Ice Cube in Vagina Trend – Experts Weigh In

What is the ice in your vagina Tiktok trend? Is it a good idea? And what is the expert verdict?

It may seem crazy to some, but the “ice in vagina” trend has caught on and there are numerous videos on Tiktok and social media demonstrating the practice, but why exactly has it caught on?

What are the benefits and dangers of putting ice in your vagina?

Let’s explore…

Ice in Vagina – why on Earth would anyone do that?

People are putting ice cubes or other lumps of ice in their vagina as a social media challenge.

For most people, this is just an attempt to join in on a new trend, but what are the supposed benefits?

Some claim it feels good, there are many nerves in the vagina, so for many people with a fetish or like of “new sensations” this can be fun and exciting.

However, for others it’s not sexual at all and instead is an attempt to tighten the vagina itself, with some people claiming that this practice is referred to as “cryotherapy” (this is also wrong, but we’ll get to that).

Potential Risks of Ice in the Vagina

We reached out to leading Gynaecologist Jessica Wallace for expert advice on the matter and whether the practice carries any risks…

“Ice in the vagina, like in the mouth has a cooling and numbing affect, which for some people feels pleasurable.”

“However, the danger of placing ice in the vagina is that it can cause injury and potentially frost bite.”

“Much like placing your tongue on a frozen metal post, it can cause the delicate skin of the vagina to stick and become damaged if the individual panics and suddenly decides to quickly remove the ice.”

What to do instead of using ice to tighten the vagina?

If you are interested in the trend due to its supposed benefits of “vagina tightening” there are still practical steps you can take to see improvements to your vagina.

However, this isn’t with the use of ice from your freezer, but instead with a type of vaginal exercise called “Kegals”, which is basically a workout for your vagina where you repeatedly squeeze your vaginal muscles.

What about temperature play?

If you like the idea of playing with temperature during intercourse or so-called “temperature play” you may like to try safer alternatives.

For example, instead of ice cubes taken directly from your freezer try cooling down a glass toy under the cold tap instead.

This is much safer than using ice, but you still get the same benefits and cold sensation.

Unfortunately, this latest Tiktok trend is just another that is best avoided.