Best Kids Kayak

Best Kids Kayak

A water sport that many adults revel in, kayaking for kids can provide adventure, fantastic experiences, and thrills unmatched by any other activity of its kind!

Offering a vast amount of benefits, this is a fast paced and incredibly stimulating activity which encourages independence, strength and resistant. Furthermore, it’s also a great confidence booster.

If your child is considering taking up kayaking, you’ll no doubt want to ensure they start with the best kit possible. Safety is paramount here, mainly as we’re dealing with the water. Therefore, you’ll need to be sure of selecting gear designed for this age group.

First things first, you’ll need a specialized kids kayak. An adult kayak isn’t suitable for children as it does not cater to their smaller build and lighter body weight and therefore will not ensure their safety in the water.

Here we review 4 of the best kids Kayaks currently retaining on Amazon. These products have been selected for their ability to offer a design solely aimed at ensuring they fit a younger persons build, as well as providing the highest safety aspects possible for this specific age group.

Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak with Paddle


Lifetime presents a Youth Kayak choice which has a staggering six in one functions and comes complete with a bonus paddle.

This vibrant choice is adequately sized for kids to utilize when kayaking, as its ergonomic cockpit design works to enhance those motor skills all while assuring a better balance all-round.

Offering multiple footrest positions to make it suit different size riders, this is said to be a more practical and secure solution that encourages a straightforward usage.

Featuring molded finger handles on each side of the kayak, this is designed solely for those younger members, holding up to 130 Ibs in weight, with an age range suggestion of five years and up.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak



Intex sells what they call a more luxury style of kids kayak and one that is claimed to be extremely durable when inflated.

This is also the number one best seller in Amazon’s canoeing section.

This model has three air compartments that you can access to get a quick fill and deflate valve.

Fully certified, this model is perhaps more suited for those looking for a youth fishing kayak type.

Providing handy welding paddle supports, this also boasts an extra grip and a grappling rope as standard.

Complete with a handy bag to pack it away when not in use, when purchasing this you’ll also receive a practical repair set, an inflatable pump, and two aluminum paddles.

Kayak Lifetime with Bonus Paddle


Lifetime offers a 183cm yellow kayak which they call the Youth Wave.

A fantastic vibrant design, this indeed assures your child will be seen in the water!

This is aimed at those children around the five years and above age bracket, though it’s stressed that they should still be supervised as well.

As an enhanced stability feature, it offers a reverse chine. The cockpit is also ergonomically designed to enhance balancing and motor skills.

This kids kayak has standard molded finger handles set on each side and can take a maximum weight capacity of up to 130 Ibs.

What’s more, this model also boasts a swim up step design which Lifetime has patented, therefore assisting your child’s re-entry back into the kayak.

This kids kayak also comes complete with a black double sided paddle and a foam back rest as standard.

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak


Sevylor’s kayak is an ideal choice for children as it allows them to simply unpack and then kayak – and all in five minutes maximum!

This is like having a kayak in a backpack as it carries almost everything you need to get started, resulting in an immediate fold out solution.

Its durable bottom is made up of tarpaulin to work hard against punctures.

Featuring a more rugged lake use in its construction, this provides an airtight system which is guaranteed not to leak. Therefore, it’s ideal for added peace of mind when being used by your child.

Two locking points ensure it can be easily inflated and deflated, while a drink holder and bungee storage area is sure to be a hit with the younger adventure fans!

What Features Should You Look for in a Kids Kayak?

It’s essential to look for a select number of features as standard when you choose a kids kayak. This is because they are specifically designed to both looks and feel different from that of adult kayaks while promoting confidence in the younger adventurer.

The most important features include:

  • A shorter model – To ensure safety as well as allow your child to sit happily in their kayak, it’s essential to ensure it’s aimed at their age group. For example, an older broader child will not fit well into a toddler kayak, and a junior kayak would be too large for a toddler. This is perhaps most important to consider first as their experience needs to be comfortable. Look for an age appropriate kayak and review the overall weight and build of your child here as well.
  • Stability features – Children’s kayaks should offer increased stability such as those with reverse chine on. This helps promote tracking while keeping the kayak moving in a straight line. Also, molded finger handles allow your child to gain a good balance when on the water.
  • Basic construction – Though it’s initially exciting for a child to access many different features, it’s more important that they don’t become too distracted. Therefore, especially if it’s the first kayak, it makes more sense to stick to something simplistic so they can concentrate on kayaking solely!

Final Thoughts on Kids Kayaks

Allowing your child to experience the thrill of kayaking is undoubtedly one of the pleasures of being a parent! Yet, to ensure they derive the most from it, all the while doing so with the utmost of safety, you should carefully consider the correct type of kayak before you make your final purchase.

Getting the right model and considering those crucial factors such as age and size, you can work on making this an adventure to remember, at the same time as promoting the importance of overall continued safety. This means getting your child off to the best start possible and making sure they continue to follow this throughout their kayaking experience.