Best Children’s Punching Bags – The Ultimate Guide

Best Punching Bags For Kids

Children’s punching bags are often a great solution for parents that are constantly trying to find ways to motivate their kids to get active, especially in the modern age where technology and the internet offer so much appeal.

Punching bags designed for kids are a great way to motivate them to start enjoying exercise, not only that but they can be used inside and outdoors, are a practical way to learn self-defense and act as a gateway to martial arts.

With so many distractions, it’s arguably more difficult than ever to get your kids up and moving, therefore, sparking that interest in fitness at a young age is a wise idea that every parent should be making.

Punch bags are a really great way to get that fire burning and burn some energy, as what kid doesn’t like boxing? They certainly have a tendency to play fight with siblings and friends, so get them to use that energy on something constructive.

It’s worth remembering that a passion for sport and fitness often starts at a young age, so you never know where it might lead, perhaps a boxing or martial arts career? Regardless, it’s still a great way to keep your kids up and active!

Our Top Picks

Children’s Punching Bags for 3 to 5 years old

Bonk Fit Kids Inflatable Punching Bop Bag



This attractive looking bop bag is ideal for young kids and it’s highly durable design means it will take one hell of a beating without any issues. It’s arguably one of the strongest bop bags on the market since it’s made from a polyurethane material, similar to what is used to make mattresses.

Probably the most appealing thing about this bag is that it’s available in a wide variety of attractive designs including an elephant, penguin, bear and more – perfect for engaging young minds and encouraging imaginative play. The designs also cater to both genders, ideal for parents looking to encourage girls and boys to get involved.

The cover itself is also machine washable, making it easy to maintain a good level of hygiene and keep it in great condition over a long period of time.

Assembly is also dead easy, you simply need to use a bicycle pump to inflate the bag and to stabilize it and ensure it bounces back to life after each hit simply add either a few bags of rice or beans into the base.

Proforce Kids Punching Bag



If you want to secure a more professional looking boxing set-up for you’re under 5, then this boxing set by Proforce is a good choice. This heavy bag design features an engaging character and is small enough in size and light enough to be easily handled and hit by young kids. It also has a soft filling meaning it won’t hurt any small hands, perfect for young users.

A good feature of this boxing set is the nice zip-up carry case it comes with, meaning you can easily store the kit away and protect it from dust and environmental dirt and damage. Along with the case, it also comes with slip-on boxer gloves and protective headgear for a safe and authentic boxing experience.

Of course, to install this set will require a little more space and commitment than a bop bag or standing punch bag, but if you do have the energy and space, then this is an excellent punching kit for younger kids.

Children’s PUnching Bags for 5-7 year olds

Velocity Boxing Children’s Pro Punching Bag Set




This punch bag set is the perfect set up for kids aged 6 and above and comes with a stand, pump and boxing gloves for ultimate convenience and value.

Many parents prefer using speedballs like this one as it really gets your kid to burn up some energy and get them to a good level of fitness. The fact that it moves when being hit is also very satisfying for kids, they get to see the impact of their moves and adjust the direction, perfect for practicing different moves and since they bounce back immediately, there’s no downtime like there sometimes is with the bop types.

The stand is also extremely welcome to parents with limited space as it means it doesn’t need mounting on walls or ceilings and can easily be transported to any room or outside. The handles on the base also make it a portable design for easy pickup and positioning.

The stand itself is also height adjustable, perfect for families with kids with varying age ranges and heights. It also means you can adjust is easily as they grow taller, saving you money on having to buy new punch bags as they get older.

Tech Tools Children’s Punch Bag Freestanding 



This punching ball is another great option for kids and is recommended for those aged from 5 to 10 years. Punch balls like this go back to their original position all by themselves for an intense and extremely fun workout. This is also safer than a punching bag as there’s little risk of it hitting them, which is especially a concern for younger kids.

The advantage of the Tech Tools punch ball is the non-slip baseboard, which provides excellent grip and ensures there is little movement caused by the constant hitting. It also has a very handy adjustable height of 30″ to 50″ meaning it can be used for years and adjusted as your child grows taller.

