Best Go Karts for Kids – The Ultimate Guide

Best Go Karts for Kids

The simple idea of driving their very own car gets many kids excited. But let’s face it; there is a long wait until they can acquire their own driving license. Until then, however, there are Go Carts for Kids!

These thrilling ride-on toys are a great way for kids to get behind the wheel and enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled adventure outdoors and who knows? It may even help your little one on their way to becoming a future formula one driver.

Unlike adult models, go carts for kids are built with kids in mind and not just for a single age group either, in fact, there are Go Karts suitable for toddler’s, kids and teens.

As a result, there is a wide range of different Go Karts for Kids available, which vary in both speed and size, this includes pedal go-karts, electric go karts, and gas-powered go-karts.

With these factors in mind, we have selected some of the best go karts for kids and also considered other important factors such as brand reputation, quality, safety, and warranty.

Best Go Karts for Kids: Reviewed!

Best Pedal Go Karts for Kids

Pedal Go Kart’s are most suitable for younger children since they are powered by the motion of the legs they are operated pretty much in the same way as a bicycle.

This means that are safer than electric and gas go-carts as they are entirely controlled by the child’s pedaling. These are a great starting point for most kids and allow them to get used to the basics of steering and driving a vehicle while helping them to improve their own hand-eye coordination.

Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart


If you are looking for a go-cart for kids in the 3 to 8 age range, then this Berg Toys Junior Buddy is one of the best options. The high back seat offers optimum comfort and support for small drivers and the best part about the seat is that it’s adjustable.

It can be adjusted to three different heights, meaning they can use it as they continue to grow, rendering it along the last toy they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Another common concern many parents have with go-carts is the frames, which is where the Berg cart stands out. Instead of the typical hollow aluminum frames, this carts frame is made from powder coated tubular steel, which makes it extremely strong and resilient but still lightweight.

This cart also features BFR (brake, forward and reverse) controls, meaning it is capable of changing speed, coasting, reversing, turning and performing many more modes of locomotion. Everything about this cart is high quality; including the pneumatic tires which provide superior grip and shock absorbance on a wide range of surfaces.

Being so close to the ground means the chains are prone to damp, mud splatter and rust. That’s why the protective casing on this cart is another advantage, helping to further extend the carts life and guard against potential damage during use and storage.

Overall this is a great cart that offers maximum fun, safety and high-quality design. It doesn’t go too fast for small kids, has a solid frame and best of all requires a minimum amount of assembly and includes all the tools required for a stress-free and fast set-up.

Hauck Highlander Pedal Go Kart


This sporty and streamlined go-cart with red and black detailing by Hauck Highlander is ideal for driving around the neighborhood in style, either independently or racing with friends. From the comfort of the high back and adjustable seat, your child simply needs to get their feet on the pedals to set the go-cart in motion.

As well as looking impressive, the 12-inch rubber wheels are extremely durable and have a good amount of traction giving them the ability to absorb shocks well should they drive over rough and bumpy terrains.

The 3 point steering also makes steering responsive and very easy for kids to steer and maneuver out of tight spots and around corners.

In terms of safety, this go-cart has an easy to grip hand break which is always at arm’s reach and a large seat that works to keep your child safe and inside the go-cart at all times. The overall style and design of this pedal go-cart make it ideal for kids aged 3 and up.

Best Electric Go Karts for Kids

Go carts powered by electric motors are a much better option for older kids and teens. These go carts can reach higher speeds than pedal-powered carts, which is often the desire of many older kids who are looking for the next adrenaline rush.

Typically, they can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour and have a battery life of around 30 to 50 minutes.

Razor Dune Buggy


This small but powerful buggy style go-cart by Razor is equipped with a 350-watt motor, giving it enough power to reach a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. This is fast enough for older kids to have a thrilling ride around the local park or grasslands.

The large, durable pneumatic tires and rear suspension, makes this buggy ideal for off-road exploring on a wide variety of surfaces.

