Best Kids Microphone 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Kids Microphone

Are you looking for the best kids microphone? Kids of all ages love to experiment with their voice and sing-along to their favorite songs.

I think most parents have fond memories of their kids providing entertainment at family gatherings, whether that is singing along to karaoke or reciting one of their faves from memory. These experiences are gold and that’s why microphones are a must-have toy for every family.

However, things can soon turn sour when a mic doesn’t perform as expected – low-quality and quiet microphones can be a frustrating experience, to say the least.

The key is to select the best kids microphone designed with children in mind that provides adequate sound quality and is equipped with the latest features.

So to avoid disappointment, check out our review of some of the best kids microphone models and learn how to distinguish the hits from the misses.

Top Picks: Kids Microphone Reviews 

HooYL Handheld Kids Microphone

HooYL Kids Microphone Cordless Karaoke Micorphone for Kids Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Birthday Gift Toy Microphone for Girl Teen Home Party KTV Singing Playing Microphones
  • 【UPGRADED 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONS】: This is not only a kids karaoke microphone, but also a bluetooth...
  • 【EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY】: The cordless karaoke microphone delivers loud and clear high qulity sound...
  • 【CONVENIENCE TO USE】: The kids microphone built-in 1000mAh rechargable battery, working time about 5...

This portable microphone offers a robust design and high-quality sound for an unbeatable price; designed for boys and girls and it is available in a multitude of different colors including pink, gold, and silver. Ideally, it is suited to slightly older children, due to its more complex design and features.

The HooYL features the latest innovative features including a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth and the ability to sync it with a range of apps. This means you can use it at home, or on the go, whether that be traveling in the car or taking it to family gatherings.

The Bluetooth feature means you can connect it too popular apps that allow you to play your favorite backing tracks, while you sing along via your device’s screen, all without the need for a heavy and cumbersome karaoke machine.

The controls are very user-friendly, making it very straightforward for a parent or child to get the hang of. These include an on and off button, as well as a volume adjuster.

The mold is composed of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, making it incredibly durable or a microphone, perfect for kids have a tendency to break the cheap ones made of plastic.

The sound quality of this microphone is superior to a kids model, which tend to be extremely low quality and often sound somewhat muffled. The HooYL is equipped with an advanced and patented chip-set that provides superb sound quality for a clear music rhythm with echo reverberation.

Overall, this is a top quality microphone that will provide an enjoyable experience for your kids. It is definitely one of the best kids microphone models that beats the many cheap alternatives that have flooded the market.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Rock & Record Microphone

Fisher-Price FBP30 Rock and Record Microphone, Laugh and Learn Kids Role Play Toy with Lights and Sound, Suitable for 18 Months Plus
  • This interactive toy will bring your little ones dreams of stardom to life
  • Fun tunes, songs and nursery rhymes (including Head, shoulders, knees and toes) help teach babies about...
  • Two ways to play: Sing along with Puppy or record your voice and play it back with cool effects and fun...

If you’re on the search for the best kids microphone, then this one might be just what you are looking for. The fun design is user-friendly, easy to hold and helps them start to build some confidence in their singing abilities.

As standard, this microphone features a simple on/off button, as well as a play and stop button. It also features flashing LED lights which help your child sing along by only flashing when it is time to sing or stop. The Fisher-Price microphone also allows you to record your kids singing and playback, perfect for cherishing them first vocals.

To make things as simple and straight-forward as possible, the microphone is fitted with 10 fun songs that can be turned on/off and changed via a handy button. Songs include nursery rhyme classics such as ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and ‘B-I-N-G-O’, sure to keep them motivated and singing along.

The Bluetooth capability means that the microphone can be synced to any device wirelessly providing more variety and allowing your kid to set up a personal karaoke via your computer, phone or tablet. Young kids can struggle to maintain a good pace when singing along, so the flashing light function is perfect to teach them to keep good timing, flashing when they should start or stop singing. This helps them improve over time and develop their musical abilities.

This device requires 3 AAA batteries to operate, so to avoid disappointment on opening make sure you have these too, as unfortunately they are not included. The plastic design weighs just 10 ounces, making it safe and easy to handle for kids of all ages.

Termichy Kids Microphone

Kids Magic Microphone Speaker with Voice Changing and Recording by Termichy (Pink)
  • THREE WAYS TO PLAY! Magic voice: it can switch 5 different voices to sing. Sling-along: portable karaoke...
  • EATLY EDUCATION MACHINE FOR KIDS - 4 different modules : children's song, story, poetry, lullaby. There...
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY – Easily Connect This Toy Microphone to Any Bluetooth-Compatible Device...

Another great microphone for younger kids we thought was worth a mention is the Termichy, which stands out from the competition mostly due to the ergonomic design that makes it even easier for young hands to hold.

The design reminds us of a saxophone in shape, allowing little hands to grip it with ease, while the small receiver/windscreen is just the right size to capture your little one’s vocals. The buttons are also placed in a convenient way – on the neck, allowing for easy control and adjustability even while singing.

The settings on this versatile kid’s microphone also make it ideal for a younger audience. For example, it features 4 different education modules such as children’s song, story, poetry, and lullaby, which your baby can listen to and/or sing along to.

