Twin Baby Registry Must Haves 2021 – Stuff You’ll Need For a Newborn

A baby registry is a great way to plan for the arrival of your baby and much like a checklist, it allows you to tick off the items as you acquire them. It’s helping you to stay on track, avoid unnecessary purchases and ensure you have everything for your newborn that will really make a difference during those all-important first few weeks after birth and beyond.

They’re also incredibly helpful for family and friends too, as they allow them to easily see those items you have already purchased and those that you still desperately need. It also helps you to avoid the common occurrence of getting the same items twice as gifts, which is a complete waste and can be awkward at times.

But which items do you actually need? With so much choice available today, putting together a registry can be difficult. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the baby registry essentials, as well as those that you should avoid adding on to your baby registry altogether. 

Twin Baby Registry Must Haves

What Is a Baby Registry?

Similar in structure to that of a wedding registry, it’s a thoroughly practical idea whereby you compile a list of “baby registry must haves” or (baby products) which you would like to use when your newborn comes along. These items are to make the cost of having a newborn baby less of a burden on you while also making your life a lot easier as you won’t need to run around getting all the items that you need.

This can be organized at one or maybe more retail stores, or by using a combination of all on the one list. The idea is that once this list is ready, it can then easily be shared with family, friends, and all those attending your baby shower so they can purchase you a gift straight from this list.

This ensures that you don’t end up with too many of the exact same things and allows people to buy those items that you will most likely use. This way, you’ll not only avoid the awkward moments of receiving a gift you have already received once or twice, but it also allows gift givers the security in knowing that their gift is much appreciated.

What is Baby Registry Must Haves 

Getting started with your registry is a simple process, and there are many stores which offer this service. Whether you’re looking to start a list online, such as an Amazon baby registry, or whether you’d prefer one within a physical retail store, most of the larger and well-known stores will be happy to help you get your baby registry must haves list started.

However, because of the vast availability of such a service, you may have to consider whether the store in question stocks the types of products you’re initially looking for, alongside the typical price range of the store’s items in general. As other people will be purchasing off this list, think ahead as to whether the store you choose is in their price range.

Here are some of the best places to register for baby:

Amazon – now also offer a great baby register, check it on Amazon here

Amazon baby registry is one of most the most popular websites to start a baby registry since it offers maximum convenience and choice. The reality is that most people have an Amazon account, which makes it very easy for people to buy items and then get it delivered in less than two days.


Target is another great store to put together a baby registry. It’s a great place to locate baby clothing and nursery decor. You don’t have to be restricted to Target either, as their universal feature allows you to add items from other stores too.

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby is another great place to build a list. They offer everything from changing equipment to clothing, nursery decor, and strollers. It also allows friends to share their own baby registry, which can be a great help for moms who are just getting started.

Baby Registry Must Haves 2019: What to Register? 

Once you’ve selected your store, you’ll then need to begin adding to your list all the items you need. This means doing a little bit of prep work beforehand to get an idea of those products which you think are going to be the most important and crucial, and what will help you get through those first few months of your newborn’s life.

If this is your second baby registry, or perhaps you’re mom to a couple of children already, you may well be a pro when it comes to this part! However, if this is your first child, then there are some baby must-haves for first-time moms that could be considered registry must-haves.

It’s worth noting here that you may have your very own personal ideas of what you want to add to this list, but as a helpful guide we recommend:

  • Crib or Bassinet – As your baby will be sleeping for long periods during the very early stages, this is possibly one of the most essential baby registry must haves.
  • Mattress for crib – Most cribs are sold without an accompanying mattress, so this is of equal importance when listing a crib.
  • Covers for the mattress – These may not seem important, but they work well at protecting the mattress from wear and tear and keep it clean.
  • Crib sheets – These ensure a much more comfortable base for your baby as most mattresses, and indeed their covers, aren’t always the snuggest of covers to lie on.
  • Baby monitor – Almost considered essential by most parents, a baby monitor undeniably offers additional peace of mind for when you can’t be next to your baby. These come in so many styles and makes, from simple listening devices to those that monitor breathing and movement.
  • Baby bathtub and toiletries – In those first few weeks bathing your baby is a fantastic way to bond with them and introduce them to water. By selecting a bath that is smaller and designed to make bath times more comfortable, not only will you be able to do the job better, but you’ll also be able to enjoy some quality eye to eye contact and bonding time as well.
  • Baby bouncer – Many parents can’t live without these items as it gives them somewhere to place baby that’s safe, but which also allows them to continue watching you and the other members of the household. These too come in a variety of shapes and sizes from a simple no frills chair to an electrically powered chair with music and movement.
  • Baby car seat – A legal requirement when driving with a baby, you will also need a car seat for your newborn when driving home from the hospital.
  • Baby carrier or stroller – Baby carriers are great for allowing both mom and dad to keep baby close and all while walking around hands-free! However, you will also need a baby stroller to get out and about in those first few months.
  • Bottles – These are extremely handy whether you choose to breastfeed or use formula milk.
  • Burp cloths and bibs – You can never have enough of these, especially if you don’t want to find yourself stuck to the washing machine for long periods of your day!
  • Diapers and wipes – Another necessity, whether you choose to use disposable or opt for cloth, these are crucial items to include on your list.
  • A baby first aid kit – A great idea to start as you mean to go on, this is a kit worth keeping in your home and building up as your baby grows.

If this isn’t your first child, you’ll still want a list, but here you can modify it, mainly if you’ve kept back some items from when your older child or children were babies. Though there are many items that you can reuse, look at adding things to your registry here such as, bath supplies, diapers, wipes, and anything else that isn’t quite up to spec – such as a car seat or stroller.

What Not to Put on Baby Registry

Alongside making a list of baby registry must haves, equally, there are several items that you may want to steer clear of when compiling your list.  Whether this is due to safety reasons or because of their sheer impracticality, these are some of the baby products which we believe you can skip when compiling your baby registry:

  • Bumpers for the crib – These are dangerous and pose a considerable risk for your baby regarding strangulation, entrapment, or suffocating.
  • Baby shoes – Though they may look cute, booties or socks are preferable here as not only is your baby unlikely to be walking for many months to come, they will most likely pull or kick them off through sheer fascination and indeed movement.
  • Wipe warmers – This invention is a waste of money and makes no difference to the outcome! You can just hold a wipe in your hand for a few minutes to warm it up or, better still, use reusable cloths.

Baby Registry Must Haves

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  1. I used Target for my baby registry for my first. It was really nice, I got a lot more gifts than w/ my second. I regret not doing a registry for my last! Helpful tips, thanks.

  2. I love making baby registries! I always had big and small items because you never know a person financial status, so I want to make everyone feel like they can purchase what I need.

  3. I posted a comment earlier but not sure it went through, so I’ll try again:) Your blog post is great with lots of great tips for new parents! When my boys were little, I loved to shop at Target, lots of great toys, baby items, clothing, they had it all and at good prices. Your ideas for the registry list are spot on. I’ll be sure to share this with my niece who is having her first baby in June.


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