Best Ride on Train for Toddlers & Kids – The Parents Guide

Best Ride on Train for Toddlers

A ride on train is the ultimate choice of toy vehicle for children who dream of being the conductor of their very own locomotive.

It makes them feel in control and immerses them in an imaginative experience where they can play as transportation for goods or customers or even embark on a fantasy journey through magical worlds!

There are a lot of different choices when you’re considering buying kids ride on train; the products differ in quite a few ways. For the best ride on train for toddlers you’ll want to know how safe it is, how much space it will need and ultimately how fun the toy will be!

The combination of fun, safety, and convenience are, of course, going to factor heavily in your purchase so that you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

With this in mind MomBible has narrowed down your search for you; taking into consideration the specifications of the toys, the prices and the buyer’s reviews to bring you our top picks, which will help you on your quest to find the best ride on train for kids.

Best Ride on Trains: Compared!

Rollplay Steam Train


To start with, we’ll take a look at the old-fashioned aesthetic of the Rollplay steam train ride on. It’s a cool ride along train that looks just like the steam trains of the past century and those you see in classic kids’ books like “The Polar Express”.

The look itself will really help inspire your child, especially those particularly interested in trains, to get into a world of their own and enjoy the toy. Its maximum speed is 1m/h so there’s no safety risk of it going too fast and the child can control whether it’s going in a forward direction, or in reverse, via a lever.

There are three buttons on the control panel which is shaped like a steering wheel that makes three awesome train sounds and there’s a headlight on the front of the train too to light the way. What really brings the train to life is the water vapor that’s released from the “smokestack” that simulates the steam that’s released from the steam trains of old.

It also comes with a small track that’s set up in a circle and also has a detachable caboose which is made to look like a carriage. It’s hollow and allows your tot to bring some of their toys as passengers along for the ride.

It takes a 6v battery to run that is rechargeable and will give out about 2 hours of play time before needed to recharge again. Its maximum capacity is 45lbs a recommended for ages between 2-5 years old. The product is highly rated by previous buyers too and so it’s well worth checking out!

Power Wheels Thomas & Friends


Who didn’t expect a Thomas the Tank Engine themed ride on train set to be featured here? Thomas the Tank Engine has got to be one of the most famous trains in the world with a charming personality he inspires children globally to become fascinated by locomotives.

Thomas comes with a small 18ft track that can be easily assembled into a circle but the train doesn’t have to ride on the track and can traverse around the home or the yard! It reached 1m/h on track but off track this doubles depending on the terrain, on wooden floor 2m/h could no doubt be reached.

It has a handlebar style steering mechanism and an easy one button push to go. It can’t operate without a 6v battery that’s included and is also rechargeable. The yellow whistle by the handlebars can also be pressed to set off popular Thomas phrases and sounds from the TV show that fans of the show will love!

This product is designed and sold by Fisher-Price, a well known and globally popular brand for making high-quality toys. The amount of people buying this product and its popularity amongst those customers speaks for itself, the reviews by parents whose kids love this toy sing its praises.

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On


Another great ride on toy, which is not exactly a train but it’s not too different; roller coasters are based on trains after all. What’s fantastic about this product is it’s not electronic AND it doesn’t require manual effort from the child, it uses the force of gravity.

It comes with a three-piece track that can be securely and easily put together. It isn’t dangerously high but there are steps in place to help the kid get on the ride. With just a light push they’ll be off, racing down the track and having a blast!

The seat has got a high back to prevent the child from falling backward, handrails at the front so they can remain securely in place and footrests to make them extra secure. There are also wells in which the wheels can sit before they set off on the track so that they can climb onboard without the cart moving from underneath them.

The manufacturer, on one hand, recommends the ages to use this product is between 2 and 5 years old whilst on the other saying there is small part choking hazards and so shouldn’t be used with children under 3 years old, so use your own precautions on what advice to take here.

Kiddieland Toys Limited Battery-Powered Mickey Choo


If you are looking for a much more affordable train ride on for your child, take a look at this Mickey Mouse themed one. Its battery powered, has forward, backward, steering and stop controls whilst also having a whole host of light displays and sounds that can be played to heighten the fun.

It comes with build your own tracks and a cool caboose, decorated with other Disney characters that can be opened up to store toys in to come along for the ride. Other buyers of this product rate it highly but do say it is quite slow moving which may be a downside when compared to other similar products.

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On


If it’s action you are looking for, look no further than hot wheels to provide the thrills that your toddler is missing out on! This is another toddler train ride on which is technically a roller coaster and uses gravity as its main mode of operation.

The coaster track is a lot steeper than the previous Step2 coaster and as a result, the cart does go much faster. However, all of the safety precautions are there; the high seat, the hand railing, and the footrests. It has an easy entry so that the cart does not slip when the child is getting in.

What’s better about this coaster ride on is that it’s decorated well in comparison to the previous. It’s got a Hot Wheels logo on the cart and the track is not so brightly colored and has stickers on it to make it look cool which makes it more appealing and entertaining to children.

Customers who bought this product absolutely love it and so do their children according to their reviews. They sing its praises and say that it’s great value for money; based on that, it’s well worth you checking it out!

What Makes the Best Ride on Train for Toddlers?

It mostly depends on what it is that suits you and your child or children. If you are not sure what exactly you are looking for, hop on aboard and take a look at the below considerations to get an idea of the features and characteristics toddlers ride on trains can have.

Electronic or Manual

If you are looking for ultimate fun, an electronic train is indeed your best bet, as your tot will be cruising around and carefree at speeds of typically between 1 and 3m/h. These ride-on trains are often battery powered and are operated at the push of a button. They are certainly a great start before your kids opt for a more wild ride on go karts.

Manual or feet to the floor ride on trains are operated by the child pushing it with their feet. They’re still fun but will require more effort from the kid. They are going to save you money in the long run on batteries and also have additional benefits such as having your toddler build leg strength and balance.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Depending on the weather you may want to take the train outside for some fun too, and if that’s the case you are going to want to look for models that are suitable for that. Ones that are to be permanently situated in the yard should be weatherproof and built to handle uneven terrain.

Some rides on trains come with a track too, so if you are indoors you’ll want there to be space available. Even if you haven’t got enough room in the playroom or elsewhere to set up the track, some of the trains are able to ride off track so you don’t have to use them.

Ride On Train Size

When it comes to the size of the train itself, particularly the seat area, it’s a wise idea to take note of the age range the manufacturer recommends. Most parents will want their children’s toy to last them throughout their young life so try to go for a ride on train with a wide age range.

Also take into consideration the weight capacity of the toy too. Everyone is different and has a different body size which can change as your child ages, normally the ride on train’s suits children of all weights and sizes.

Ride On Train Extra Features

Certain additional functions can be available on the toddlers ride on trains such as lights, sounds and even learning activities. Since toddlers are at a prime age to learn numbers, shapes, language and certain skill, some of the rides on trains are designed to help along with this.

The best ride on trains have these extra features, and they’re the best because not only is your child learning as they play with the toy but it just increases the fun and immersion through sound and lights.