Best Electric Scooter – The Comprehensive Guide

Updated March 20, 2019

The best electric scooter is a fantastic new trend shown by the younger generations recently and there are a lot of reasons why! Parents opt into choosing this cool method of getting around for their kids due how safe, stylish and fun it is.

When kids are hanging out or on a family trip, the best electric scooter is certainly something of envy as the kids effortlessly zip around whilst everyone else has to walk!

They’re relatively safe, portable, easy to ride and much easier to store away than bikes, they don’t require much coordination or balance in the same way a bike does and so there’s less chance of accidents happening. Electric scooters are altogether a great product choice for kids who want to be mobile in style.

It isn’t all about style though, (even though the various styles on offer there would be a choice to suit any kid) as the most important thing a kid is looking for is: fun, and there is no doubt that kids always find the best electric scooter as thrilling and engaging as they do power wheels.

It’s not just for the kids either! Adults also enjoy the quick accessibility of the electric scooter and I’m sure the kids won’t mind if you borrowed it for a quick run to the store!

Best Electric Scooters: Compared!

The following reviews aim to give you an insight into the performance and function of the electric scooters for kids available online taking into account the considerations listed above to determine their value for money.

We will be starting in the fast lane with the highest max speed scooters first and going down in maximum mph with each product.

GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter




Sleek and minimalistic, the Gorax electric scooter shows us that you can be fast, practical and stylish all at the same time. A sure choice for parents who want to give to give their child or children something they can enjoy, get them from A to B and is also easy to store away after.

This scooter is by far the fastest on the market; reaching speeds of up to 17mph and is surprisingly really easy to use, you just have to give it a kick start and then use the handlebar throttle to glide away; kids love it!

Gotrax included a very bright LED headlight into the design giving it a futuristic aesthetic and heightening safety, especially useful in seasons where it gets darker earlier. It also sports an LED display giving you the speed you are traveling in Kmph.

The back brake is to be used for slowing down before the front brake is used and it’s important to make sure the child knows this when going at speed just to ensure no accidents occur.

Overall a great electric scooter that can hold a lot of weight and maintain a steady speed, great for day trips or general use, charges quickly and can keep going for up to 9 miles! No doubt that Gotrax has put all efforts in to ensure the highest quality of this great value for money scooter.

Razor Pocket Mod (Vapor)


The Razor Pocket Mod is stunning in its sophistication and power! This is an electric scooter with a max speed at 15mph, an absolutely thrilling ride with flair it’s got to be the best electric scooter for children older than 12 years.

This is not just a pricey toy for children, as the quality of the build, the brand, and the performance is well worth the cost and it would make a gift any child would be amazed to receive and proud to look after for years to come as they find it’s such a nifty way for a kid to get around, you can even send them on errands like grocery shopping if they’re old enough!

The seat is extremely comfortable, it’s great to have an option based on the European “mopeds” in which you can actually sit down and drive instead of standing up.

The seat even lifts up to reveal it has a storage compartment underneath it, super convenient and especially useful for storing shopping, luggage or snacks.

It has a rear brake that is operated by the handlebars in the same way brakes are operated on most typically mountain and BMX bikes, it has a durable steel frame, retractable kickstand can give you 40 minutes of continuous use from the 12-hour battery charge time.

The model we reviewed and featured here is the black colored model called “Vapor” and it’s important to make you aware that other models in different colors are available which may have varying specifications, so if you’re interested, go ahead check them out too!

Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter




Now that we’re slowing down a little, we’re looking at an electric scooter which is much more affordable than the previous two I have featured and so better for those who don’t have the budget or want to spend as much.

Not only will you not be spending as much but this scooter is good value for money as it’s very durable built form heavy-duty plastics with steel frames that are designed to resist bumps and scratches which are all too common with kids and toys regardless of how expensive they are!

It has an easy to use thumb activated throttle, another feature which would benefit the little ones who may not be able to get used to a handlebar throttle so easily as I remember I didn’t when I was a child.

Pulse recommends this product only for children of 8 years and above, which is an age where playing outside becomes a bit more commonplace.

The brake is operated by foot on the backside of the scooter which some kids may find difficult in comparison to a handlebar brake but it’s not anything to be concerned about as they wouldn’t take a long time to get accustomed to it.

