Best Baby High Chair Pads 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve got a baby high chair that’s starting to look worn from everyday wear and tear, or you simply want a way to customize a high chair for your baby boy or girl, then high chair pads are the perfect solution.

These high chair cushions come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can fit a variety of high chair designs from the modern to the antique.

Baby high chair pads offer you the ability to save money, as they offer your baby the comfort and hygiene for the fraction of the cost of a brand new high chair.

In fact, they are also a common way to spruce up an old hand me down high chair and help the environment out at the same time too!

Best High Chair Pads Reviewed

Baby’s Journey Babysitter High Chair Pad



This high chair pad is a little different than most since it’s been designed to fit multiple different types of seating as opposed to a single design. This means it can be easily stored away in your bag and used with convenience, whether that is at home, on a park bench or when you might be eating out at a restaurant.

There will be places where it may not be practical, but for the modern mother, it will definitely come in handy in a range of environments.

The advantage of this pad is the simple design of the attachment straps. They are easy to assemble, unlike many high chair seat attachments that are clunky and awkward when the clips begin to become worn.

The versatile design means it helps budget wise too since you can use this single pad in a variety of settings e.g. car, travel, eating-out etc as opposed to buying one for each individual situation.

Like all good high chair pads, it comes with a very secure 5-point harness, which provides maximum safety by keeping your baby secure and stable at all times. However, it does provide comfort too, helping your baby to enjoy sitting and eating and not see it as something to cry about.

Carousel Designs High Chair Pad



Although more premium in price, this luxury high chair cushion is made in the United States and features an extra deep and wide top and bottom cushion for maximum comfort and support for your baby. This is not a flimsy pad by any means and is designed to be highly durable and last.

This pad is designed to fit onto traditional rocking and high chairs and at 18 inches high it does a pretty good job at fitting many common high chair designs. In keeping with the style, it utilizes traditional tie-knots to secure it in place and means it can be used in a wide range of seats.

The bottom cushion is a healthy 13 inches by 12 inches meaning it will fill out most high chairs well and not become slack or loose – helping to provide a good level of support and comfort.

Mentioning where a product is made isn’t usually important in the grand scheme of things, yet it feels good to know that this product is made in the USA. This not only helps to build the economy and provide jobs for US citizens, but it means that you can make the choice to be a responsible parent and reduce your carbon footprint by buying your kids products at home instead of overseas.

NoJo High Chair Cover Pad



The NoJo pad is another simple to attach and remove pad only this one is machine washable offering convenience and durability. The large and versatile design means it can easily fit on many plastic and wood high chairs for a safe and secure seating at meal times.

Whats great about this cushion is the ability to clean it with ease, whether that be a simple wipe or a complete clean in the washer.

As it is made from a combination of materials including cotton and polyester it means that spillages won’t be easily absorbed, instead of sitting on the surface ready for a quick removal, helping to maintain good hygiene and healthy pad condition.

One thing to bear in mind is that the high chair harness is not included and must be bought separately. However, this has an advantage since you can then select the best-sized harness for your requirements, for example, you might have a specific high chair that you own in mind.

What to Consider when Choosing a New Chair Pad

Chair size – make sure you take into account the size of your high chair; otherwise, you may end up with a pad that doesn’t fit properly, which can be a comfort and safety issue.

Chair brands – certain high chair brands will provide a range of replaceable high chair pads and cushions, which is very convenient, while others don’t.

If you don’t have this option, or simply don’t want to spend so much on a branded one, then there are a lot of other options for you. You can typically find a generic pad that will fit well in your chair. You may also prefer to use a baby sit me up seat.

Test it out – when your new pad arrives, make sure you test the fit before using it. Ensure your little one isn’t squashed up in their chair or that it’s too slack. It’s usually very easy to return if there are any issues.

Materials – if you’re a parent then you probably know how messy a baby can be food, pee and other moist can soon make a mess. For this reason, always opt for a material that will be easy to clean and maintain, such as those that have a synthetic plastic coating.

The majority of pads are designed with this in mind, but be aware of some on the market that is made from materials such as wool and cotton alone, which will simply soak all that mess up.

Padding – the padding material is just as important (if not more) than the design or covering material. A good padding material will provide comfort and encourage your baby to love their high chair as opposed to another comfy area of your home. It can also encourage good posture since it will help support their spine, head, and neck.

Mom Bible’s Favorite High Chair Pad

We think that the multipurpose high chair pad by Baby’s Journey offers the best value for money since it is a truly Multi-Purpose Baby’s High Chair Pad that can be used in a variety of different environments and different chair designs.

The lightweight and small design mean that it is easy to store, portable and fits perfectly in the car and in your bag. For that reason, we recommend it to parents, although if you are looking for a high chair pad that fits your specific high chair, then you may be better choosing one of the larger designs above or the one provided by your high chair manufacturer.

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