Do Women Like Fat Guys?

Why are so many women attracted to fat or even obese men? What is the science behind this common trend?

The so-called “Dad bod” seems to be very attractive, at least for some women out there, but why?

Here we explore the latest scientific research that goes someway to explain this phenomenon

Do Women Like Fat Guys?

The short answer is that according to a growing amount of research, many women do in fact find fat, or larger men attractive and some even prefer them over their skinnier counterparts.

The research indicates that this isn’t always about these overweight or fatter men looking “cute” or “husky” either.

In fact, it appears to be way more than skin deep with many females associating it with other important characteristics.

These attractive fat guy characteristics include the following:

  • Increased trustworthiness.
  • Sexual stamina in the bedroom.
  • Perception of masculinity may also come into play for some women too.

So, even though being overweight of even obese is associated with a number of health risks including diabetes and heart disease, the reality is that when it comes to attracting a new girlfriend or dating, fat guys don’t need to worry.

So, let’s pin down exactly why women love dating fat guys so much (scientific research included):

Dating a Fat Guy and Trustworthiness

It seems that many women associate excess weight with increased trustworthiness and in fact associate skinniness in men with the opposite.

In fact, recent research into the topic by the University of Missouri found that people found that skinny politicians in particular were less trustworthy (and honest) than their chubbier rivals.

Chubbier Men are Funnier?

We’ve all heard of the “fat and funny” stereotype, but it appears that it’s true for many.

Some research suggests that women find men who can make them laugh more attractive.

That doesn’t necessarily mean all fat men are funny or comedians, but the reality is that the media and our western culture does associate chubbier men with being funny.

Regardless of your size, one things for sure making a lady laugh and having a sense of humour can go far.

Fat Guys Go Further in the Bedroom?

Well maybe!

According to a survey of 2,544 British women, fatter guys are better at sex and in the bedroom in general.

The survey results found that 38% of women reported that overweight or plus-size men were superior lovers.

Even better is that fat guys seem to last longer in the bedroom too. In fact, a recent study from the International Journal of Impotence Research found that men with higher BMIs Lasted around 7.3 minutes longer than slimmer men.

Not bad!

Fat is a Sign of Evolutionary Fitness?

While carrying excess weight is often associated with various diseases, some evidence suggests that the ability to store fat is actually an evolutionary advantage.

In a recent study that examined the history of obesity in culture, it was highlighted that men who could store fat would have an advantage.

The study highlights this point perfectly: This ability to store surplus fat from the least possible amount of food intake may have made the difference between life and death.”

Women Look Skinnier Next to a Fat Guy

Or do they?

It may sound a little superficial, but the reality is that women in general are more concerned with their appearance, including their weight.

Therefore, the logic follows that women who partner with a fat guy are likely to feel more secure with a guy that obviously doesn’t care about their appearance in comparison to gym bros or skinny hipsters.

Dating Fat Guys – Why Women Love It

Regardless of your love interests body size, there are clearly plenty of reasons to date a fat guy.

Not only does science suggest that they are thought of as more trustworthy, honest and funnier, but they are more cuddly too!

What’s not to love about fat guys?