Best Remote Control Car for Kids

Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Parents often praise the best remote control car as a fantastically fast and exciting gift for kids that keeps them entertained for hours on end. They’re toys that suit both indoor and outdoor use and are great for taking on family days out!

The best remote control car isn’t just for kids! Adults love them too, it’s great to have a bunch of them, set up a race track with traffic cones and have kids and adults race together at a BBQ or outdoor birthday party maybe even doubling the fun with some RC helicopters!

Best Remote Control Cars for Kids: Compared!

These tested product reviews are designed to give you a general idea of what’s available in terms of the best remote control car on the marketplace and aim to point out their most important characteristics as well as how the toys actually perform.

When checking out the products we’re recommending it’s always a good idea to make sure you know the manufacturers minimum requirements such as age and also the health and safety information.

KidiRace Remote Control Police Car for Kids



Nothing is cooler than playing cops and robbers with RC cars so why not add some law enforcement into the mix? The RC police car is a great toy for kids who can really put their imagination to work with this toy, especially when playing with friends.

The first thing to mention with this order bringing RC car is the thrilling sirens and horn sounds that it makes that go along with the flashing lights which really simulate a mini high-speed chase is underway, kids love it!

The controller is a kid-friendly, flat style control with analog sticks for acceleration, reversing and turning. The grips on the controller are not bulky at all, and so easy for little hands and little thumbs to operate, whilst the car is responsive and simple to maneuver.

It uses radio to send signals between the control and the car with what the seller calls “2.4 GHz technology” that increases the range and lets you use up to 6 different RC cars in the same area without interference. The final thing to mention is the car is rechargeable via a handy USB cable that is supplied with the toy but the controller will take two AA batteries.

Cyclone Kids Remote Control Car



For ultimate thrills and possibly showing off some skills, it would be worth investing in a stunt RC car like this one. They’re fantastic to race, are great offroad and have the added challenge of mastering stunts and flips which makes another game for these toys other than racing.

The Cyclone Kids Remote Control Car is tough and rugged; it can withstand the elements quite well and is no stranger to crashes and bumps as it was designed to endure all kinds of stress, it even drives on both sides so no worries if it flips over. Kids love watching this spritely little car whizz around doing 360 degree spins to then suddenly shoot off over a ramp and flip in mid-air to land on it’s back and keep going.

The RC car is extremely sensitive to your controller inputs and will react to steering very precisely, it’s quite a cool toy but takes some getting used to for this as ti can be tricky to drive at first but this really does add to the fun with laughable moments as the kids loose control and crash it.

In the same way as the KidiRace Remote Control Police Car, the car itself recharges via USB cable that is supplied but the controller requires two AA batteries. The disappointment I found with his RC car is the batteries only last for 10 minutes before needing a recharge so you may want to contact the seller to provide extra rechargeable batteries.

EpochAir Remote Control Car



The EpochAir Remote Control Car is an amazing RC car mostly for it’s one unique and jaw-dropping feature: it can drive up walls! Now, this is a quirky feature I bet many children would find fascinating and funny.

This RC car is fast and it really gets going across a wooden floor, as it’s picking up speed and racing toward what would look to be a disastrous crash the kid driver quickly switches gear and the next thing you know the car is climbing the wall towards the ceiling, a trick that would shock the kids friends!

It’s also super cool for its ability to do 360 turns whilst driving at speed and still maintain the same trajectory, it’s a neat technique that kids will need to practice to master. The controller for this car is a little bit bulkier but with smaller analog sticks which are not ideal for comfort but the kids are still perfectly fine using it.

Another nice thing about this RC car is its style; sleek and futuristic sporting an awesome looking design on the front so that even if it did lose the race, it still has a chance on the creative design contest.

The car can be charged via a power adapter or USB, a USB cable is supplied and it even has a handy LED light to let you know whether the car is charged or not, and also conveniently you can charge the car via the controller which can be handy when your out and about.

Theefun RC Car



Sometimes kids can be adrenaline junkies and really love cars for their speed and so when considering a gift for them it would be worth checking out one of the fastest RC cars for kids, the Theefun RC Car.

Amazingly, the top speed of this RC is 30mph! This is extraordinary speed for a toy and such a rush for the lucky kid to have this to race with, they’ll win every time no doubt.
With such speed comes a need for durability and this RC car is built from extremely hard to break, anti-explosion plastic so crashes; no matter how often are not even an issue.

