Best Water Table for Kids – The Comprehensive Guide

Best Water Table for Kids

Finding the best water table for kids is ideal because kids naturally love to have fun with water. This is why bath time play is such a classic fun-filled activity and why trips to the beach are so memorable to kids.

The presence of water makes toys almost come to life, enhancing pretend play and allowing kids to explore their imagination, whether that is imagining their very own sailing adventures at sea, or exploring the depths to search for marine life and mermaids.

Water tables are made with this precise idea in mind and allow your child to have unlimited amounts of fun with water play.

Some of the best water tables have nautical and beach themes, while others are packed with engaging activities and mechanical gadgets.

They present an exciting prospect for any child and whether used in the sun or indoors, they are sure to provide them with engaging and exciting playtime adventures.

Best Water Table for Kids: Reviewed!

Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water Play Table


There is something extra special about a water table that looks like an actual Pirate Ship! This Pirate themed table will be loved by kids and the large design makes it ideal for group play.

With a central lookout tower, and props including a cross and bones flag and moveable anchor, the table has the look and feel of a genuine ship, all helping to enhance pretend play and gets those little imaginations engaged and active.

This table is jam-packed with interactive features. Water can be poured into the crow’s nest and it will trickle down the tower, activating a variety of spinning objects as it does so.

The water can be moved and an artificial torrent created using either the built-in pump or by pouring water down the tower.

There’s even a water cannon that can be loaded with water and squirted at enemies, as well as a functional anchor that can be raised or lowered on the orders of the captain of course!

The set includes a range of accessories that all help to make playtime even more fun, this includes two pirate characters, as well as a shark, boat, bucket, strainer, and scooper.

With this stunning set and nautical theme, your kids are sure to come up with a tonne of great adventures as their imagination runs wild.

Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table for Kids


If you are looking for a water table that can be used by multiple kids, then this multi-table design is a great way to encourage engaging group play.

It’s even fitted with an umbrella to provide kids with protection from the sun as they enjoy themselves. However, this can be easily removed if preferred.

The design of the table is deeper than other tables, making it perfect for exploring the depths and various lagoons with the range of sea creatures included, such as the squirting dolphin, fish as well as the two male and female characters.

It also includes a fitted diving board where you can send the characters flying into the air before they are propelled deep into the water.

Alternatively, you can send the characters down the swinging slide, the catapult or take them for a spin on the starfish roundabout, which also creates a whirlpool for added drama.

The two-tiered design allows kids to create their very own cascading waterfall, a great way to teach the principle of cause and effect.

The water table also comes with all the essentials including water scoops, buckets, and drainer, so you don’t need to worry about making any further purchases and the kids can get busy almost immediately.

In total, this table will hold over 2 gallons in the top table and a larger amount at just over 3 gallons in the bottom pool. The table will comfortably fit 3 to 4 toddlers around it, so it is spacious enough for interactive group play.

The table weighs around 20 pounds in total, so is simple enough to carry when empty and can be easily pulled around the garden or yard with minimal effort.

Overall, this is a fantastic means of stimulating your child’s imagination, as well as encouraging fun, interactive play and aiding sensory development. The perfect solution for hours of play and fun in the garden!

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table


If you have preschoolers and toddlers to keep entertained and busy, then this water park inspired water table by Little Tikes will certainly do the job. At 29 inches in diameter, the table is large enough for group play, which is ideal for playtime in the sun and keeping lots of kids busy.

The table is packed with a wide variety of engaging gadgets inspired by some of the most popular water parks, including a central spiral tower where balls can be dropped and kids can watch them whizz around as they descend into the water pit below.

There is also a wave making machine that will create a torrent with a few presses. The vibrant yellow Ferris wheel is where the true actions at, kids can place balls and other objects into each carriage and then use the crank to turn the wheel making the objects ascend into the water below; it’s also great to use to make a splash or two.

The final fun gadget is the set of two cogs built into the table that can be set into motion by pouring water into the funnel above.

As well as the built-in gadgets, the water table comes with a set of 5 fun characters that are able to fire water from their mouths and are ideal for pretend play, as well as a water cup that makes carrying the water easy and fun.

The design of the table is ideal for small kids; it is low enough for most kids to easily access and is of course completely waterproof. The plastic material is also very easy to wipe clean and lightweight meaning it can easily be moved and transported into storage when required.

The best part for parents is that installation is straightforward and minimal! This is a fantastic water table for kids and is sure to keep them engaged for hours on end.

It’s more than just fun though, this table will help your kids develop essential skills including hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and acts as a great medium to encourage them to socialize with other tots.

Step2 Sand & Water Center


A water table for kids that offers dual modes of play is the perfect cure for boredom whatever the time of year maybe. This large play center features a table with a side dedicated to sand and the other that functions like a normal water table, this allows kids to keep both fun substances separate and enjoy the versatility each has to offer.

