Tom Hanks Grandchildren Relationship

Tom Hanks, 65, may very well be one of the world’s most celebrated actors with a string of awards and Oscars under his belt, but his own family aren’t all on board with his fame.

In fact, Hank’s son, also an actor Colin Hanks, recently announced that his daughters, Olivia, 10, and Charlotte, 8, with wife Samantha Bryant know their grandfather is famous, but haven’t shown much interest in his stellar career.

In the recent interview with Us Weekly, Colin Hank discussed his daughters and explained how unfortunately so far they haven’t shown any interest in acting.

Colin explained:

“I really am more interested in seeing what they choose to do and what they sort of gravitate toward,” Colin said.” That’s always an important thing for parents to do.”

Tom Hanks and his Grandchildren’s Relationship

As you may have expected, Tom appears to have a close and pretty regular relationship with his grandchildren.

Colin revealed that the time his dad spends with his daughters is pretty much like a playdate. Their time together is of the highest quality and pretty much free from technology and the internet, which is a welcome change!

The Castaway and Forrest Gump actor regular shares snaps of his family on social media, so its clear they have a special bond.

His other and some might say more controversial son Chet also has a child, together with Tiffany Miles named Michaiah, who is a biracial child who calls Tom “Pappau,” the exact same nickname Olive and Charlotte call their grandfather.

Similar to Colin, Chet has also publicly expressed how his dad’s relationship with his daughter is solid and how he and his mother Rita Wilson love taking care of Michaiah.

How Long Has Tom Hanks And His Wife Been Together?

Unlike many Hollywood couples that end up in divorce, Tom Hanks and his wife are still going strong after more than three decades together.

Tom and met in 1984 as co-stars in the series Bosom Buddies. However, at the time Tom was still married to Samantha Lewes, the mother of Colin and Elizabeth Hanks.

They both decided to end the relationship and file for divorce two years later when Colin was seven years old.

Tom Hanks revealed an interview with People that the two do have their ups and downs like any marriage, but the secret to their success was that they learned to get over stuff and that ultimately he still like each other after all this time together.

Tom Hanks also had some interesting relationship advice for young people considering family life – don’t get married until you reach 30 years old at least.

Interesting advice and certainly something to bear in mind!