Best Knee Pads for Crawling Babies (Top Reviews in 2021)

Which type of baby knee pads are best? Do you even need them? The moment your baby starts to crawl is an exciting sight to witness as it’s a sure sign that they are developing as expected and beginning to explore the world around them independently.

Equally, however, crawling around on surfaces can irritate baby’s knees, leading to sores and cuts that can easily be avoided with a pair of baby knee pads.

The exact time that a baby starts to crawl can vary tremendously, yet typically it can range anywhere from 6 months up to 3 years old.

As a proactive parent it is important to ensure you support them in their development and since they can’t communicate very well verbally, it’s essential that you take the necessary precautions to ensure nothing will discourage them from crawling.

So which crawling pads are the best? In this post, we will explore some of the best options available to ensure your babies crawling adventures are never disrupted.

Best Baby Knee Pads for Crawling Reviewed

FlyingP KBaby Knee Pads



These knee pads offer great protection for babies crawling on all fours and will ensure they are well protected from carpet burns, grazes and bruises as they enjoy their time exploring the world around them and building up their leg muscles in time for walking.

These pads provide a comfortable and tiny fit, so you can rest assured they won’t slip off down their legs as the day progresses. The material is elastic, fits with ease and comfortable to wear, so wherever your baby maybe they will be well prepared for a fun time crawling and exploring their surroundings.

These high-quality pads will help them progress from crawling to walking in no time at all. It’s not nice to see any baby struggle to build their confidence and take them first few steps due to the nature of their surroundings.

The truth is that some homes just aren’t built for crawling babies, and that’s why these knee pads are ideal for the crawling stage of a babies development.

As you may have guessed, after a day or two of crawling on the floor, knee pads can become dirty pretty quickly. For this reason, it’s important to secure pads that are easy to clean and maintain their durability after each wash. That’s why these pads are so popular – they are easy to clean and dry before each and every crawling adventure.

There is a range of styles, patterns and colors to choose from with FlyingP, from cute animals such as giraffes and elephants to simple colors such as red and green.

These designs offer you the ability to match the pads with your babies outfits. It’s always a wise idea to opt for baby items stylised with nice characters too, they love them!

Toptim Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads



These Toptim kneepads for toddlers and babies come in 5 unique colors, including black, blue and pink, ideal for both little boys and girls. The sponge material provides warmth and durability and absorbs moisture while protecting your babies knees from the harshness of crawling on hard and gritty surfaces.

The elastic design ensures that they don’t slip off during crawling and remain comfortable to wear throughout the day. The textured portion of the pad ensures that your babies knees have a solid grip on the floor, helping to prevent slipping over and guarding their knees against bruises and scrapes.

One downside of elastic knee pads, in general, is that some parents feel that they are too tight fitting for their baby. Although many other parents feel that these offer more stability and remain secure throughout the day. Ultimately, whether to choose elastic or Velcro pads comes down to personal preference.

Breathable Mesh Fabric Baby Knee Pads



These very cute knee pads come with accompanying elbow pads meaning your baby’s little knees and elbows will be protected when crawling around on all four limbs. Not many sets provide both, so this is a value for money option with awesome designs to boot.

The mesh design of these elbow and knee pads means they are breathable, absorb moisture and provide your crawling baby with comfort, grip, and protection from harsh surfaces and surface friction.

Unlike other pads, these are not elasticated, which many parents complain are too tight for their babies small arms and legs, making an uncomfortable fit. Instead, they are secured in place with adjustable Velcro straps, perfect for growing babies, which also makes them extremely easy to remove if required.

Do Babies Need Knee Pads? 

Many parents assume that their flooring will be perfectly fine for a crawling baby. It’s easy to think that the softest carpet won’t cause any irritation to a babies knees or elbows, but the reality is that carpet burns and irritation easily occur on soft and delicate baby skin.

Equally, you may have a tiled floor or wooden flooring that is very cold to the touch, which can be quite overwhelming for a baby to deal with. Not to mention the fact that any knees (adult or not) can struggle with tile and wood flooring. Getting some adult knee pads alongside your baby can help you encourage them and serve as an example so that you can bond more with your baby.

Therefore, it’s a great thing that you are doing your research and finding out how to best support a baby that is learning to walk and crawl. After all, every little helps.

Should You Choose Protective Knee Wear Instead? 

Many parents consider buying baby clothing that has built-in knee and elbow cushioning in the design, however, this isn’t necessarily the best option.

For instance, if you purchase a piece of clothing that helps protect their knees and elbows as they crawl, you either have to buy multiple pieces or limit yourself and your baby to a single style of clothing, which is never a good idea.

Instead, it’s better to purchase removable knee pads that you can pair with any outfit your baby wears. This provides you with versatility and the ability to place them over any of your child’s clothes with ease.

Our Favorite Baby Knee Pads

The FlyingP knee pads offer the best value for money due to their durability, design options, and comfort. Like many things, including baby gear, it’s easy to become tempted to buy the cheapest option, but this often leads to disappointment due to the low-quality materials used and how well they wash.

That’s why we selected the FlyingP pads, the quality of the stitching and materials used are far superior to competitors and they wash very well. The price is slightly more than other brands but for the longevity aspect, it’s well worth the small investment to protect your crawling baby for months on end.

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