Ride On Bulldozer for Kids 2020

Ride On Bulldozer

Ride-on bulldozer construction toys have always been a hit with kids, providing them with hours of fun, as they ride, dig and haul things around. Just like the real thing, these hulking, powerful construction toys allow kids to explore their surroundings in style.

Bulldozer ride-on toys also have fun moving parts like track rollers, rippers and push frames, allowing kids to pick up, carry and push things around, as if they were on a real construction yard.

They are a fantastic way to encourage outdoor exploration and improve key skills like coordination. Who knows? They could even help you out with some light home construction or gardening!

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Unlike other ride-on toys like electric bikes for kids, construction toys come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and have different functions. Some move automatically, some are push operated and others use pedals.

The choices are quite varied and so is the price range, so whether you are looking for a top of the range CAT ride on toy, or a more budget-friendly model, we will help you explore the options in this review.

Ride On Bulldozer for Kids: Compared!

Best Choice Products Kids Pedal Ride On Excavator


A good ride on bulldozer to start with is this one by Best Choice Products. They call it an excavator but it’s essentially a bulldozer. It’s brightly colored, appealing to kids, has a durable build and affordable, so it’s a great choice for parents on a budget!

There’s nothing complicated about it either, it moves forward and backward by pedaling and steers left and right with a steering wheel which has a horn on it. The front shovel arm is used with a lever on one side of the steering wheel and the shovel bucket is activated with a lever on the other side.

Due to it being brightly colored and well decorated, kids will absolutely love this simple toy and to them, it will be an engaging experience, providing them with hours of fun in the yard or garden.  It’s suitable for kids between 3 and 5 years old with a maximum weight capacity of 66lbs.

Kid Trax CAT Bulldozer



If you are looking for some more excitement then maybe a pedal operated bulldozer, like the Kid Trax CAT bulldozer ride on is exactly what you are looking for. It not only looks like the real thing, but it has a fantastic reputation and kids love it!

This stylish vehicle has a more realistic look and feel than other ride-on toys. It’s also relatively large and will make your child feel like they are almost driving a real-life bulldozer on a construction yard. And it sports a 12v battery giving your kid some extra power behind the wheel.

What’s great about this product is, when it arrives it will require very little assembly and it comes with a charger too! Once inside your kid is very secure and there’s not much risk of them falling out due to the deep seat providing them with a good amount of stability.

The controls are all within easy reach and although it will take some coordination to get it running smoothly, this will help them develop key skills like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The vehicle also features various details on the inside and outside, like dials, rollers and track chains that add to the aesthetic of the product and provide a realistic and immersive construction play experience.

This ride on bulldozer is recommended for kids that are three years and up with a maximum weight of 60lbs.

Poco Divo Pretend play construction truck



Although not a bulldozer, this ride on truck has all the mods and cons, including a digging arm, a scooter, music, flashing lights and a cart that pulls along behind. It’s the type of ride on digger that’s moved by being pushed along with the feet, so unlike automated models will encourage them to use their bodies more and burn some energy.

In fact, this toy is very hands-on, nothing is automatic, the digger rotates and is moved up and down via the handles on the digging arm. This allows kids to control the arm, scoop things up and haul it around in the front bucket. Therefore, it’s great for building kids manual skills.

The lights and sounds also add a lot to the play experience and it’s naturally a very appealing feature to a child. This digger is recommended for children three years and up but it would most probably appeal to the younger side of that age bracket too.

Overall, it’s very small and compact toy that is relatively quite affordable. It would make a great gift for kids from parents, family and those on a budget.

rolly toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor



Look no further than the CAT Construction Pedal Tractor by rolly toys if you are looking for a beastly ride on bulldozer that’s more sophisticated than the rest! It’s another popular ride on that seems to sell really well and has a great reputation thanks to many happy parents.

The CAT bulldozer has got a loader on the back and the front and both are fully functional and operational from the driver’s cab. They can be used to scoop up dirt, snow, toys and other objects, you could even have your kids help you clear the drive or do some minor gardening!