About every other component and mechanism in this RC car is built to last from the use of high-quality materials tot he genius tire design which promotes stability at high speeds.
The controller may be difficult for younger children to get used to being the gun shape with the trigger and wheel to increase speed. These types of controllers are much better for those experienced with these toys as they allow more precise control but everyone has to start somewhere so why not now?

It has a USB charging cable for the car and separate batteries are required for the controller which are not included. This car is very conservative of battery power and to top it all off has a 100m range, combined with its stability and offroad capabilities this toy is great for outdoor use.

SIMREX Remote Control Car



An RC Car with a bit more muscle, the Simrex RC Car is stylish, simple and has a realistic look to it. Despite the extra bulk, this car can manage really high speeds going up to 20 mph, definitely a thrilling drive for any kid.

For personalization, there are blue and red models available too so you can pick the kids favorite color or even buy multiples and race them together. It has the trigger style remote control so that’s something to consider which requires three AA batteries, the car having a USB rechargeable battery that you can remove with a screwdriver.

Unfortunately, the batteries only last around 10 minutes so it’s not overall good value on the battery front but it does make up for it with its high-speed stability, being able to travel at speeds without getting flipped over or skidding makes for an entertaining (if short) few races.

Ferrari La Ferrari Replica Model Remote Control Vehicle



How about an injection of sophistication and excitement as these Ferrari replica RC cars are a great buy to wow a kid who loves their car manufacturers. This RC car is quality made and very attentive to detail from the shiny yellow paint job, the lift up doors, the suave interior and the xenon style headlamps; the child will have no trouble visualizing themselves as the driver of this realistic toy car.

The car reaches speeds between 8 and 10mph so it’s not overly fast which is not a bad thing, especially if your kid could get overwhelmed by faster products. It’s great for indoor or outdoor use as it has an ok range between the controller and car, but not as superb as I would like.

It has an easy to use control which has a flat controller design but with a rounded shape similar to a steering wheel, however, the car is still controlled using the analog sticks and buttons. It’s definitely worth checking out this model as this RC car will no doubt turn heads.

What Makes the Best Remote Control Car?

When looking at the options available to buy you’ll probably notice the diversity between the different RC cars. They may have a variety of features and some cool designs to appeal to kids but one thing that is most important when looking for the best remote control car is quality!

RC Car Gif

The quality of the best remote control will come down to the components and materials its made from as well as how effective the signal between the car and controller.

When you take these things into account you can get a better overall idea of the value for money the product you’re going to buy offers and so it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the key characteristics to look out for in the best remote control car.

Car Controller and Child’s Ability

Different ages of children have different capabilities, therefore it’s good to pay attention to the controller that comes with the RC car and how easy will it be for your child to get used to it.

RC cars have controllers which vary in design, some being flatter with simple buttons similar to a controller of a video game console whilst others have controllers which take on a gun shape, has a wheel to control speed and a trigger for acceleration which may not be as user friendly, depending on your child’s preference.

Battery Life and Sensor

Some models take batteries whilst others are rechargeable, either way, you are going to want to get the most time out of the toy per battery or charge to get the best value. Your kids are going to want to play with these RC toys for ages before they run flat so ensure you consider the battery life and also the type of batteries when shopping!

You may want to pay attention to the type of sensor which can be either use infrared or radio signals. Radio is generally better as they have a much further range and can also have multi-channel functionality so that multiple cars on the same frequency can be used simultaneously but infrared still works fine and is great for indoor models.

Whether or not the sensor is infrared or radio the main concern is how responsive the toy is within the ideal range of the sensor’s ability. It’s only going to frustrate your children and yourself if you buy a new RC car to play with and it doesn’t steer when you are telling it to on the controller.

Extra Features and Style

Flashing lights, bigger wheels, the ability to perform stunts and race up walls are all exciting variable features that are found on the best remote control car. If you want to really wow the kid, choose to go for the really quirky and cool features out there.

The best RC car for kids won’t only be jammed packed with flashy abilities but would look the part as well. With the creative designs and realistic looks you can find within the best RC car range, you are bound to find one which really compliments the child’s personality, whether they like bright colors, cartoon characters or ultra-realism.

Our Favorite!

By far the top pick of these products is the Theefun RC Car for its simply genius design to handle high speeds as well as looking funky at the same time. Racing this car is truly exhilarating and can go on for ages before running out of battery making it the best RC car for kids and amazing value for money.