Best Remote Controlled Motorcycle

Best Remote Controlled Motorcycle

The best RC motorcycle is a remote-controlled toy can make a gift for a child which is full of excitement and thrills. Drawing from the child’s imagination, the best RC motorcycle makes them feel like they are a superstar track racer or talented stunt biker.

They are without a doubt faster and more exciting than the RC tractors that can be bought. But of course, as a trade-off, are less robust and not necessarily more fun.

However, like with most toys, quality, style, design and can vary quite drastically between the products and brands. It may be coming up to a birthday or Christmas or maybe you just want to treat a kid with a new toy but it’s not always easy to find the highest quality, best performance and most suitable for you and the child.

This guide aims to give you an idea of the options out there hopefully pointing you in the direction of the best RC motorcycle for you and your child or at least to guide you in your purchase by providing you with accurately researched info and tested product reviews to finally come to a conclusion on what we consider is the best RC motorcycle out of the bunch.

Best Remote Controlled Motorcycles: Reviewed!

Velocity Toys Speed Lightning Remote Control Motorcycle



The first RC motorcycle for the reviews is the Velocity Toys Speed Lightning Remote Control Motorcycle which is a simplistic and fun RC toy. It can reach relatively high speeds and can turn left and right with an inbuilt gyroscope that functions to keep the bike from falling over as it drives.

The colors are minimalistic but give a sleek aesthetic to the plastic bike and figurine. It really adds a nice, immersive touch when the toy rider tilts as the bike turns and would be great fun to race several of these.

The manufacturer states that this toy is suitable for ages between 36 months onwards, a great option for those with children younger than 5 years old because most other RC motorcycles only recommend use from age of 5 years old.

It has a rechargeable battery that I think people would find quite handy and cost-effective but a downside to this is the rechargeable battery pack has to be removed by a screwdriver. I found this quite inconvenient because the charge lasts only for about 20 minutes of play before I have to dig a screwdriver out to recharge the battery.

Overall I think this is an enjoyable toy for a young child, it’s affordable and it’s small enough to be suitable to indoor use and its a great option for those children that are under 5 years old however it’s not the highest quality design out there on the market.

Kid Galaxy Cyber Cycle



This sleek looking, sci-fi RC cyber cycle is tonnes of fun and its the clever design of the toy; particularly with the independently controlled wheels that make this toy able to perform flips and stunts at quite fast speeds, it is quite a rush to play with.

This one has no inbuilt gyroscope but some wheels on the bottom which stabilize the bike so it doesn’t fall when driving. The stabilizing wheels are well hidden though so it doesn’t break the illusion. The cyber cycle that I tried was the silver version, there is a red version available that is exactly the same in specifications other than color, both I think have an interesting, unique and sleek design.

Both the control and the bike takes batteries, specifically 9 Volt alkaline batteries which are a standard battery you find everywhere, you can even buy them alongside the toy on Amazon! Another awesome feature of this RC toy is that multiples can be purchased and used at the same time without interference, so if you have multiple kids to buy for – these would be amazing fun to have them going together in the garden or at the park!

The control layout is very simplistic and simple to use, so suitable for the less experienced RC toy handlers but the downside of the control is that I didn’t find it to be optimally ergonomic, it just didn’t feel that comfortable in my hands otherwise I would state that this is a great toy and would make an excellent present for a child or childish adult like myself.

Remote Control Amphibian Stunt Vehicle



Perfect for outdoor use, this amphibious RC motorcycle is waterproof, stable and enjoyable. It can perform stunts and even drive across the surface of water without being damaged, I would say that it’s a great toy to take for a family day out to a park or beach as it is very driveable on any terrain.

It has a vast 200m range distance for the signal of the remote control to the toy, and is very user-friendly, only having 2 buttons on the control for acceleration, reverses, and steering left and right. I really do love the figurine on the motorcycle, who looks like a scuba marine and the bike itself that has a strange but creative look to it.

Additionally, the manufacturer has stated it is suitable for children from 3 years old, so its great for those difficult-to-buy-for toddlers as I am certain any kid would be impressed with this little RC toy.

The performance of tricks with this toy is the best thing about it in my opinion. Its actually a challenging game to get used to the skill required to perform the different tricks and then to make up combos and show off the tricks whilst driving continuously is awesome! I’m sure the kids will have great fun with it.

Just to add, the battery situation with this toy is not the most convenient. The remote control requires AA batteries whilst the motorcycle itself has rechargeable batteries included with the charger.