The water table side features two bridges and an elevated road system which runs above the water and into the sand pit. Not only is this table large enough for friends or multiple siblings to join in.

The sand and water center by Step2 also comes with a 7 piece accessory set, including boats, buckets, shovels, and bridges helping to create a miniature world where little imaginations can get lost in a world of adventures.

The table also includes a central port to fit the umbrella that’s included, which provides your kids with extra protection from the sun, making it an ideal toy for spending summers in the backyard or garden.

The wood groove style legs and table cover complete with grooves and grain detailing makes a welcome change to the often garish designs and it will look great in any garden. The lid also comes with elastic tie downs to make it secure and prevent any bugs from getting in and sand from escaping.

This is also a great way to protect it from being the target of wildlife and neighborhood pets when not in use. The legs are also detachable, which is useful for storage, especially for those with limited space.

Overall this play center is like taking a trip to the beach and gives kids the option of playing with both water and sand. Ultimately, they can choose if they would like to build sand castles or take the boats for a ride in the water compartment.

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table


This is another water table for kids, this time by Step2, but this time it has a unique take on even more fun. The lower water table resembles a pond, from here a water pail can be used to deposit while water into the large tray above to create an engaging waterfall cascade and a rainfall effect.

The best part is that the waterfall pieces can be re-arranged to create countless waterfall tracks, helping to reinforce the cause and effect principle and engage your child in problem-solving.

The large pond below includes engaging, built-in gadgets such as a side-flipper that allows the characters to be propelled into the pond for water splashing fun. There’s even a water wheel that can be spun to create waves and splashes, sure to cause some mischief!

The set also comes with a large 13-piece accessory kit, meaning no one will be left out. This includes 3 buckets, scoops and pond characters including a yellow rubber duck and green frog, both which can be used in conjunction with the side flipper and be scooped out of the water using the cattail scoop – the perfect game for summer fun!

This sturdy water table is the ideal summer toy and will allow your child to have just as much fun in the backyard as they would at the beach or nearest Water Park.

The design does require minimal assembly, but it’s pretty straightforward. It also includes a handy water draining plug hole, which makes emptying the table after play time easy and convenient.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Water Table

A water table may seem like a pretty standard toy, but believe it or not, there is a lot of different types of tables available to purchase. Some are designed with independent outdoor play in mind, while others are designed for large groups.

Other important factors include the age of your child, portability, storage, quality of the design, versatility and overall reputation. Here we outline some important things to look out for:

Do you want a Table for Group or Independent Play? 

Probably one of the most important things to consider is how many children will be using the water table at any one time?

If you have multiple small children, it’s likely you will need a water table large enough to allow all kids to huddle around it and get involved.

However, if you only have one young child, you will probably be fine opting for a smaller table that will keep them happily entertained.

When will you be using the Water Table?

Another consideration is the time of year you will be using the water table, or in cases where the seasons are pretty much the same, you need to consider your particular climate.

If you live in a relatively warm climate or intend on using it during the summer months exclusively, a water table designed for outdoor use in the sun is essential.

The best water tables for kids often include umbrellas to provide shade and sun protection for your child as they play with the table.

If you only intend on using the table on a seasonal basis, storage features will also come in useful.

For instance, lids to prevent it becoming the habitat for wildlife, as well as removable legs to make it easy to carry and store in small spaces are all useful.

Do you want to use it Indoors or Outdoors? 

If you want the option to play with the water table inside your property as well as outside in the garden or backyard, you will want a table that offers maximum versatility.

You will discover that the majority of tables are made for outdoor use, so if you want to be able to bring it indoors, you should look for a table that isn’t too cumbersome and one that you will easily be able to fit through your doorway.

Additionally, if you’re like many other parents and don’t like the idea of getting water all over your floors, then you may want to opt for a water table that also doubles up as a sand pit.

There are quite a lot of water tables that have both a water table compartment, as well as a sand pit section. However, you can just as easily empty the water and instead fill it with sand for indoor use, which is especially useful during the cold winter months when going outside is completely off the cards.

Features & Accessories 

Does it include all of the necessary accessories for the complete water play experience? If you want to avoid making any extra unessarry purchases and want your kids to be able to enjoy it from day one, make sure it includes all of the best accessories and features.

The best water tables always come with an accessories kit, which typically includes pails, scoopers, strainers, fun characters and usually an umbrella.

Make sure to take a look at the features too! Spinning gadgets, slides and flippers are all fun features that make the water table all the more fun to play with.

Swing sets are another great way to get kids active and outdoors.

There’s also a wide variety of themed water tables available, which kids often prefer as it allows them to get into character and really engage in pretend play. Think pirate ships, princess castles, garden ponds and water parks, all great themes for a water table.