This punch ball kit also comes equipped with a stand, pump and gloves meaning you won’t need to make any additional purchases. Perhaps the only downside is the grip board that must be stood on when the ball is being used. On the other hand, this feature does provide extra safety and ensures that the stand and ball won’t easily fall over.

Bags for 8 years old and older

Ringside Youth boxing Kit



If your kid is serious about boxing or just dreams of a more professional punch bag set up, then this Ringside boxing kit is the ideal choice. This is a best seller on Amazon and comes in a variety of colors to cater to a range of tastes and includes everything a wannabe boxer could possibly want, including headgear, quality boxing gloves, and mounting clip.

The design of this heavy bag mimics that of a professional design and at 40 pounds and with a highly durable vinyl coating it is certainly built to take a beating.

It is ideal for kids who have an interest in boxing and will help you teach them the importance of correct form and technique to make sure they build confidence and set out on the right foot, whether that be those kids with an interest in Muay Thai or boxing.

This heavy bag is recommended for kids between the ages of 5-13 and will need mounting to a ceiling or other suitable structure. The brackets to do this are included with the kit, but it’s worth noting that this will require a little more space than other available punch bags.

Velocity Toys Children’s Punching Bag



If you are looking for a punching bag for older kids above 8, but don’t have the space for a heavy bag, then the velocity bag is a good choice. Similar to velocities punch bag for younger kids, this bag also comes with everything you’ll need straight out of the box, including boxing gloves, air pump and stand.

Getting your kid using a punching bag is not only a good stress reliever and way to get that heart racing, but it actually also helps develop good hand-eye coordination. Although it says 5 and above, the stand can actually be adjusted as they grow taller, to a maximum of 57 Inches Tall.

The base is also extremely helpful in keeping the punching bag stable and bouncing back, you just have to add some weight to it; this is easy to do though, just add your choice of sand, rice or beans.

The Different Types of Children’s Punching Bags

Bop Bags

As with all things related to kids, you will want to consider what age group your kids falls in when looking for a punching bag since they are typically designed for certain ages. Inflatable bop bags are standing punch bags designed for young kids since they can be used by kids of all heights and sizes.

The area also referred to as punching dummies and due to their size come in a wide variety of appealing designs including popular animated characters, thus making them more attractive to a younger audience.

Punch Balls

For more mature kids (those over the age of 3) you will probably want to invest in a punching bag that looks a little more professional, such as a freestanding punch ball. The great thing about punch balls, also named speedballs is that they come with their own stand and are small enough to be stored away easily.

However, bear in mind that since they move about quite a lot, you are likely to need adequate space to enjoy the full punching experience.

Heavy Bags

For older kids and ones that are serious about boxing or martial arts, we recommend a heavy bag. These are typically filled with water, sand or similar materials and mounted on ceilings and since this requires a little more effort, space and commitment, it’s certainly for those more serious about fitness.

Other than that, wearing boxing gloves are required to use one of these, so that’s worth remembering if you are thinking about getting your kid one of these.

Should You Choose a Punching Bag Set?

The majority of punching bag sets on offer usually come equipped with boxing gloves and the required equipment to set them up in your home.

It goes without saying that you should always double check the product information, as this will detail all that is included. The heavier punch bags usually come with wall or ceiling mounts and brackets, while most punch bags are usually equipped with a stand and pump.

It’s definitely worth opting for a set that includes everything you need both for convenience and to avoid any dissatisfaction.

Throw in the Towel!

A punching bag is a great way to get your kid active and engaged in keeping fit, not just that, but who knows what it may provoke in them? A real passion for boxing and keeping fit? Either way, it’s certainly great fun.

The key thing to remember when selecting a punching bag for your child is to identify the age group it’s designed for as you don’t want to use one that is too large or too small, or worse – unsafe!

It’s also a good idea to choose a kit instead of a stand-alone bag since this will offer maximum value for money and means you won’t have to make any extra purchases later on.

There are many kits with great price tags that include gloves, stand and a pump, so make sure you check the small print to avoid disappointment.