Baby Rocking Horses – The Ultimate Guide

Top Baby Rocking Horses

When looking at a baby rocking horse you’ll notice that toys have been advancing with technology over the past several decades. But no matter how many touch screens, heat sensors, and voice recognition features that are added, you just can’t beat the classics!

A baby rocking horse is just that, a classic toy that defies the test of time and there is a good reason for it; they’re just good and simple fun.

The benefits don’t stop at just being fun though as for example the best baby rocking horse will also help to strengthen muscles in the legs and back whilst building on coordination, balance and motor skills!

There are so many different shapes and sizes to be had; they don’t even need to resemble a horse! This gives you quite some flexibility with the choice of infant rocking horse you want to buy as there will be models which complement the color and overall aesthetic of the room you put it in.

Baby Rocking Horses

Melissa & Doug Plush Toddler Rocking Horse


Melissa & Doug are renowned for their very high quality, realistic looking toys that can be purchased from Amazon; they make everything including games, furniture, toy kitchens, dolls and much more.

They make no exceptions to their high standards with this plush rocking horse which is durable, charming and looks almost like a real pony!

It’s decorated with a saddle and harness that look real and with its furry, fluffy man your child will be immersed in the experience really believing that they are off on a ride around the countryside. When you press its ear, it makes galloping sound which only adds to the fun and it has easy to grasp wooden handles.

This rocking horse is quite small and light weighing at only 16 pounds. This is not too heavy to move but enough weight to keep it stable when it is being used. For this reason and due to the small parts hazard it would be great for children and toddlers aged 3 years old and up.

Joon Rocking Horse for Babies 


Your child may want to go for something a bit cuter, if so, Joon rocking horse is exactly what they need!

It’s got an adorable charismatic face with wide endearing eyes that have a look about them as if your pony pal is pleased to see you.

Just like the Melissa & Doug horse, you can squeeze the ear and it’ll make galloping and horse sounds. It has soft fur and a fluffy mane with a soft fabric brindle and saddle. It’s also got stirrups hanging down from the sides to add to the realistic feel.

This rocking horse is a bit larger and taller than the Melissa and Doug but still a great toy for younger children that are 3 years of age or older.

Although it’s taller, there is less wood in its construction so it is actually lighter but this could allude to a less durable design.

Hape Rock and Ride Wooden Baby Rocking Horse


Look no further if you are looking for simplicity, this rocking horse by Hape Rock is a fantastic rocking horse for infants.

It‘s completely made of wood, is small and low to the ground and so kids as young as 10 months old can enjoy this marvelous little toy according to the manufacturer.

This toy is a great way to get younger children started in imaginative play. It’s got two styles you can purchase; the one featured in the picture resembles a horse whilst the other option is a cute puppy!

There will be some assembly required by yourself to get it set up, but the instructions that are provided are clear and it’s not going to take more than 10 minutes.

Little Bird Told Me Bobble & Pip Infant Rocker


For a cuteness overload, the Little Bird Told Me rocking horse is nothing less than that!

The horses’ name is Bobble and he’s such a sweet and approachable character for children to get to know and even hug as he’s made from a textured bouclé fabric that feels delightful to the touch.

The mane and tail are made out of a faux suede material and whilst they are not fluffy like the other soft rocking horses, they have a fun crunchy texture to them that the tots will adore. There are footplates on the base of the horse that can be removed, but they are there to help young children stabilize and balance on the horse.

Overall this product is the best rocking horse for babies and toddlers as it is small, lightweight, high quality in build and beautifully entertaining in design.

Due to this, it’s extremely good value for money and to top it off, your purchase also comes with a wonderful “Pip” plushy who fits in the pocket on the front of the horse.

Labebe Baby Rocking Horse Toy


Labebe offers a high quality and vibrant in color rocking horse elephant that’s super fun for kids due to its appeal and cute aesthetic.

It’s so great that it won awards in Melbourne, Australia and Nuremberg, Germany for its choice of design.

It’s dual purpose, not just a rocker but a roller too! Featuring wheels so the child can scoot themselves around with the toy over any surface that it’s put up against. The wheels also have a rubber lining which prevents all the noise you would have with other similar products on wooden floors; that’s genius!

It’s extra secured with its padded seat design, unlike other rocking horses that stick to a saddle, this elephant goes for pure safety and comfort. The elephant itself is really soft and squishy so no worried about bumps and bruises occurring when it’s being used.

To ramp up the fun, the designers have implemented bells and rattles in the ears, trunk, and tail of the elephant that makes a sound when played with; this also teaches kids the differences between these various animal body parts.

There’s a very small amount of assembly required for you to do when you receive the item but it’s nothing strenuous at all and involves simply fastening the elephant itself to the base using Velcro straps.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse


For those who have a lower budget to afford a rocking horse, or would like the one that’s perfectly suitable for outside and for small children, the Little Tykes rocking horse offers simplicity and practicality. It’s also available in other colors including magenta if that’s what you would prefer.

The seat is designed with safety in mind, having a high back preventing the children from falling backward and the plastics this toy is composed of are absolutely safe. The main downside to this product is it lacks character and doesn’t sport much appeal.

However, it’s very durable, will last for years, is weather resistant and doesn’t have small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Overall this toy is ideal for parents with very young children and enough space for it in the yard, not that you will need to spare much as it’s also quite small and compact.

Choosing a Baby Rocking Horse – Top Tips 

There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping so that you know you are getting the right product for your first purchase, without having to deal with the hassle.

Also, having a good idea of what you’re looking for will help you to find a deal that’s the highest quality for the money you pay whilst also meeting yours and your child’s needs. If you like the idea of ride on toys for tots and young kids, then you may also like ride on trains.

Age of Your Child 

Your child’s age plays a major role in your choice of the rocking horse especially if you are looking for a rocking horse for toddlers because you need to take into account the safety of the product and far it can swing.

Additionally, the best baby rocking horse should probably also be soft, more like a stuffed animal, just to reduce the chance of them knocking their head, elbows or knees against hard components.

Rocking Horse Size

Ideally, the best rocking horse for you will fit into the room you plan to keep it. If you plan for it to stay outside then it should either be waterproof or compact enough to store away inside.

It’s got to be just the right size that the kid can actually play on it though as if it’s too small they risk falling off and if it’s too big they may struggle to climb onto it.

Extra Features

The best rocking horses that you can buy offer various other features. For example, some models have wheels which the kid can use to ride the horsey around whilst others play sounds.

The extra features dare usually quite simplistic and try to add a bit more fun and appeal to the product.

Baby Rocking Horse Aesthetics

There’s quite a high variety of the way rocking horses look, some resemble elephants or foxes or rabbits! It all depends on your kid’s personality and what suits them best.

The best baby girl rocking horse would probably be made from soft materials with fluffy bits and maybe even pink in color.