Best Bounce House for Kids – The Comprehensive Guide

Best Bounce House for Kids

Bounce house for kids – No other than the clown and the pool, no kid’s party is complete without out an inflatable bounce house in the backyard to really make a lasting impression and ramp up the excitement and fun for the kids.

Bouncing in an inflatable house really gets them using their boundless energy, bouncing up and down as if gravity wasn’t a thing, trying to reach the clouds! It’s a fantastic activity that allows all the kids to get involved, playing together and getting some good in exercise too!

Many people will look for inflatable bounce house rentals just as a one-off for a particular party but this can be a pain. Sometimes the bounce house is not delivered, other times it’s not set up in time.

There’s plenty of reasons just to purchase an inflatable jump house for yourself, it’s better value for money for a start and it can be used whenever you want and can even be deflated a brought somewhere else!

Shopping for one can also be a pain though, as there’s such variety and a range of prices it’s hard to choose which one will be the best bounce house for you.

There are plenty of factors to consider before buying, so we at MomBible present you with our top picks and a buyer’s guide to help you along the way.

Best Bounce House for Kids: Compared!

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer


Starting out with a well-respected brand; this Little Tikes inflatable bounce house is perfect for small parties or for those with smaller children who have a lot of energy.

Even though it is small, it’s really good value for money being composed of puncture and scratch proof materials brought together with double stitching.

It holds a maximum amount of three children and a maximum weight of 250lbs on its 12 x 9inch jumping, which is plenty of room for three kids. The fabric is soft to the touch and the kids won’t be receiving any friction burns from it.

This is an inflatable bounce house with a double slide attached which is wide enough for two kids to go down at once!

A heavy duty blower is supplied alongside four pegs which should be hammered into the ground which will hold the whole thing in place. You can also purchase a ball pack with this product and add the soft plastic balls to the jumping area for extra fun.

This is the bestselling bounce house for kids on Amazon and it’s also the most highly rated with many positive comments including a humorous one which calls the product the “the nap maker”, as the product tires their kids out so much that it makes them want to sleep and for that it’s worth every last penny!

Inflatable Commercial Grade Bounce House


If you’ve got a lot more space to spare and would like a jump house that’s going to last you it would be wise to check out this commercial grade bounce house by Inflatable HQ.

It’s a vibrantly colorful bouncy castle made of 100% PVC vinyl which protects it from all kinds of damage and punctures which is also fire retardant and lead-free. It’s also reinforced throughout by high quality, multi-layered stitching.

The PVC material it’s made from is also a lot easier to clean than the nylon used in similar products, and we all know that parties can get a bit messy, especially with that naughty kid who won’t be told to not take food or wear shoes on the bouncy castle!

The jumping area or “mattress” is 30 inches tall, providing a great amount of high added to the kid’s jumps and provides a soft and comfortable landing with plenty of cushioning.

It has a wide entryway and mesh windows at the sides and front. The front also has a slide attached to help the kids get out safely.

When you purchase this inflatable jump house you’ll get a free repair kit, a four-ounce bottle of glue and four 12” stakes, that are heavy duty to keep the whole thing stable and ensure it doesn’t move when the kids are jumping around inside.

Island Hopper Sports & Hops Bounce House


We’re upping the ante with the Island Hopper Recreational Bounce House when it comes to fun and games as this bounce house includes several different games.

Bouncing around is fun and all, but bouncing around whilst slam dunking is another ball game entirely.

It’s not just about basketball though as your kids can play soccer, ball pitching, and football throwing, it’s actually a great way to train their skills in these sports.

The bounce house itself comes with the soft foam balls needed to play the various games and has inbuilt basketball hoops, soccer goals and ball pockets for the games!

It’s aesthetically nice too, other bounce houses are brightly colored and can be garish to some; this one sports green, brown and black to match the color scheme in the yard. You get a blower and stakes to secure the bounce house too!

Bounceland Inflatable Bounce House with Slide


Maybe it’s time to add some water to the mix and this inflatable bounce house by Bounceland is perfect for parties and BBQ’s on hot days and goes fantastically at a pool party! It’s quite small too; a great bounce house for toddlers to join in the fun!

There’s plenty to do, it’s more like an activity center for kids with a bounce area and ball pit on the right-hand side which has a fun tunnel leading to outside and a climbing wall up to the slide.

The slide has a detachable water spray at the top and a water cannon at the bottom so they can squirt each other as they’re coming down the slide!

The whole thing is built using high-quality oxford quality terylene which is shelled inside a PVC laminate which basically keeps it hardy and protected from damage whilst reaming super soft and safe.

