12 Best Online Childbirth Classes: Mama Natural Birth Plan, Kopa & More

Planning for your little one’s arrival is a natural part of being pregnant, from choosing the decor and furnishings for the nursery to prenatal appointments and work schedules.

Preparing for birth and labor will also become increasingly important as the pregnancy progresses, and naturally, both mom and dad want to feel ready for the big day.

Childbirth classes remain a popular way for parents to prepare, but did you know that you can now do it all online?

Online birthing classes provide the convenience that so many pregnant Moms are looking for. They allow both Mom and Dad to progress at their own pace, from home and without the stress of having to make it to an appointment on time. And can also help you avoid expensive birthing coaches.

Are Birthing Classes Necessary?

For many mothers, thinking about their approaching labor triggers feelings of anxiety and stress. The common reasons for this include misconceptions about labor and delivery and many other unknowns.

This is especially true for first-time mothers who have never gone through the process before, yet even mothers with some experience can still greatly benefit from the knowledge gained through birthing classes.

Read our full “are birthing classes necessary” article for a more in-depth analysis of this very important question.

That’s why for many mothers, birthing classes remain an invaluable source of knowledge and support. They provide both mothers and fathers to be with an abundance of information that can provide them with the peace of mind, knowledge, and confidence when they eventually end up in the delivery room together.

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Online Childbirth Classes Reviews

There are quite a few online birthing classes available, but how do some of the more popular classes compare?

As well as varying membership fees, there are other important differences to consider too. For instance, some have lifetime access, others have their lessons in both written and video format and a few even have active support groups on social media.

With all of these important factors to consider, we have compared some of the most popular online birthing classes to help you make that all important decision.

#1 Mama Natural Birth Course Review


The Mama Natural Birth Course has an excellent reputation and run by Genevieve Howland, who founded the natural parenting blog Mama Natural over a decade ago. As you might expect, the course takes a natural focus on childbirth and a holistic approach that focuses on mind, body, and spirit.

The course itself is in video format and includes 8 individual classes that are presented by  Genevieve Howland and Midwife Maura Winkler. The series goes through all of the essentials including labor, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Check out the Mama Natural Course here

They outline all of the benefits of natural birth, discuss key facts and statistics and tackle some of the most common myths concerning labor and delivery. They then help equip you with all the information for an empowered and natural childbirth.

Mama Natural Birth Plan Outline: 

  • 8 video series full of practical advice, accounts from couples, cheat sheets and tools
  • Extras made just for Dad
  • Practice segments after each episode allowing both Mom and Dad to prepare for the delivery day
  • Private Facebook group for course members only, where you can ask questions and get support from other pupils (it is also moderated by a certified DOULA)
  • Tons of bonuses including a 90-minute breastfeeding class, natural childbirth videos, as well as guides on nutrition, fitness and more
  • This course has some of the best childbirth videos that are informative and genuinely helpful

Mama Natural Birth Course Length: 1 year with an 8-part video series

Mama Natural Birth Plan Price: $264 or three payments of $98

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#2 KOPA Natural Hospital Birth Classes


Another well-received course with a solid reputation is the KOPA Natural Hospital Birth course, which is ideal for first-time mothers who just don’t know what to expect.

The classes are in video format and taught by Katie, who is a registered nurse and certified childbirth instructor. The classes are designed to be completed over a 3 month period, but can easily be accelerated and completed within a single month if required.

Online Birthing Classes for Dad

The Kopa Naturals course provides a lot of information and genuinely helpful tips for the big day, including pain management and what types of things you can expect, which is sure to provide a lot of assurance and peace of mind for moms-to-be. Just like the latter course, this one also includes practice sessions for both mom and dad, as well as separate material for dad.

Kopa Naturals Course Outline(the ideal online birthing class for dads): 

  • 8 classes that include relaxation techniques, patterned breathing, ideal labor positions, inductions, and the pushing phase
  • Individual material for dad to learn how to provide maximum support on the big day
  • Practice labor sessions
  • A short quiz at the end of each class to help re-consolidate key points
  •  Like the mamanatural course, this one has some of the best childbirth videos that are informative and genuinely helpful

Kopa Naturals Course Length: 12 hours of video in 8 individual classes

Kopa Naturals Price: $195 for PREPARED Essentials, $245 PREPARED Plus

#3 Online Prenatal Class for Couples


This online birth class takes more of the traditional route and resembles a class you might attend at the hospital. The instructor is named Hilary and she has been teaching labor and delivery for well over 10 years. The best part about this course is that it caters to a wide audience and not just mothers who want to take the natural route.

The course is extremely comprehensive and covers c-sections, vaginal delivery, and other potentially complicated scenarios. The classes also help to answer a wide range of other questions moms and dads might have, including the stages of labor, timing contractions, and how to know you are in labor.