The controls are also very intuitive and easy to use – the brakes, acceleration, and handlebars are all in one place for maximum user-friendliness and instant control of speeding up, slowing down and stopping, essential for any vehicle traveling at speed.

Another major concern with go-carts, especially powered ones with some amount of speed is safety features. Of course, it’s important for kids to wear the appropriate safety equipment including a suitable helmet.

However, it’s also good to know that this cart features a built-in tubular steel frame to help keep your kids safe, as well as a padded bucket seat to ensure they are comfortable and secured in one place throughout the entire ride.

The seat also comes with a seatbelt, another essential safety feature for any kid’s powered go-cart. The buggy also has a safety flag so parents can always keep an eye on their child as they ride around.

The buggy comes fully assembled, meaning you don’t have to look forward to following any instructions and it can be used straight out of the box, making it an ideal gift that can be used almost immediately.

The Razor buggy is most appropriate for kids above the age of 8, although no matter the age, kids should always be supervised by an adult.

Tao Tao Go-cart


If your kid wants to do the more serious off-road driving with serious speed, then this mean looking go-cart by Tao Tao is a good shout. Equipped with a battery-powered motor of 800 watts, the cart is capable of reaching speeds of as much as 16 miles per hour. And just like a traditional go-cart, it features foot operated acceleration and breaking and a good sized steering wheel.

The design of this go kart is what probably makes it the most impressive amongst the electric cart rivals, yet it doesn’t just look great for aesthetic reasons, these are features that serve a practical purpose.

For instance, the High-Tensile Steel Frame that helps to reinforce the cart and increase its ability to withstand rough and rugged terrains. The back portion of the cage also helps to protect your child’s upper body in the unfortunate event of a tip-over.

While deep-set bucket seat equipped with safety belt help to secure them in position throughout the ride, even if they face knocks and sharp turns.

The four thick, large wheels are built for speed and easy maneuverability over a wide range of challenging terrains, with traction helping to maintain a grip on sand, gravel, grass, and ash felt, as well as helping to absorb the shocks associated with some of these surfaces.

The cart does require some assembly, so that’s certainly worth noting. However, overall this is an extremely tough looking and well built go kart, perfect for off-road adventures, whatever type of surface may be available in your location.

Gas Powered Go Karts for Kids

As the name suggests gas powered go carts use gas to power them instead of an electric power source – such as a rechargeable battery pack. Just like gas automobiles they also have an engine and transmission and are often described by the distance they can travel on a single tank of gas.

The advantage of gas powered go carts is that they offer much more power, which means that they can often reach much faster speeds than pedal and electric go-carts. This also means they are more appropriate for older children and teenagers.

Coleman Powersports Off-Road Go Kart


If you are looking for a double-seated gas-powered go-cart that offers maximum space and safety, then look no further than this Kart by Coleman Powersports. It is just the right size for kids 13 and older and parents could just as easily be a passenger or driver, which is ideal for nervous learners! The fact that it has two seats also makes this go-cart ideal for driving around with friends and even allows siblings to share and effortlessly take turns at driving.

In terms of speed, this go cart is fitted with a 196 cc engine with a rated power of 6.5 hp, which means it is more than capable of reaching a top speed of 31 mph. It is also equipped with rack and pinion steering to ensure maneuvers can be made easily, effortlessly and in good time, while the hydraulic disc brake pedals help you to slow down and stop in good time.

Everything about this go carts build indicates that it is built to take a beating and to last the test of time, even after countless adventures over the roughest and challenging terrains. The large, durable tires have an impressive tread, which will have no issues traveling almost anywhere.

Due to the speed and engine power, they have really upped the game with the safety features in this go-cart. First and foremost it has a padded roll-over cage that extends right over the top of heads of passengers and to the sides.

This may seem excessive, but it is extremely useful in the event that the go-cart tips or rolls over, helping to secure the cargo and provide that extra level of security that can be reassuring for everyone involved.

