Places To Hang Out With Teenage Friends

Do you want to make hang out suggestions to your teenager without being met with resistance or seeming like the strict “kill joy” parent?

Teenagers and parents ideas of what to do in their spare time aren’t always in the same ballpark, but thankfully there is an abundance of safe and fun activities that both parties will feel comfortable with.

Even though your teen is probably starting to explore their independence and venture out on their own, it doesn’t mean you still can’t make suggestions that will provide you with peace of mind and something they will also genuinely enjoy.

So what are the best options for places for teens to hang out?

Let’s explore…

Places for Teens to Hang Out:

Here are the top places you can suggest your teens hang out where having a good time won’t land them in trouble:

Hang Out At Local Arcade Gaming Store

To many people arcade gaming seems like an activity of the past, perhaps you have flash backs to the 1980’s retro games and pinball machines, however, they are still a thing!

In fact, there is an nationwide brand called Dave & Buster’s that have locations in most major towns and cities throughout the country.

Not only are their arcade locations jam packed full of games, but they also offer food and restaurant dining.

The best part is that it won’t cost too much either with most machines accepting quarters and dollars.

The best part? The arcade games often provide tickets or vouchers to players that they can collect and use to spend on a variety of prizes.

So who knows? Maybe they’ll bring a gift home for you to enjoy by the end of the night too!

Hang Out At Local Sports Venues/School

While not all teens are into sports many are and if so you should make the most of it.

Not only is sport a great way to build team skills and bond with friends, but it’s also a great way to stay active and burn some of those excess calories!

Sports doesn’t have to be soccer or netball either, there are many, many options to discover from swimming to even bike riding with a local cycling club.

The skies the limit in terms of the range and scope of sports your teens can partake in, here are some ideas:

  • Mountain biking.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Swimming.
  • Running or cross country.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Soccer.
  • Judo/Karate.

Hang Out Online – Video Games & More

Obviously you don’t want your teens to hang out online constantly and there’s something to be said for in real life interactions, however there’s no reason that hanging out with friends online can’t be part of the regular routine and make up part of their daily or weekly screen time.

Teens hanging out online will probably give you peace of mind knowing where they are, however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t monitor their activity and remain vigilant as there are certainly a whole host of risks on the internet.

With that said, there are many fun and educational things for teens to do online, these include the following:

  • Video games and online multiplayer games (the obvious choice).
  • Online quiz community.
  • Online debating communities.
  • Meet up and talk with friends on Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.
  • Join a book club.

Hang Out at the Mall

This is a classic teen hang out location that I’m sure you as a parent have fond memories of too.

The best part is that it’s in a public place and likely safer than other potential activities.

There is a tonne of things for teens to do at the mall, especially if you have a large one near your home that typically house clothing stores, food outlets, arcades and pet shops.

Hanging out at the mall can easily be turned into a full day of activities and can include the following types of fun things:

  • Clothes shopping or simply having fun trying on new clothes and browsing.
  • Having a bite to eat or snack at a food outlet.
  • Playing games at the arcade.
  • Watching the latest movie at the cinema (these are often at the mall but not always).
  • Visit the pet store and be entertained by the animals they have in.
  • Visit antique stores or art galleries to expand the mind.

Hang Out At Home

Although many parents don’t like to become the local teen community centre, if you take turns with other parents or simple have a large enough house for it not to bother you too much, allowing your teen and their friends to hang out at home can be one of the best options.

Why so?

Well for one it’s free, so won’t cost you or fellow parents much if anything.

You will also know where they are and that they are sage – a major priority for many parents.

But what can they do when they hang out at home?

What can’t they do? Here’s our list that I’m sure we will add to (feel free to make your own suggestions too):

  • Video game night and multiplayer with friends.
  • Board games e.g. chess, monopoly or dungeons and dragons – skies the limit!
  • Movie night with friends or simply watching things on Netflix etc.
  • Creative activities such as drawing, painting and crafts.
  • Have a sleepover with friends.
  • And much, much more!

Hang Out at the Local Park or Recreational Area

Another great option for teens is to hang out at the local park, even better if there is a local historic site where they can learn about history!

Getting outdoors is not only a great way to exercise and get active but there is so much to do and explore, especially in the company of friends.

Here are some of the main suggestions for teen activities at the local park:

  • Frisbee with friends.
  • Dog walking – a great way to get the whole family involved, or at least the fur friends.
  • Ball games such as tennis, soccer or basketball.
  • Play outdoor games like chess, giant Jenga or twister.
  • Partake in outdoor classes with friends, such as aerobics, yoga or other forms of exercise.
  • Bird watching or observing and learning about the local wildlife and habitat reserves.

Historic Sites, Nature Reserves & Museums

Another fun and often free place for teens to hang out is at local historic sites including national parks or historical sites.

This is a great way for teens to get active and learn about something too, ensuring they engage both their minds and bodies.

It’s also a great way to get them away from the screen for a while too!

Here are some common suggestions that are probably available in your area:

  • Nature reserves.
  • Historical sites.
  • National parks.
  • Art galleries.
  • City museums.

The best part is that many of these places are also free or cost very little, especially if you are a local and not a tourist or visitor.

You can easily find those most local to you and your teens with a quick Google search. It’s always worth checking the reviews to avoid disappointment!

Places for Teens To Hang Out Final Words

When your kids reach the teen years there are many natural concerns parents have.

You want to know they are safe and not getting into trouble, but you also don’t want to be the overly strict parent.

Thankfully, there are a tonne of activities and places for teens to hang out and many of them actually have a whole host of positive benefits.

Which one do you think you will suggest? And do you have your own ideas to add to the list?

Let us know!