The blower is included with this product and it’s super convenient as the seller claims its inflated within 1 minute! There is also an inflation tube, keeping the blower away from the bounce house.

KidWise Inflatable Jump House


Now, this is a jump house unlike what you have seen; the Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House by KidWise looks super cool and unique. You could also quit easily turn this into a ball pit for kids too.

It’s designed to be a wide rectangle instead of a square or a long rectangle like most other bounce houses making it more like an arena where the games can begin.

It’s got a goal on each side so that soccer can be played with a basketball hoop above each. The nets trail back outside the bouncer and hold the balls (which are provided) until you release them back inside. Even without the games, it still makes an exciting and roomy bounce house too!

The blower is provided with your purchase alongside the stakes required to keep it in place. You’ll also get a carry bag so that when you deflate it, you can take it somewhere else or easily store it away, and to top it off, a repair kit so that you can patch up any damage that may occur.

Pirate Bay Inflatable Bounce House & Water Park


Pirate Bay by Blast Zone is the best bounce house with pool attached that you can find on the market, and it’s much loved by previous purchases for this very reason! The bounce area is quite small but this is made up for by having a water slide, pool and two firing water cannons as extra features.

Its pirate themed and even has some decorative pirate flags to immerse your kids in the fantasy that they are out adventuring on the high seas with their crewmates!

The slide has a water sprinkler that’s fixed to the top of it, making it slippery and fast where they will be met by the blasts of the water cannons! There’s also a crawl tunnel into the bounce area and a climbing wall.

The storage straps and a blower is included and it inflates in minutes! It’s made from high quality, durable materials including commercial grade surface materials double and quadruple stitching and x weave material which is exclusive to this product.

This is the perfect addition to any pool party; with it, you don’t even need to have a spate pool!

What Makes the Best Jump House for Kids?

As touched on above, the range of design choices, themes, and features that can be presented by the inflatable bounce houses for sale on the market is astonishing.

Jungles, pirates, castles, ball pits and pools are all appealing and very tempting, not to mention the differences in size!

If you are looking to select the best bounce house for kids to make your home a party zone the most important thing to consider is your own preferences.

What looks best in your yard? What fits comfortably in your yard? How much are you willing to spend? Take a look at the following features, characteristics, and considerations to give you an idea of what you’re really looking for.

Value for Money

Since there is a lot of diversity of inflatable jump houses on the market, the prices of them are not all going to be the same, and so aren’t the qualities.

Getting the best value for your money will depend on all of the below factors and also how well the product suits your circumstances and preferences.

Size of the Inflatable Jump House 

Size is probably one of the most important factors, as not only will it determine how much space the bounce house is going to take up in your yard but it’s also going to reflect the overall price.

There’s also the option of an indoor inflatable bounce house too; for those that have a playroom that can accommodate one it’s an amazing idea as its safer form physical damage indoors and is a great place for your kid to play all year round.

Durability of the Bounce House 

These products are designed to sit outside under the conditions of the weather, to be jumped all over and may even have moving parts.

The materials that go into the design of the bounce house are vital for its resistance against physical damage but it also needs to be able to inflate and be soft enough so the kids are not hurt if they fall down in there.

PVC vinyl is a superior material to the standard nylon when it comes to all of these traits, and this usually makes up the main body of the bounce house.

Other materials can also be involved on peripheral parts of the jump house, for example, mesh netting for windows and doors, which also needs to be resilient and compliant to kid safety standards.

Another couple of great features to look out for when it comes to the durability which is exhibited by the best bounce houses for kids is 420D & 800D oxford materials and double or even quadruple stitching.

This really will ensure that the product will survive the most spirited parties filled with the most vigorous kids for years to come!

Ease of Use

The easiest thing to do with a jump house is to bounce on it but when it comes to setting it up, things can get annoying with some of the cheaper products out there.

What you are looking for to have a stress free bounce house is a quick set up and a quick takedown.

Some products, which are most definitely the best value, will include a blower, so you don’t have to go and purchase this expensive bit of kit separately.

The blower actually blows up the jump house and keeps it inflated as the kids use it, absolutely necessary to have.

Extra Features in Kids Bounce Houses 

Some inflatable jump houses come with extra features that are either for your convenience, for a better atmosphere or most importantly to increase the fun that it offers.

Some have paddling pools attached for the summer party whilst others have ball pits. A common feature is that you can purchase an inflatable bounce house with a slide attached; simple but effective.

For your convenience and for the atmosphere, some jump houses have an inflation tube which the blower attached to.

This keeps the blower away from the bounce house so the kids don’t have to suffer from the noise which can be irritating and spoil the fun of it all.