The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented, but that doesn’t always make it an easy process. In this section of the site, we report on the latest scientific findings and explore some of the most common questions including ways you can increase your milk supply and when you ought to wean your baby.

Breast Milk Gone Bad

Breast Milk Gone Bad : How to Identify Spoiled Breast Milk

Are you worried that your breast milk may have gone bad? Or are you just...
Lactation Supplements

Lactation Supplements that Help Increase Milk Supply

Do you think your breast milk supply may be short? Do you want to avoid...

How to Induce Lactation

If you’re in the process of adopting a baby or you’ve recently become the proud...
Increasing Low Milk Supply with Fenugreek

Increasing Low Milk Supply with Fenugreek

Instead of artificial medication, there are mothers that seek out organic herbal remedies for milk...
Weaning your baby

What is Weaning? When to Wean a Baby?  

Weaning is the process by which your baby begins to transition from a diet consisting...