Best Electric Bike for Kids – The Ultimate Guide


The best electric bike is for you if you think your kid could do with more excitement in their life. Thrill them with a gift like no other: the best electric bike for kids!

Whether your child loves the action-packed excitement that motorbikes offer, or they have a need for speed, electric bikes for kids would make a perfect gift for them on any occasion.

They’re fantastic for outdoor adventures whether it’s in the backyard or out and about on a family trip and it can get super fun when their friends, sibling or cousins bring their electric bikes along too!

I don’t think there could be a better present for toddlers, kids, and teens that could quite get their adrenaline pumping than the best electric bike. And plus, it will give them an excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the outside!

You might be a bit anxious about the prospect of your kids riding a high-speed vehicle, after all, it sounds quite dangerous. But you shouldn’t be, as long as the toy dirt bike is suitable for your kid’s age, the safety precautions will be in place.

Just like ride on dinosaurs, the best electric bike for kids come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds and it might be difficult for you to make the choice, so Mombible presents you with a buyer’s guide and our top picks of the best electric bike choices categorized for you by age range!

Best Electric Bikes for Kids: Compared!

Best Electric Bike for Toddlers

Lil’ Rider 3 Wheel Chopper Motorcycle for Kids



Starting out with an electric bike suitable for the youngest of children, this safe, cute, three wheel bike is an exciting and fun ride on for toddlers as young as 18 months old. Designed in the style of a chopper bike, its pedal activated making it easy for toddlers to operate.

The bike has the ability to reverse and can travel across most terrains whether it’s grass, sand or pavement and all the while it remains stable and doesn’t go fast at all. It looks absolutely cool coming in either red or black and has decals that can be added to the bike to make it really stand out.

It has chrome details and realistic mirrors which aren’t really functional, they’re somewhat blurry as they are not real glass just a reflective sticker. It has a high back, easy to reach handlebars with good grip and foot pedals all working to keep your child safely seated on the bike.

Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad


This electric quad bike for kids by Power Wheels is highly rated and praised by previous buyers for being reliable, easy to use and safe. It has a large button on the reachable handlebars that tells the quad to go; it travels at a maximum of 2mph and can cross grass and pavement with ease.

It has low built-in footrests that help your toddler to get on and off the vehicle whilst also keeping them secure when they are riding. It only goes forward which is “keeping it simple” because having a reverse function might be convoluted for toddlers.

Overall this product is well loved by parents and their children, it’s really exciting for them and as long as it’s being used in a controlled environment with adult supervision safety won’t be an issue. A great gift for youngsters!

Best Electric Bike for Kids

Best Choice Products Electric Kids Ride On Motorcycle


As kids get older they’re up for much more action-packed adventures. As they venture out of toddlerhood they’ll absolutely love this ride on motorcycle for kids which will make them feel like they’re riding a real motorcycle.

It just as slow moving as the Power Wheels quad but the difference is, this one is shaped more like a motorcycle and can accommodate larger kids.

It’s easy enough to use, controlled with a simple on/off switch, has working headlights to make the whole experience more realistic and even plays awesome sounds and built-in music!

To keep the bike stable and your kid upright, training wheels have been included in the design which helps them to build confidence and skills in balance and coordination.

Aosom Kids Ride On Electric Dirt Bike


Another top choice of electric bike is offered by Aosom in the form of this electric dirt bike. It’s really safe, it can only go as fast as 2.5mph, has footrests to keep your kid secure, two training wheels to keep it upright and it is made from durable plastics to keep it from being damaged.

It’s recommended for ages 5 years old and up, and to them it will look awesome in its bright red, realistic motorbike design! It offers 45 minutes of run time at full charge and can traverse over many different terrains including grass, pavement, and mud.

This product is much loved by buyers who have said in their reviews that their kids think this product is awesome but also safe!