When should start birthing classes? The answer is that it’s never too early to start, in fact, the sooner the better, as it will give you and your partner the confidence and peace of mind on that all-important date.

Course Summary: 

  • Contractions are discussed in some detail
  • How to determine you are in labor when the time comes
  • What you can expect during delivery
  • C-Sections
  • Postpartum period and first few months
  • Pain management options

Course Length: 1 hour of video & question and answers session

Price: $99

#4 Supporting Her 


This childbirth class is quite different from the others listed as it’s one designed entirely for dad. The father’s role during birth is often overlooked or not given much thought, but a dad that is equipped with the right information and well prepared for childbirth can be incredibly helpful come the big day.

The classes will help dads learn about key tactics they can employ to help support their partner during childbirth. For example, it provides practical guidance on how dads can help curb labor pains through a range of different methods.

Course Outline: 

  • Outlines dads role in the process
  • Provides encouraging and supportive tactics dads can employ throughout the entire process
  • Equips dad with knowledge about labor, delivery and postpartum period
  • How to effectively communicate with members of the hospital staff
  • Provides peace of mind for both mom and dad by providing self-assurance that you both have important roles to play during the birth

Course Length: 2 hours long

Price: $49

#5 Birth Boot Camp 

birth bootcamp

The Birth Boot Camp is a great program as it caters to a wide range of different births, from those who want a natural birth to others who don’t mind a birth with a little assistance of one sort or another.

This allows moms to be selective about the type of classes they take, essentially enabling you to cater the course to your preferences. It’s also great since you can choose classes that address your main concerns from the very beginning.

Classes cover conventional information, as well as those not always covered in much detail at the hospital. For instance, pain management strategies, labor positions, and Lamaze breathing techniques.

Course Outline: 

  • Childbirth education classes that cover techniques for a natural, drug-free birth
  • A hospital birth class for couples to worth through together, which goes through relaxation techniques, pain management strategies and more
  • What to expect in the event of complications e.g. a cesarean birth
  • A comfort measures class that takes you through a range of ways you can make your labor as comfortable as possible, including massage, breathing, imagery, and good communication
  • Life with a New Recruit class takes you through fundamentals of looking after a newborn and what new mothers can expect. This segment covers breastfeeding, weaning, safe baby sleep and much more

Course Length: Depends on class type but ranges from 15 to 25 hours in total

Price: Depends on class types selected but range from $95-$345

#6 The Postpartum Cure 


After the pregnancy period is over and you’ve finally given birth to your beautiful bundle of joy, there are often many new challenges to overcome. Often it can take new mothers some time to re-adjust and can take up to a year for our bodies to return to normality.

Excess-pregnancy weight that won’t budge is a very common concern for new moms and so is maintaining a healthy breastmilk supply. The Postpartum Recovery Cure program helps to provide solutions for both of these common issues and more.

Created by Katie Picket, the course includes practical ways new mothers can feel back in control of their bodies. It includes meal plans, tools, and practical tips to help with postpartum recovery as well as a private support group.

Course Outline: 

  • Advice on foods that help to increase milk supply
  • Help on maintaining a healthy weight through the journey of breastfeeding
  • A 20-day meal plan with over 60 tasty recipes
  • A list of the best postpartum recovery foods
  • Postpartum recovery workout routines to help you hit your target
  • A private Facebook support group for course members

#7 Hypnobubs Childbirth Program 


Hypnobubs is another popular online childbirth program that is centered around the hypnobirthing concept. Hypnobirthing is a technique that aims to instill a positive mindset in order to promote natural birth.

Hypnobirthing has garnered a lot of attention in the media in recent years and has become a global phenomenon. It remains popular among celebrities and now many everyday moms too. There are a few free childbirth classes available, but they are limited in the depth of information they provide.

A positive mindset is certainly helpful at a time when your body is filled with anxiety and adrenaline. So, if you are able to employ the right tactics to remain cool and collected, there is little doubt that it will come in useful.

Course Outline: 

  • Helps moms employ pain management tactics to help them avoid the use of pain medication
  • Teaches a range of natural pain management strategies such as breathing techniques, affirmations, and visualization
  • Includes ways to help your partner adopt the mindset and aid the birthing process
  • Provides information on labor, induction, stages, progression, postpartum and newborn care

Course Length: Over 6 hours of video classes and other helpful resources

Price: $149.00

#8 Ultimate Breastfeeding Class  


Although not a birthing course, for many new mothers it’s just as useful. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class provides answers to some of the most common breastfeeding questions new mothers have. For example, how to know if your little one is getting sufficient amounts of milk and how to increase your milk supply.

For many new moms, this course can provide them with the confidence and knowledge required for long term breastfeeding success.

Course Outline: 

  • Latching technique, advice, tips and tricks
  • How to increase milk supply
  • How to know if your baby is getting a sufficient amount of milk
  • Common breastfeeding mistakes and how to correct them

Online Birthing Classes