Best Kids Ride on Dinosaur: The Parents Guide

Toy Dino

A ride on dinosaur is great, as when kids start to learn more and more about the animal kingdom, they can be astonished and fascinated by dinosaurs when they reach preschool age.

There’s no wonder why films like the Jurassic Park franchise and documentaries such as Walking with Dinosaurs brought the prehistoric beasts to life. And now so can your kid with their very own ride on dinosaur!

There’s something about reptiles that capture people’s imaginations, probably because they look so different from other creatures of this earth but they’re not as creepy as insects. To fantasize about gigantic reptilians that were both ferocious and placid roaming the earth long before there were humans is an amazing thought for kids.

For younger kids, dinosaurs don’t have to be the image of the tremendous beats of the past though as they also make fun, cute and charming characters in toys. The best kids ride on dinosaurs follow this trend, being more like your kids rocking horse rather a roaring nightmare as seen in the movies.

Best Kids Ride on Dinosaurs: Reviewed!

Little Tikes Pillow Racers


The Little Tikes Dino Pillow Racer is a marvelous character that kids as young as 18 months can use to zip around and race each other around the home! The kids can either lie on or sit on the pillow racer and they’re not high off the ground so they’re quite safe.

The handle is made easy for children to grip by being ring-shaped and comfortable whilst the four independent caster wheels makes turning no problem at all. This is a toy that kids can enjoy for hours on end, as it delivers nothing but fun!

What makes it even greater value for your money is that the base on which the wheels are attached can be detached from the dino. It then transforms into a cozy pillow that your kid can snuggle up with after they’re done racing around.

The soft pillow section of the dino racer is also machine washable making it convenient for you to just throw it in with the rest of the laundry if it starts to get dirty or suffers from an accidental spill. This ride on dinosaur is easy to put together and barely needs the easy to follow instructions that come with it.

Labebe Child Rocking Horse Toy


If your child is really young and you would rather they are not getting into the action packed racing offered by the Pillow Racers, check out this Labebe Rocking Horse. It’s a hybrid between a ride on and a rocking horse except that it resembles a dinosaur or any of the other animal styles it has to offer such as an elephant or giraffe.

This toy is of exquisite quality and has won many awards for its beautiful and practical design. You can have your child rock or ride in luxury because the color scheme and the dino character itself is really attractive.

The base allows the toy to switch between being stationary with a rocking motion or to have wheels and be able to roll across the ground. The wheels have a rubber strip right in the center which stops the toy from making too much noise on wooden floors but it can move on all terrains as the wheels are very durable.

Talking of durability, the base is made of solid wood which is extremely resilient to physical and liquid damage, it can hold weights of up to 150lbs, and even an adult could ride it without it breaking!

The plush dinosaur character is hand stitched with very pleasantly soft materials; it’s extremely comfortable for your kid to sit in. However, it’s not machine washable but stains can be easily removed with a wet cloth and baking soda.

Overall this kids dinosaur ride on is amazing quality and very highly rated by people who have bought it previously; well worth the asking price.

WALIKI TOYS Hopper Lala the Dinosaur


For a kids dinosaur ride on that’s simple and sweet try out the Lala the Dinosaur hopper by Waliki Toys. It works like most other hoppers, you inflate it with the pump provided and it bounces along the ground providing hours of fun!

Waliki Toys offers a wide variety of cute hoppers too so if you have a lot of kids or like to host parties of all kinds, a bunch of these hoppers make a great activity for all the kids to enjoy. They’re all charming, funny and soft to the touch, a really nice addition to any kids bedroom or playroom even if they’re just used as seating!

It’s suggested that children between 3 and 5 years old use these hoppers; it’s great for them to use to increase their ability to balance and coordinate. It’s also a fantastic way for them to get some exercise in whilst getting around the home and garden!

They’re great value for money, especially since the pump that’s included is a free gift that is usually sold separately. Previous buyers also review this product with praises; saying that their kids loved them!

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur


The Triceratops Dinosaur ride on by Playskools is an awesome and interesting ride on dinosaur that’s going to be the envy of all the other children. Its 3 feet tall, is super friendly and has tonnes of other features such as making sounds that react to your child!

It plays music, sounds of munching on food when you treat it to the leafy snack or stomping and roaring as it traverses the landscape; it’s so immersive that a kid will feel that they’re actually marching through a prehistoric land on the back of their pet triceratops.

This dino friend is brought to life as its head, horns, eyes and tail move as they stomp through the house and will absolutely amaze kids that are 3 years or older. It’s the best kids dinosaur ride on for children that are fans of the prehistoric creatures, there’s no doubt about that!

Its face may look charming but the coloration and overall shape of the toy is true to life and, in fact, from a distance, people will think your kid is riding a real-life dinosaur. The Dino is powered by 6 D-cell batteries and can be changed between play and music modes with the flip of a switch.

This toy is so immersive and interactive if you touch its nose it will sniff your hand like a horse would, if you tickle its tummy it will laugh in a very dinosaur-like way, and it even roars to greet you. It’s such a shame this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer but it is still for sale on Amazon via private sellers as a collectible. Well worth checking out as a rare gift for your kid.

Hoverheart Plush Animal Ride On


Hoverheart offers you a very cool dinosaur ride on those children between the ages of 3 and 7 will find brilliant. It’s a rechargeable ride on which moves using wheels that are embedded into the bottom of its feet.

It’s really safe, has a seat belt and handles which allows the rideable to steer left and right. It can manage weight up to 132lbs, very sturdy and easy to maintain and clean by spot cleaning or hand wiping.

It accelerates using a foot pedal and can go forward and backward. The ride on toy arrives preassembled form the box so there’s no extra work required by yourself to get it set up, just turn on and your kid is riding the wind on their dino buddy. A full charge provides about 2 hours of time to ride!

It hasn’t had a whole lot of purchases, but those who have purchased and reviewed really liked the product, and their kids loved it!

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Ride on Dinosaur

The first thing to consider really is that there’s a lot of variance in the ride on market, especially with dinosaurs as the range of toys can take different forms.

Some are rockers for babies; some are boats whilst others are a step in suits, so the best kids ride on dinosaur depends on your preferences as well as the following characteristics which ensure you get the best value for your money.


Kids can be pretty rough with their toys and maybe, even more, when their toy resembles a ferocious dinosaur. The materials used in the design of the toy should be hardy enough to resist a lot of strains put on them by the child as well as overtime wearing.

Easy to Clean

Kids also like to play outside, especially with a ride on dinosaur, as there’s a lot more space for them to travel and the outdoor environment also helps to facilitate their imagination.

Naturally, the toys are going to get dirty and so as well as being tough, it’s handy when they’re easy to clean either by wipe down or machine washing.

Age & Weight Recommendations for a Ride on Dinosaur

The best ride on dinosaurs are the ones with the widest recommended age bracket, as this means your child can continue to safely use the toy as they grow and it lasts for longer.

As long as the child is above the recommended age the longevity of the toys will depend on the kid’s weight.


Whether or not a toy appeals to a toy, the look of the toy has a lot to do with it. Some children, particularly the younger age groups respond great to cute, friendly and helpful looking characters.

Kids that are reaching ages above 5 years old may like dinosaurs that look more lifelike or are soft, stuffed and cuddly; it’s all a matter of preference.