Jetson Jr. Electric Bike for Kids


If you’re looking for some flair, for some style, and a unique ride on with an eye-catching design, the Jetson Jr. Electric Bike for kids is for you! This one’s for kids of 8 years and older as it can go up to 10mph! Now that’s a thrilling ride.

With the combination of speed and aesthetic, your kid will be the envy of the block. It has adjustable speeds so they can switch between 6 and 10mph and can travel up to 10 miles per charge which is fantastic! It’s just as easy to operate and goes with just the flick of a switch, no need to throttle.

For your convenience, an indicator lights up to let you know when the battery is low, the handlebars are adjustable and it has a kickstand so that your kid can keep it upright when they want to get off. This product is brilliant and will amaze any kid who receives it. IT’s also available in other colors and designs, well worth you checking out!

Best Electric Bike for Teens

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike


Razor is a really popular brand when it comes to bikes and ride on toys and this popularity still stands when it comes to this amazing electric bike for teens. This will be an exciting product for any kid that’s at least 14 years old as it travels up to 15mph, this will make the envy of their friends and is a great way to get off road and have some extreme fun!

This bike is made from high-quality materials including a steel frame ensuring its durability, a retractable kickstand, and folding foot pegs. The tires are extra-large, pneumatic and very knobby which is a great safety procedure; giving the bike extra grip on the terrain and maximizing power transfer.

The handlebars can be adjusted to suit the size of the kid and the seat is padded providing a ride that is smooth and comfortable for them. The motor is powerful but it’s also quiet with a chain operated mechanism, so it’s not going to be annoying for you if they are using it in the yard.

It’s operated by a twist grip throttle and has rear wheel brakes that are hand operated located on the handlebars much like a bicycle. To top it all off the bike looks awesome and screams realism, your teen will feel like they are an actual motor cross rider!

What Makes the Best Electric Bike for Kids?

When it comes to “the best electric bike” we’re talking the best quality; what you are getting for the price you pay. Y

ou want to ensure that the product you pay for is going to be long-lasting, easy to use, safe, highly rated and of the latest technology so that you get your money’s worth and because of this, it’s not always the smartest idea to go for the cheapest options.

But how can you tell what the best electric bike is?” is something you might be wondering. It’s not just an objective standard but it also depends on your circumstances; your kids age as an example.

Check out the following buyer’s considerations that’ll tell you what to look for in the electric bikes and you’ll be able to tell a quality product from the rest without even trying.


Age is of concern because you want the best electric bike to be designed well enough for your kid to be able to operate. There’s no point in putting a toddler on a bike designed for a 14-year-old as for a start it will be too fast and unsafe, and also they won’t quite grasp how to operate it. The best electric bike will have a design that’s perfect for the age group that it’s aimed at.


For younger audiences, this is a case of the toy not going too fast and having safety precautions like slow stopping, seat belts, stabilizers and easy to grip handlebars.

The larger and faster bikes will need to have a much more sophisticated braking system much like a real motorbike such as disc brakes, to ensure it stops safely and effectively.

Running Time vs Recharge Time

They’re electric dirt bikes so they will contain a battery of a certain voltage that will need to be recharged. A decent battery will mean you will get continuous use out of the toy after a full recharge.

Typically charging times take between 1-2 hours to get around 40 minutes continuous use if the ratio isn’t better than that, the toy doesn’t have a very high-quality battery fitted.

Ease of Use

The bikes aimed at older children and teens would mostly be fine with a twist grip operation, it’s more like a real motorbike experience which is more immersive.

For younger audiences, particularly toddlers, forward and backward motion is usually controlled by either a pedal or a switch. The handlebars should be easy to reach, have good grip and should allow for steering to be responsive and smooth.

Extra Features

For kids dirt bikes having working headlights are not necessarily needed but it adds to the immersion and fun of the toy if they do.

Also, additional sound effects and even music can be a part of the toy to make it a charming little toy for toddlers. The aesthetics of the bike adds to the wow factor, especially if they look either sleek and high tech or ultra-realistic.