Baby Shower Music Playlist: Popular Baby Shower Songs

A baby shower is a really nice way for the loved ones of an excited mom-to-be to get together and officially congratulate her on the conception of her new child or children if she’s super lucky!

It’s an event where friends and relatives (most commonly female) can let loose, chat, party and play games and a great opportunity for mom-to-be to get some vital first-hand pregnancy and parenting tips from other moms as well as showered with parental and household supplies as traditionally gifted at these parties.

The mood and theme of the party are heavily reliant on the organizers; whether it’s mom-to-be herself, her partner, friends or relatives, I am certain they would be looking to ensure a great experience for all guests by paying close attention to their choice of food and drink, decoration, activities, and music.

Baby Shower Music Playlist: Popular Baby Shower Songs

Music to Suit the Mood

The music that plays in the background during the party is going to heavily influence the atmosphere, so it’s good to pick tracks that fit the mood you want in the party, maybe even selecting particular songs for certain activities such as a lively jam like Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera for everyone to have a dance!

A baby shower will open up a lot of emotions for the expecting mother and her family as thoughts of the future and past they’re leaving behind could become subject of conversation lining a good crying session. Mama’s Song by Homegrown Peaches would be a great fit for moments like these because sometimes slow, emotional songs are a must coming towards the end of a party.

Create Your Own Playlist!

Baby Shower Playlist: Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Only you as the party organizers will know whether you are planning a wild party with a lively atmosphere or a relaxed meet up with people close to the expecting mother and should plan the music you’re going to include around the activities and how you expect the party to go judging by how long it will be and who’s going to be there.

Take this baby shower playlist as a great suggestion for the baby shower you are planning, mix and match the songs how you like and add or remove any you want to the selection to ensure this baby shower is a blast for the guests!

1. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This

Guest are just arriving and settling into to the location you have chosen for the party, be it a friend/relatives residence, a community center or club. Something Just Like This would be a great warm-up song for your event or could even be used later on as the party calms down.

2. George Ezra – Budapest

Budapest is a song with an awesome guitar lick and great vocals, surely a great choice of track for a relaxed beginning to any party. The warm sound but upbeat bass and soft percussion makes for a funky and warm atmosphere, a great way to get people loosen up and converse more.

3. French Montana [Feat. Swae Lee] – Unforgettable

Unforgettable is a nice tune to extend the introductory period of the party, its quiet and low tempo enough for people to talk and start building on the atmosphere. The song slowly increases in tempo warming everyone up and tempting them to dance.

4. Duke Dumont & Gorgon City [Feat. NAATIONS] – Real Life

Want to ramp up the excitement quickly, want to get everyone on the dancefloor and moving? Definitely include Real Life in your playlist and the house will be bumping in no time at all, watch out for people dancing with drinks though, drink stains are a nightmare!

5. A-Ha – Take On Me

Maybe you would prefer to kick things off with an 80’s classic that everyone loves to sing along to and works great in large party situations. This song is such an upbeat tune the guest wont be able to help having a little dance along, the song also works alongside baby shower games.

6. Mark Ronson [Feat Bruno Mars] – Uptown Funk

A well loved song that urges anyone listening to dance or bob along, it’s just too catchy and really gets stuck in your head too! Uptown funk will go down as a party favorite for generation so why not include it in your playlist?

7. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

Another song which really resonated with people, the black-eyed peas really displayed how cheesy but at the same time how fun they can be with this track. It’s no doubt a solid choice to keep an exciting party bumping.

8. Paolo Nutini – Pencil Full of Lead

Paolo Nutini really got the UK swinging by featuring a wacky trombone throughout the song. Pencil Full of Lead may contend to make it onto your list especially if you plan some silly antics or crazy games at the party.

9. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Instantly recognizable smash hit, this funky jam will have everyone dancing, singing and some even showing off their moonwalking abilities. This song is hands down perfect for a baby shower dance battle, it’s on!

10. John Legend – Ordinary People

If the party is going to be more of a calm social event, slower songs like this are perfect for maintaining a considerate atmosphere and keeping the noise at an appropriate level. This song is also perfect for winding down if the baby shower is going on during later hours of the night.

11. James Arthur – Say You Wont Let Go

This romantic and grounding song by James Arthur is thought-provoking and chilled out, another great to join the list of relaxed baby shower songs. The guitar riff throughout this song has a lovely tone keeps it upbeat and would suit being played out loud or quietly in the background.

12. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication

Sometimes a baby shower needs a bit of rock to spruce things up or breaks a stale atmosphere. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are fantastic for this with their smooth track Californication.

13. Rita Ora – Anywhere

A nice modern pop hit to end this list with and would certainly make a great addition to yours. Anywhere is a really cool track that like other songs, work great played loudly for people to dance to or as background music, this song also works really nice outdoors on a sunny day if you are fortunate enough to have a BBQ baby shower!

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