Furthermore, both of the bolstered seats have a four-point safety harness to ensure both the driver and passenger is as secure as possible. Safety definitely doesn’t take a back seat with this go-cart!

Monster Moto Realtree Go Kart


Almost like a vehicle, you would find on Safari, you can instantly tell this go-cart was made for serious outdoor driving. The cart is fitted with an automatic transmission, hydraulic brakes, and an engine displacement that all work in harmony to provide an easy and comfortable drive.

Just like all well-engineered carts, the acceleration and brake are found on the floor and maneuvers can easily be made using the large and responsive steering wheel.

The metal tube cage construction is lightweight enough to be easily lifted and transported from place to place but provides adequate security to keep the driver safe and sound throughout their ride.

The engine is located at the back of the cart and is also surrounded by the cage to ensure it is also safe and secure. The rear of the cart also features a heightened construction called a “roll bar” to keep all contents safe in the event of the vehicle tipping over.

With regards to performance, the Monster cart is fitted with an engine displacement of 79.55 ccs and a rated power of 2.5 hp, which in simple terms means that it can reach a maximum speed of 18 mph.

The super grip tires also make driving through and on any type of terrain effortless, truthfully, no destination is off limits in this beautiful Monster.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Go Kart

If you are on the hunt for a Go Karts for Kids, then there are some very important factors to consider before you make a decision.

These include the age of your child, safety features, portability, quality of the design and overall reputation. Here we outline some important things to look out for:

How Old is Your Child?

Like kids ATV’s the age of your child is probably the most important factor to consider when it comes to buying a go-kart. It goes without saying that you should always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for age suitability, but it’s also important to think of the practical aspect too.

For example, young kids above 3 years of age are going to be better suited to a pedal-powered kart that won’t go too fast, this is also a great first step in getting kids used how ride-on vehicles operate and get them used to key safety considerations.

On the other hand, older kids will probably want a go-kart with a little more power and speed, such as an electric or gas powered go-kart. Even though many Go Karts for Kids provide clear age requirements for their vehicles, it’s also a wise idea to check the dimensions, since ultimately your child’s feet will have to comfortably and safely reach the foot pedals and steering wheel.

Important Safety Features 

Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and to get your kids to wear the appropriate safety gear when driving or sitting as a passenger. With that said, here are some of the other major safety features found in the best go karts for kids.

  • Bucket Seats 

Not only does the seat provide a comfortable place to sit during the drive, but the best go-karts also provide seats designed to improve safety and security.

These include high back seats that provide a good amount of back and neck support, as well as a deep set seat sometimes referred to as a “bucket seat”.

The purpose of this is to help the person stay in position at all times, even when the vehicle may experience shocks when driving over rough and bumpy terrains.

  • Seat belts & Harnesses 

Go-karts that travel at a considerable amount of speed i.e. the powered variety demand passengers to wear safety belts in order to ensure passengers are safer in the event of a collision or from “rough riding”.

The majority of go-karts are equipped with standard safety belts, but the best feature harnesses that help to keep the person much more safe and secure. Therefore, keep a lookout for go-karts with 3-way harnesses for peace of mind!

  • Roll Cages & Safety Cages 

Again, the more powerful the go-kart the higher the speed and therefore the more important it is to put safety first.

That’s why the safest go-karts for kids feature roll cages and other safety cages that form a protective mesh around the go-kart, which in the event of the go-kart rolling over help to provide some level of security for those sitting inside.

Go Cart Portability 

Do you want to easily carry the go-kart? A lot of people like the idea of putting their kid’s go-kart in their trunk or pickup and going out for the day. If this is your intention, then the weight of the go-kart is going to be worth considering.

Like the majority of things, the bigger the vehicle, the heavier it will be and karts with large roll cages are likely to be heavier than other types.

You can easily find the weight of the kart by checking the product description. However, it’s also worth noting that the weight is commonly associated with key safety features such as safety cages. Therefore, this is also something to factor into your decision-making process.