Also, the deck of the scooter has grip tape applied to prevent slipping which is a nice safety addition.

Razor Jr. Lil’ E Electric Scooter




Finally in the last place but certainly not least is another Razor scooter, and this one is for the youngest audiences but still, do have to be above 3 years old. Children around this age love this toy and have an absolute blast racing around the yard.

Don’t worry, when I say “racing” I mean that in a relative sense as the 2mph maximum speed makes this the best electric scooter for toddlers and children under about 6 years of age.

This is on top of the ease of use, with only one button to throttle which slowly builds up to top speed and no need for brakes it’s a huge benefit for toddlers as they develop motor skills and balance.

The deck is very wide to accommodate two back wheels and to provide balance which adds to the stability and toddler-friendly features. It’s also friendly to the parent, being very simple to assemble. It arrives in two parts: the handlebar pole and the deck with wheels which connect together, you then use an alan key to tighten and it’s done!

For parents of toddlers or maybe aunts and uncles looking for a gift for a toddler, this is an undoubtedly rewarding present with two colors to choose from. I would highly recommend you to check them out.

Considerations When Purchasing The Best Electric Scooter

There sure is a vast range of electric scooters on the market and to get the best electric scooter for your kid it may be worth checking into their specifications and comparing different models.

The considerations and product reviews of this guide aims to give you some insight in to the market and what to watch out for when making a purchase, I would encourage you to take a peek at the different attributes electric scooters will have so you know which is a suitable fit for the kid you are buying for.

Safety First!

A first concern; not just for us parents but for the manufacturers too and so you’ll find that the electric scooter options available will be kitted out with all safety precautions covered.

I would highly advise all parents to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings as closely as they can but other than this there are some things for parents to do as well.

Being utterly insistent on safety equipment being worn by the child; things like helmets, knee pads, etc, is crucial to make sure the child is safe at all times.

You may also want to pay attention to the types of brakes: whether they are front or rear or both and are they operated from the handlebar or the back of the scooter?

Most children already used to bikes would prefer a handlebar brake whereas children who have more experience with roller blades or skates may like a rear brake more.

Appropriate Speed

You’ll also want to notice the speed of the scooter, and whether or not the maximum speed is appropriate for the age of the child you are buying for.

I’m sure if you are buying for children aged over 11 years, they would love nothing more than the excitement of comfortably going 15mph on their new favorite toy.

For kids who may be a bit more anxious about the getting on the scooter, they may not be sure about how safe they would be or they may be quite young and not ready to travel at high speeds then the best electric scooter for kids like these are going to be under 10mph top speed.

Built to Last?

When it comes to value for your money, durability is key. Of course, you like the products you buy to be lasting and resistant to damage and this ultimately will boil down tot he quality of the components and the materials the best electric scooter is made from.

A good way to gauge the durability and build quality is to pay attention to the brand. The most prominent and trusted brand in the best electric scooter market is without a doubt Razor. They sure do make no exceptions when it comes to quality and safety.

Some products will also have included a kickstand of sorts which allows the scooter to stand up whilst not being used. The function of the stands could not be praised enough for protecting the scooter from damage from being laid on the ground or dropped.

Battery Life

Battery performance is key, you don’t want to have an electric scooter with a battery which does not last a long time, it’s a sure way to prematurely end the fun! Not only that but how much riding time you actually get versus the time it took to charge really comes into the overall quality.

Size and Design

The actual style of the scooter is of course completely subjective, sometimes you may find that you would sacrifice a smaller model for a bulkier model if it has a certain aesthetic that appeals to you but you still should be objective when it comes to whether the scooter is a good fitting size for the kid, therefore, I would encourage paying attention to the dimensions!

A design feature to look out for when thinking about what size to buy is extendable handlebars. Having the handlebars be able to pull up or down for the kid to reach is a huge advantage and also a really beneficial safety feature, as we want the child to be comfortable and able to see properly as they drive the scooter.

Some Final Words

Just to be sure you’re getting the best value for money, have a look at the comparisons in the products, have a look at their specifications and ensure that they are durable and suitable for your child’s age group, size and sense of style.

The best electric scooter for your child is out there on the market, it may not be in the review section of this guide but now that you are a bit more aware of the features and specifications available, you’ll find a fantastic gift in no time.

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