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Updated July 6, 2018

garbage truck toys

Many kids are fascinated by garbage trucks and love to witness these formidable vehicles trawling down their street fulfilling their societal duty. When garbage day comes around, it’s not unusual to see kids avert their attention to these loud and large machines and be drawn into the process as it happens before their eyes.

Naturally, this routine practice is often a very immersive experience for kids. The big, loud and stinky garbage truck turns up, the garbage man appears, says hello and then deposits the garbage into the truck.

From here, it’s common for kids to ask a whole of questions about garbage, like where it goes and what happens to it. This is often another exciting adventure for kids and as they learn, they can appreciate the importance of recycling and green initiatives.

For this reason, toy garbage trucks make fantastic toys and gifts for kids. Now they can actually pretend they are the garbage man or woman and get lost in their imaginations on a garbage collecting adventure.

Our Top Picks

Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck


If your kid gets excited by garbage trucks then they will love playing with this extremely detailed truck by Bruder Toys. Made in Germany, this truck is designed for kids 3 years and older and includes movable parts and accessories for the ultimate pretend-play experience.

Made to be like life as possible, this truck features a vibrant orange cab with intricate detailing including seats, registration plate, and window wipers. While the actual garbage truck is hollow, featuring a tailgate that can be opened and a built-in garbage compacter.

The garbage truck comes with two colored bins that can be emptied into the truck using the grappler’s arm.  To enhance the play, faux garbage in the form of paper and card cuttings can be placed into the bins and loaded into the truck and your kid can pretend they’re a real garbage man for the day.

The great thing about this set is that it can be extended as there are garbage man characters and additional garbage cans available. It also doesn’t require any batteries for operation as all moveable parts are manual.

With this toy, your child will be able to play garbage man, pack the bins, load into the truck and dump the contents. Perfect for play indoors and out, it also contains no screws or glue for peace of mind.

PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck


This impressive looking waste management garbage truck toy by Playmobil will really allow your kid to pretend to be a garbage man or woman for the day and teach them the value of recycling. This set is comprised of 27 pieces in total, so is certainly a comprehensive toy truck.

The playful design and vibrant green color looks great and maybe even more enticing than some of the more realistic garbage truck toys. It includes two unique garbage man characters that are flexible and able to sit and stand and since the cab opens upwards, they can each be placed in here as your child steers the truck for the ultimate pretend play experience.

The back of the truck also offers interactive play as it opens and closes and the garbage bin can be placed onto the back and the contents loaded into the truck just like the real thing. This truck doesn’t just include the garbage can either; it also comes with fake pieces of toy garbage, so you don’t have to worry about making your own.

This is a great toy garbage truck that requires no assembly and includes everything your child will need for the complete garbage man experience. It doesn’t even need batteries to operate; it’s ready to play with right out of the box.

Play-Doh Trash Tossin’ Rowdy the Garbage Truck


What is better combination there than Play-Doh and a toy garbage truck? The Play-Doh Trash Tossin’ Garbage Truck allows kids who love garbage trucks to get creative and get lost in pretend-play adventures. It includes garbage truck, Play-Doh, and fun accessories.

The truck itself comes with a set of four Play-Doh pots which contain various colors that can be used undependably or in conjunction with the garbage trucks compound trash maker. Your kid simply has to put Play-Doh into the compound, compresses it and trash shaped objects are created. They can then load these into the bin and deposit them into the garbage truck using the movable lift just like a real garbage worker.

The set also includes other fun accessories including a trash can shape plunger and a shovel. Loading Play-Doh into the plunger and compressing it will instantly create worm-like shapes. The best part about this truck is that once the “garbage” is loaded, it will transform them into new and fun shapes as it’s pushed across the ground. These include all the familiar characters you would expect in a stinky garbage truck including fish bones, rats, and bugs.

With a smiley face and fun, basic design this truck is much more playful and cartoon-like than some of the others in the list, but certainly has more to offer thanks to the versatility of Play-Doh.

Green Toys Recycling Truck


What better way is there to teach your child about the importance of recycling and refuse than a stinky garbage truck toy made from 100% recycled milk jugs? It’s also free of BPA and other harmful substance and made in the USA.

The bright green design is attractive to kids, while the large chunky design makes it very easy for little kids to handle and push around the house or backyard. The tires are also large and have a thick tread making it ideal for playing with on a variety of different surfaces including ashfelt, sand, grass and hard surfaces.

Not only will your kid be able to play garbage man or woman, but they will be able to learn all about recycling. The truck features 3 chutes with various symbols on them including one for paper, one for bottles and another for cans. This is a great starting point to teach kids about how the process works and highlight its importance in the modern world.

This toy garbage truck by Green Toys isn’t only made from recycled materials, but its packaging is also deemed Earth-Friendly since it meets FDA contact standards. So this is a brand that certainly practices what they preach.

This is a great toy for kids to improve and develop their imagination and motor skills, but perhaps most importantly, to teach them about some very important ideas. It’s suitable for kids from the age of 12 months old and is available in both blue and green.

Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle Toy


Some people prefer the simplicity and traditional feel and look of wooden toys, which is why the beautifully crafted Wooden Garden Truck by Melissa & Doug made our list. This 3 piece set includes a garbage truck, bin, and faux trash and it’s suitable for kids above 3 years of age.

The garbage truck itself has a solid wood build and features 4 sturdy wheels that will allow your child to take it for a ride on a variety of surfaces. The wood is also extremely durable, so you don’t have to be worried about any parts easily breaking off.

The bin itself is attached to movable arms which your child can use to deposit the trash into the back of the truck. The fake trash that comes with the set is a solid wooden block featuring detailed and colorful trash illustrations.

Overall, this is a unique take on the garbage truck and will certainly suit those who prefer the more organic look. Since it’s made out of wood it is fine to use indoors or out and is very easy to wipe clean.

Dickie Toys Light and Sound Garbage Truck


If you want to immerse your child completely into the full garbage truck experience, then this hyper-realistic truck toy by Dickie Toys is a perfect choice. Not only does it look awesome, but it’s also equipped with garbage truck sound effects and lights. With this toy, your kids can collect all their rubbish from playtime in a fun and interactive way.

The white cab is fitted with flashing lights and makes a realistic garbage truck sound effect when the button is pressed to lift the motorized moving fork up. This holds the large dustbin and when it reaches the top deposits the contents in the back of the truck ready for dumping. Unlike other trucks, the trailer tips upwards so that all contents are dumped onto the ground just like the real thing.

The wheels on this vehicle are not motorized and instead allow your child to push it around and steer its direction by hand. In order to operate the automatic functions, battery power is required and the 2 AA batteries needed for this are included, which is a bonus.

This is one of the best garbage truck toys in our view and its high quality and durable design make this a truck built to last the test of time and considerable use. It is made from plastic but is far superior to cheaper alternatives.

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