Top Race Remote Control Motorcycle



It’s a true two-wheel drive with the Top Race Remote Control Motorcycle and its certainly a top speed two wheel drive! The quality of this RC motorcycle is also top notch and can not only be attributed to its speed and function, but also to the materials used to make it.
Given the options I have reviewed this one is fairly inexpensive in comparison and due to it being high performance, having responsive steering and a realistic, moto racer aesthetic I would say this would be a good purchase for several children to play with together.

The bike has a built-in gyroscope, stopping it from falling over when driving, and has some small metal stabilizers on the side when it does stop, so that you can get started again from the same position without having to go and pick the toy up; a really great design choice.

Just like the previous RC motorcycle I reviewed, the control has its own AA batteries whilst the bike has its own rechargeable batteries. The difference here (which in my opinion is another great design choice) is that the battery doesn’t need to be removed from the bike to charge and has a plug-in USB charger that I think you’ll find very convenient.

The control layout itself is a disadvantage to the toy this time. Instead of a flat controller like the ones you would find for a game console, it’s more like a gun shape with a trigger for accelerating. You then have dials to control speed and steering. There’s nothing wrong with the function of the control but they are just slightly difficult to get used to. Overall I would most certainly recommend this bike for the quality, performance, and price.

NKOK Sega All-Stars Racing Remote Controlled Car



We have an official Sonic product here, a remote control motorcycle featuring Shadow the hedgehog, which or those of you who do not know; is a character from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

I would say this is more of a novelty choice over quality as the range of the remote control is not very great and unfortunately, the power consumption of the toy is quite high and so having to replace batteries constantly is not ideal.

It is a great RC toy for indoors though and it does go fast, I would even go as far to say that the speed of Shadow on this toy puts Sonic to shame! A major benefit of this toy is the cute recognizable character but other than that its pretty standard in function.

Regardless of the performance, I do really like the control for this one, being simplistic, flat and having only two buttons, it would be great for a young child and NKOK recommends it to be used for ages 6 years old and up.

It would genuinely make for a charming gift for a kid, especially a kid who is a fan of the Sonic franchise who would absolutely adore it. There are also other characters available on different vehicles by NKOK and so having a bunch of them racing together would be a great simulation of the popular Sonic racing game.

Common Questions

Something major you might want to consider is whether or not the best RC motorcycle is suitable for the age of the child you are buying for and still there might be other questions on your mind. If so; take a look at these common questions which might help alleviate any doubt or anxieties you may have when it comes to these toys.

Age and Ability

Different children have different preferences and have different ideas on what is fun and cool and this can be a factor of age. Younger children would more frequently like funky, cartoony designs whilst those who are reaching 5 and up may be more attracted toys which reflect a theme, they may be like it to be sleeker, more realistic or to have flashing lights and be a pure fantasy in design.

Most RC toys, including the best RC motorcycle, have a controller which you use to control the toy of course! These controls will be different in the way they are laid out. You will want to decide if the control itself is user-friendly and whether or not you would rather a heap of different settings or something simplistic, and this decision would be affected by the experience of the child you are buying for with these types of toys.

As for a minimum age; most of these products are advertised for children aged around 5 years old and the manufacturer’s recommendation should be followed as these toys can contain small parts which pose a choking hazard for much younger children.


The signal between the remote control and the RC motorbike itself will operate on a certain frequency. It would be a good idea to pay attention to the frequencies because if you intend to buy multiples, the controls could potentially interfere with each other if you were looking to use them at the same time. This is something to look out for though as there are plenty of varieties of RC motorcycles which have multi-channel functions on the controllers.

Indoor/Outdoor use

Most of the products are designed for outdoor use and require some amount of space to accommodate steering and build up speed to get maximum thrills however this will also depend on the range of the signal between the remote control and the toy motorcycle. There are indoor RC toys available too as shown in my reviews below so there is always an option that’s perfect for you.

Best RC Motorcycle Overall

I do believe you would have already guessed my top pick from the enthusiasm in the article and so to give it another look, I would announce the Top Race Remote Control Motorcycle the best remote controlled motorcycle.

It’s just faster, better steering and more realistic as to what motorcycling is. I love how it stays upright while driving and can accelerate to stop again when you are standing over 100m away from it.

The biggest shame was that there were not multiple colors for this model. It’s not that I dislike the orange, but I just think that with it being so affordable, it would be an amazing party activity to race a few of these, and it would add a lot of charm for each kid to have a different color racer.

Otherwise, I highly recommend this as the best RC motorcycle over the others, even though the amphibious RC motorcycle was a very close winner. But maybe to you, the amphibious was the best RC motorcycle, it really depends on your taste and preference.

I do I hope I have achieved to guide you somewhat when it comes to choosing the best RC motorcycle as a gift for a kid, and I would like to thank you for stopping on in and reading this article.