Best Kids Ukelele 2019 – The Comprehensive Guide

Updated February 21, 2019
Best Ukulele For Kids

Best Ukulele For Kids

On the hunt for a kids ukelele? So you have decided that the best musical instrument for your child is the ukelele? I don’t blame you, they are an amazing tool for introducing a child to the world of music due to their fun and friendly appearance and size.

The Ukelele is a small stringed instrument, with 4 strings that are tuned to (standard) notes G, C, E, and A; they often have a soft and vibrant sound.

Ukuleles are loved by kids and adults alike for being an instrument that can enrich those special occasions with its inherently sweet sound that invokes themes of an island paradise. It’s also great fun to sing whilst playing, a comedic effect is a very fitting fusion with the uke.

There are a lot of ukuleles available out there and can come in different shapes, qualities, sizes and also sporting a variety of appealing designs. With that said, this guide aims to put some thought into your purchase so that you can find the best option for you and the kid you are buying for.

Best Kids Ukulele Reviews

Cloudmusic Soprano Kids Ukulele



The first ukulele to review is the Cloudmusic Soprano Ukulele; and it is a fantastic looking, affordable uke. The body is made out of real laminated mahogany whilst the fingerboard and bridge are rosewood; this ukulele is high quality; has a smooth, shiny finish, is strong and has durable machine heads that are fixed tightly to the head of the uke.

The shape and cut of the uke are standard, apart from the head which has a somewhat sophisticated design which adds an element of class to the instrument. The look of the instrument does speak volumes as it does produce a pleasant sound when in tune.

It may not be painted with bold coloration or awesome characters, and it may only be the classic ukulele design which we all know but when compared ukuleles of a similar price range; this product is good value for money.

Hape Kid’s Wooden Children’s Ukulele



This toy ukulele is a ukulele for young kids and an example of a ukulele to not expect much in the way of producing a decent sound from. Still, it’s very acceptable for a young child to get used to the concept of making music with an instrument, and this is about as realistic as a toy instrument gets.

It has nice coloration and design to it and is very small and very light. The strings that come already on the instrument do not feel or sound like non-toy ukuleles; unfortunately, they just didn’t have enough tension to hold a note properly.

It is made from wood though it is not specified which wood, but when sound is not the focus, the material isn’t as much an issue as the look and feel of the instrument.

It’s great for practice in rhythm and learning music in children from 36 months old and so would make a great gift for a very young kid that will inspire them and allow them to have a taste in musical experimentation.

Moukey Soprano Kids Ukulele Starter Pack



A great choice ukulele with a splash of personality, this cute instrument just got cuter with a laser etched bunny illustration! in addition to the pretty decoration, this is a ukulele starter pack and so included with this pack is a gig bag, tuner, strap, 2 plectrums, a cleaning cloth and additional strings!

This ukulele is good quality for its price although it’s not easy to find out what wood it is made out of, however, as this detail is not listed under the specification. I can vouch for the sound though as it does produce a standard ukulele sound and has good quality machine heads which are important to keep it in tune.

It’s especially good value for money to have the included accessories. The gig bag is a faux leather material but is stylish and any other kid in the music club could only be envious I bet!

This kids ukulele is also available with a dolphin and flower laser etched picture and so you can choose a design that suits the child’s personality most which makes this particular choice, all the more adorable.

Melodic Basswood Soprano Children’s Ukulele 



If you’re after a bit more customization and variety, I would highly recommend this ukulele for kids. As you can see from the picture, there is a whole selection of colors and detail with this one, give you a good range to choose the best suiting ukulele for your kid.

Another starter pack, this one includes a gig bag, cloth, strap, plectrum, extra strings and a capo. Unfortunately, this set does not include a tuner but does have a capo which can be placed anywhere on the fretboard to raise the octave. I think a tuner would be more advantageous for a pure beginner by far.

The sound is fairly good quality, but it is not a full as other ukuleles I have reviewed, and its also quite which will have a lot to do with the basswood material its made from.

It would be unfair to mention that this kit is very affordable and would make any child overjoyed to receive as a gift, especially if it’s in their favorite color!

 Kids Ukelele – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s likely that there will be some things you are wondering about the instrument, you may wonder if they actually have any benefit to the child in a developmental sense and also how the quality of ukuleles can differ for example.

To gain a better understanding of the instrument you’re considering purchasing, have a look at the common questions answered below and you may find the answer that you’re looking for.

Why the Ukulele?

There are so many reasons as to why a ukulele makes a great beginner instrument for kids!

Simplicity: The ukulele is much smaller in size than a guitar and much less complicated to play than a violin because it is so approachable! A lot of major chords are very simplistic to get a grip on!

Being easier at beginner stages makes learning more fun through the child making achievements relatively quickly and also gives the child a head start in reading and producing music for them to take on into later life.

Size: As a small and easy to handle instrument (its very light and not encumbering at all); the uke can easily be picked up and held by a youngster. It may take them a while to get used to fretting chords and holding the instrument whilst playing but this is quite achievable and made easier due to the ukuleles general size.

Style: The uke is a stylish instrument, with such a selection out there (some being more novelty than others) such as printed designs, wood effects, fretboard markers and characters; there’s always a choice which reflects the recipients’ personality and interests.