The vehicle is moved via the foot pedals that smaller kids may not be able to reach but the seat can be adjusted in two positions for both comfort and improved functionality. The pedals drive a chain operated movement system that you will be glad to know is enclosed for increased safety.

There’s also a roll bar behind the seat, this helps to protect the rider in the unfortunate event that the vechile ever tips or rolls over.

One of the best features about this ride-on toy is the fact it has both a front loader and a rear digging arm. This provides kids with multiple modes of play as they can push and carry things at the front, or dig and scoop things up from the back.

Both are very easy to operate for kids too – the front loader is operated via the two levers accessed in the driver’s cab whilst the back digging arm has a separate seat that’s stabilized with a kickstand and two levels for its operation!

This is arguably the best ride on bulldozer for kids who really love construction as looks realistic, has different modes of play and ultimately a very fun ride-on. Providing kids with an immersive construction yard experience.

Play 22 Ride-on Excavator



The best-selling ride on bulldozer on Amazon is offered by Play22 with their ride on excavator. It’s very similar to the Poco Divo Pretend Play Construction Truck in that it’s a small ride on for younger kids that is controlled and moved by being pushing by the feet.

It’s kitted out with sounds and flashing lights just to make the whole experience more fun whilst the main digging arm is activated by a bar that can be moved up and down. It has a cool colorful design and a strong build making it highly resistant to physical damage.

The toy also has an under seat storage so the child can take their toy tools along with them and they get a free pretend construction helmet that they can wear and bring their imaginary builder role into reality. On top of that, there are also some plastic rocks included which can be scooped up and carried by the toy.

The bulldozer can be steered with a steering wheel in the driver’s cab which also contains all the buttons to make the various sounds including the honking horn, the rumbling engine and construction sounds. The volume of which can be adjusted, which is always a handy feature for parents and the rest of the family!

What Makes The Top Ride on Bulldozer For Kids?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of differences between the ride on bulldozer products on the market and these differences need to be taken into consideration when choosing the best. It’s not all about the product though, as your preferences and situation; such as your child’s age, play a role in your purchase.

So you can be sure you’re getting the right product, take a look at our buyers guide below which gives you the most important factors when finding the best kids ride on bulldozer to ensure that you not only get a toy that’s going to wow your child but also get you the best value for your money.


The quality of the components and the materials used in the build of the toy play a huge factor in its ability to resist damage, its functionality, and its longevity. If you want a toy that’s going to last as your child ages up, pick the one that has a robust design using high-quality plastics.


There needs to be safety features in place in any ride on vehicle for kids as they kid is going to be relying on stability as the vehicle moves. Many safety features you’ll find are such things as adjustable handlebars/steering wheel, high seat back, footrests and even seat belts are sometimes added.

The amount of safety needed depends on how the toy moves, how fast it moves, and how high it is off the ground. Of course, adult supervision whilst the child is using these toys is also paramount and some of the aspects of safety with the toy come down to you!

Movement and Operation

This one is more a personal preference; how does the toy move? It can vary between products; some of the more expensive models are battery powered and move with a switch or foot pedal, they are undoubtedly more fun than the other styles. The ride on bulldozers that move by pedals that are more like what you would find on a bike or are pushed along using the legs help to build leg muscle and can still be fun.

For younger children, the operation of the other features, such as digging arms should be completely uncomplicated. It can be very confusing to be moving and operating the vehicle at the same time but can also help to build coordination.

Battery Power

When concerning the speed and ability to traverse different terrains, the best ride on bulldozers for kids have a higher battery power. 6v is the norm and this is quite low, you will find that the toy will lose speed considerably when going over grass or uphill when compared to a 12v battery.


With toys the rule normally is; “the more features the better” and this is the same for ride on bulldozers. Even though it shouldn’t be overly complicated to operate having music and lights just adds to the fun for smaller kids whilst extra digging arms and controls makes the toy more engaging for children above 5 years old.