From toddlerhood right up to the teen years, your child will reach a number of different milestones, from learning the foundations at school growing their adult teeth, the list is almost endless.

Therefore, in this section of the site, we aim to answer some of the most common kid questions concerning learning, education, diet, behavior, discipline, and health to help guide parents through this often challenging period of their child’s life.


How to Teach Kids to Swim

How to Teach Kids to Swim

Swimming is not just a recreational activity for your kids to partake in, but it’s an essential key skill for them to learn for...
The Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Child

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Child

People of the world have become more connected than ever before in this age of the internet, with people from different countries being easily...
Easy Guitar Songs for Kids

Easy Guitar Songs for Kids to Learn

Kids often find themselves owning a guitar after receiving it as a gift or getting one for themselves and don't really know exactly where...


Pros and Cons of Spanking Children

Pros and Cons of Spanking Your Child

Seen by many parents and people as an archaic form of discipline, spanking seems to remain a popular practice for punishing disobedient kids today....


Uninvolved Parenting Style

Uninvolved Parenting Style – Traits & Effects on Children

What is a parenting style? What are the four main parenting styles? What is uninvolved parenting? How can you tell if this is your...
Character Traits for Kids

Essential Character Traits For Kids to Succeed

Naturally, every parent wants the best for their children and ensuring they grow into well-rounded adults is a big part of that. Developing good...


internet safety for kids

The Guide to Internet Safety for Parents

Are you concerned about your child’s online activity? Do you worry about the things they may see online? Or who they may end up...

Kids Products

Best Booster Seats

Best Booster Seats 2018 – The Ultimate Guide for Parents

Once your child has grown too big to use a front-facing car seat, they still won’t be the necessary size to be in the...
Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

A great way of adding some fun and comfort into a kids room and often with a splash of color, kids bean bag chairs...
Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids 2018

Making sure your child gets into the habit of caring for their teeth is essential for healthy and strong teeth and crucial for their...