Sound: Not only is the look of the instrument inviting but the sound of the uke has its own unique, relaxed nature and can be played harmoniously with other acoustic instruments such as bongo drums and flutes.

Affordable: Compared to other instruments, the ukulele is so popular due to it being relatively cheap to obtain one.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier prices will vary wildly and price can be related to quality, you may find the cheapest options are not always the best for you or for the child your buying one for.

What Benefit does a Ukulele Have for a Child?

The Ukulele is absolutely a highly recommended instrument for kids due to the reasons stated above but the greatest benefit of all is having a child learn a new skill and maybe even develop a new passion; whether it be for the ukulele or music in general.

As a kid learns, their skills will increase and in music; subjects like music theory, reading music, writing music, having rhythm and holding a beat are all transferable skills between instruments.

Having such an appealing and easy to learn instrument at such a young age is a massive first step into the world of music and its this headstart, alongside some parental encouragement, that will give the child valuable experience in the previously mentioned skills that can be used later in life should the child develop a passion in music and even wanted to have a career in music.

If music and a musical career did turn out to be your the child’s passion in life, they could only be grateful for the encouragement and practice they had when they were younger which others may not have been so fortunate to have received.

How do I keep my Kid Interested in Learning Ukulele?

When I say the ukulele is a simplistic instrument, I’m not trying to give an idea that the instrument can be played instantly after first picking it up! It does take practice to actually string some chords together and play songs, but it also takes experimentation.

You can encourage experimentation on the instrument by giving the child some positive feedback as they try and work it out for themselves. It’s understandable that kids can make a lot of noise, and this can be annoying but if your kid is to learn something they need to be given that time, space and encouragement as we know how thrilling it is to have a parent or caregiver appreciate your creations as a child.

It’s important not to be too pushy either; if you find that you are trying to coerce the child to use that particular instrument rather than other musical instruments or toys you may find that they will be turned off.

Instead, give them a ukulele chord and songbook to practice with, they can then use that to track their progress and have a more solid idea of what their skill level is and how to improve it.

What Age are Children’s Ukulele Made For?

Ukuleles are very accessible instruments and are lots of fun for all ages and this is due to the unique charm the instrument has. Whether or not your child is ready to learn the instrument depends highly on their age and capabilities.

There are several different types of ukulele which will be outlined in the next section but the point is; they are suitable for different kinds of players.

For example, soprano ukuleles are much better for children of younger ages because they are smaller and more commonly available at cheaper prices.

An older child with more experience with music or maybe even in stringed instruments will be able to grasp the concept of making music with the uke a little more easily than a child who has never had any experience before.

Even so, a ukulele would be a great start for that younger child with no experience as it’ll be a great way to build their dexterity and coordination.

So to answer the question, it’s recommended for any age above 5 years of age, as I think it would be difficult to younger children just due to the dexterity and coordination required to strum in rhythm and fret chords at the same time.

What Types of Kids Ukulele are Available? 

There are four different types of Ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone ukulele, each of these have their own specifications and characteristics:

Soprano Ukuleles: These are the most recognizable form of a uke can come in and the smallest usually around 20 inches (51cm) which is why this type is a better choice for learners.

Concert Ukuleles: Are a step up from soprano and you will find them to still have a similar sound, but are somewhat louder. They measure in at around 23 inches (58 cm). Still a good choice for beginners, especially those who struggle with the fretboard being too small, this size offers a bit more fretboard width.

Tenor Ukulele: Larger yet; the tenor Ukulele is 26 inches (66 cm). This is quite a popular size for more experienced ukulele players who are wanting to expand their collection and have more of a range. This type has a deeper and more resonant sound than the others but due to it being a bit more sizeable, not so great for very young children.

Baritone Ukulele: At 30 inches (76 cm), this is the largest type of ukulele on the market and it does showcase a very deep and rich sound, similar to a classical guitar. Probably the least popular of the uke types due to it being the least portable and more difficult to handle.

The ukulele reviews featured in this section are delivered in no particular order and will only focus on soprano size ukes as they are most suitable for kids and are most widely available.

The price, material quality, sound and size are taken into consideration to gauge to the overall quality of the product, also taking into account any extras with the ukulele such as picks, gig bags and such.

Kids Ukulele Lessons

It can be quite difficult to teach a child a musical instrument but it’s made a little easier if you know how to play it yourself. You can start by learning the basics and then relay that information onto your child; teaching them in your own way and at our own pace.

A great place to start is Youtube which has a whole host of ukulele teachers that are able to easily teach you or your child the basic chords and techniques. The video below is a great one and well worth the watch!

Final Words

It’s key to remember that the best ukulele for your kids is dependant on their ability and how the child likes the design. Also remember that there are plenty of other musical instruments for kids to learn too, such as the violin.

If you child has literally asked for a ukulele specifically, they are probably serious about taking up this hobby and would probably expect something that looks like a proper instrument as opposed to colorful and low-quality material.

However, there really is a huge choice out there and I would recommend you to shop around now that you have a little bit of background knowledge on the instrument, and hopefully the purchase you make will result in a ukulele master in years to come.

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