live in, finding out about the vast expanse of space and what it contains is stimulating and a good gateway into the subject of physics making it a STEM-related topic.

Space can get really complicated to become familiar with as there are so many astral bodies present just in our solar system. Not to mention the forces and convoluted calculations needed to find out specific information.

When you’re young, just remembering the names of the planets in our solar system can be difficult; to help them get to get to know it a bit better, the most effective tools you can employ are the best solar system toys for kids.

Best Solar System Toys for Kids: Showcased

Learning Resources Inflatable Solar System Set



This inflatable set of planets that belong in our solar system is a great way for you and the kid to interact and learn together. It includes all eight planets, the moon, the sun and Pluto as soft inflatables which can be viewed in three dimensions.

With these, you can teach your kids their relative positions and how they move around in space and interact with each other.

The models are fairly detailed; to the point that you can determine particular regions and landmarks on the various astral bodies. This set also includes loops so that they can be hung from the ceiling, this would make the kid’s bedroom look awesome!

The sizes of the individual astral bodies are also relative to their life like sizes, so your kid can learn to remember their sizes and colors of course! There’s also a handy pump making it easier for you to get them all blown up.

Educational Insights Motorized Solar System Science Kit


This planetarium kit is one of the best solar system toys that can fit nicely on a table or desk to add a cool and inspiring atmosphere to any room. It allows your little astrologer to explore the solar system with motorized arms that simulate the movement of the planets in orbit.

The sun in the center of the toy is lit by an LED light that has a night light function that turns itself off after a certain amount of time.

What makes it even cooler is that there’s a dome that overlays the central sun making it project the constellations onto the ceiling, this really makes the atmosphere in the room at night interesting and relaxing.

There’s a whole 28-page booklet that comes with this product which is a guide that explains the origins of the various constellations that are projected onto the ceiling. It goes on to explain their mythical origins, facts about planets and some fun riddles.

This is a great toy for the price it really does offer a lot that can supplement their learning, many previous buyers have reviewed this product and confirmed that its great; well worth checking out!

Melissa & Doug Solar System Toy



For a peaceful and lovely activity that promotes problem solving skills and critical thinking and also inspires an interest in our solar system and space, look no further than this Melissa & Doug solar system floor puzzle.

It’s extra-large, taking up a whole 2 x 3 feet of floor space and sporting a pretty piece of original artwork it will look absolutely beautiful when completed.

It’s not wholly educational as the planets are not in their proper positioning and it’s highly fantasized but still, it inspires an interest in learning about the astral bodies in our solar system whilst bursting with vibrant colors.

FTY TECH 3D Crystal Ball with Solar System Toy



This crystal ball that contains the planets and sun of our solar system makes a perfect gift for the kid interested in astrology; it’s absolutely beautiful and includes an LED base that allows light to refract inside the ball giving it an aesthetically pleasing glow of several different colors.

It’s a great way to learn about the eight planets and their orbits (Pluto is not included) and makes a dark room look charming and mystical. However, for a kid, there’s not that much fun value to be had although previous purchases love it and sing its praises.

4M Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit



To really add a cool, glowy flair to any bedroom and also for a fun and practical activity for your kid to have whilst getting to know the planets of our solar system, maybe a make-it-yourself, glow in the dark mobile would be a fantastic choice!

You’ll get the rods and string you need, plus loads of other arts and crafts goodies such as pencils, stencils and a squeeze glow paint pen which could also be used outside of this kit, making it great value for money.

Your child’s imagination can be put to the test as they are tasked with making their own mobile by putting their creativity into practical use. Instructions are also included for some help with using the kit, so they are not left totally in the fray.

Crocodile Creek Solar System Playground Ball



Normally a ball is just a ball, designed to be kicked, thrown and bounced but this one is of a particularly funky design that sports the theme of our solar system.

This is a fantastic way for young kids to get familiar with it whilst also having all the fun there is to be had with a ball, which for kids is a lot!

It’s made form a heavy duty, high quality rubber so it’s not about to pop or tear any time soon and it comes already inflated so you don’t have to do any of the work. It’s a fantastic and simple toy that’s a good introduction to the concept of space for kids.

What’s more is that is quite highly rated by previous buyers who love it due to its cuteness and their kids love it for the same reason.

Educational Insights Constellation and Solar System Explorer



This is a really cool solar system toy, that looks like a telescope which is carrying the theme of astrology but it’s not a telescope but a projector!

It allows your kid to set up their very own planetarium in their room as it projects images of the eight planets, the sun, moon and astrological constellations onto the wall.

It not only teaches them about modern astrology but also classical mythology as they delve into the mythical world of the astrological constellations which is interesting in itself from a historical perspective.

There’s a whole 28-page guide that comes with this toy that they can read and learn about the planets and the constellations that they can see projected onto their wall. This makes a fabulous gift for a kid, especially on a birthday or holiday!

What Makes the Best Solar System Toys?

The toys that depict and relate to our solar system make awesome gifts for kids when it comes to holidays or birthdays.

When you are considering buying something for a kid you want to wow them as well as provide them with a toy that’s going to stimulate their learning, their inquisitive nature and even spark their passions.

For this, it’s a good idea to choose carefully, as some solar system toys out there are not as educational, not as enjoyable and less durable than others which can lead to disappointment and may turn the kid away from the subject altogether.

Even though there’s a matter of personal preference that comes into your decision, take these considerations into account when making a purchase to get an idea what the best solar system toy for your kid is.


Kids are interested in space because it sparks the imagination and it’s inspiring that something so abstract exists in our reality. They want to learn more about it and know how it relates to their own place in the universe.

It’s always better when the toy can relay information about the solar system that we live in to ensure your kid stays passionate about their interest in space.

Depending on the type of toy, different educational value can be pulled from them, for example, a puzzle which makes up an image of our solar system would promote memory and critical thinking skills whilst teach about the position of the planets in relation to the sun.

Whilst a miniature planetarium would not develop the critical thinking so much but would build a more accurate understanding of the positioning of the planets.


It’s got to be fun; it is a toy after all! Or otherwise, it could at least be a nice room decoration that can be admired.

Most of the toys you’ll come across are some activity or another which keeps your kid occupied, some more sophisticated than others and a lot of the times it depends on the activates your kid likes doing.


No matter what type of toy it is, you want to get the most out of its life expectancy and the best solar system toys will be the most long-lasting or reusable.

The toy needs to be strong enough to resist damage of any kind as we know sometimes kids can be quite rough or even neglectful.

Good Looking

Whether it’s a puzzle, mobile, planetarium or any other toys about space, they should capture the beauty and majesty of space itself. If the toy looks good and looks like it’s of a decent quality design it’s going to be more engaging.

Going back to the puzzle example, the picture that the puzzle finally makes should look great, even so, good that you’ll want to frame it and hang it on the wall!

Ominous glowing and LED lights can be used to make the toys seem more real and immersive bringing them to life and just making them much cooler.

Value for Money

The toys on the market are going to vary in price and this is a good thing. Paying too much for something you can get cheaper means you’re losing money but also paying less for cheaper quality items will mean you’ll lose out too.

It’s all about balance and ensuring that when you pay for a solar system toy, it should feel like a purchase without any regrets. If you are interested in space STEM toys, then you may also be interested in telescope for kids.

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