There’s also “magic voice” functionality, allowing your kid to experiment and cause a lot of mischiefs, this includes a robot voice, female, male and a baby voice. Of course, you can use your normal voice too.

Nice touches include a flashing LED light that adds a little more stimulation, as well as wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your personal audio library and rechargeable battery, with a super convenient USB port.

This is a very versatile device that is much more than an average microphone, it provides sound effects and has the ability to tell stories to your kid, perfect for winding down before bed or nap time!

Frozen Magical Sing Along Pretend Microphone

Frozen Magical Sing Along Pretend Microphone-Styles Mary Vary
  • Rock Out: Sing your heart out to built in music
  • Connectivity: Connect your MP3 player and sing to any song you like
  • Character Graphics: Anna and Elsa will be with you wherever you sing

By now, if you haven’t heard your kids singing along to the Frozen soundtrack you may have been living under a rock, or wearing ear muffs? This microphone has all the best Frozen songs built-in – it’s the perfect gift for the Frozen fan.

It’s available in two distinct styles, there’s the Anna and Elsa version and the Olaf version. It plays 5 songs in full from the movie, which your youngster can sing along too. The microphone itself won’t provide much amplification for your child’s voice, but this probably won’t have much significance for a child who wants to sing along to some of their favorites.

It does come fitted with a USB port allowing you to connect it to any portable device and play your own music. This may come in handy once you’ve heard the Frozen song a million times, or when they start to get bored.

This model is the best kids microphone for children aged 3 years old and above and requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included.

Idol Maker Microphone

Idol Maker Microphone
  • Sing along to your favorite tunes with this MP3 compatible microphone.
  • Microphone detaches from cradle for serious sing along fun.
  • Stand has audience clapping sound bytes and sound effects.

If you are looking for a microphone that allows your child to be a real showman, then the Idol Maker Mic is a good choice. The microphone resembles a professional model used by famous musicians such as Elvis Presley and includes a stand which the microphone detaches from, providing an authentic true-to-life experience.

The microphone itself does provide amplification of the voice, allowing your child to sing and perform. It includes a variety of pre-recorded melodies that your child can sing to, or you can connect it to an MP3 playing device and sing along to a backing track, instrumentals or whatever is preferred. Alternatively, you can sing into the mic with no background sounds at all.

The colorful stand is made of plastic and is lightweight allowing your child to move it around safely and easily. It’s also adjustable making it appropriate for a variety of heights and as your child grows. The bottom of the stand also features to buttons that can be treated like foot pedals; these include fun sound effects such as audience clapping.

One weakness of the idol maker is the amplification, which is rather weak. However, many parents think it is the best kids microphone as they are probably secure knowing it can’t get too loud and annoy the neighbors!

It requires 3 x AA batteries, which are not included.

Quick Picks: Kids Microphones Compared 

Termichy Kids Microphone5 Different Voice Modes
Features Songs, Nursery Rhymes & Story Mode
Bluetooth Connectivity
Check on Amazon
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Rock & Record MicrophonePlays Songs, Tunes and Nursery Rhymes
Record & Playback
Check on Amazon
Frozen Magical Sing Along Pretend MicrophoneFrozen Theme
Built in Music
MP3 Connectivity
Check on Amazon
Idol Maker MicrophoneMP3 Compatible
Adjustable Height
Microphone Detaches
Volume Control
Check on Amazon

What Should You Look for in The Best Kids Microphone?

Ergonomics & Design

The best kids microphone ought to look and feel much different than adults. It should be light enough for them to handle it with ease and designed to fit a small hand, which means a small enough neck to grip in the hands and a mouth-piece that’s small enough to capture your little one’s vocals.

Recording Features

The majority of people want a microphone that can do a few more things than simply amplifying the voice. Today most people expect a mic to connect to their portable device and allow them to play their own music. This is perfectly understandable and a must of the best kids microphone as it makes them much more versatile and fun.  

If you have young kids, in particular, you’d probably find a model with pre-recorded songs and stories ideal too. That way the best kids microphone functions as a microphone and a story-teller, just another great way to keep them entertained when they get bored of singing.

Microphone Controls

The buttons found on a normal adult microphone are typically small and insignificant part of the overall design, therefore, completely inappropriate for children. You need the best kids microphone to have large and well-labeled buttons that your child will understand and be able to use with ease.

Durability & Materials

Lightweight materials such as plastic and rubber are perfect for kids, they are easy and safe to move around and are relatively difficult to break. Now compare this to metal, they are substantially heavier and easily scratch, never a good idea around young kids.


When using any powered device – battery or otherwise, it’s important to verify that the best kids microphone has passed all of the appropriate U.S standard regulations. Furthermore, you should always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and check the recommended age of use.

The majority of kid’s microphones are battery powered, which does make them relatively safer than ones that are plugged into the mains, but caution still needs to be taken. Parents should always change batteries.

Which Kids Microphone do you prefer?

We have taken the time to analyze and review some of the best kids microphone models, but what do you like the look of? Do you have any experience with them?

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