Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

A great way of adding some fun and comfort into a kids room and often with a splash of color, kids bean bag chairs are a fantastic choice!

They offer so much flexibility and are mostly quite small in size, therefore, making them a practical piece of furniture that kids can sit on whilst they play but are easy to put away!

They can come in quite a variety though and it’s not always so easy (especially when thinking about gifting) to decide on the best bean bag chair for kids; size, materials, and filling are some of the key elements you’ll want to consider when making the purchase.

With that in mind, there are also a lot of different structural design choices, some being the more common beanbag shape that you’re probably more familiar with and others which are stitched to be shaped like armchairs.

This, of course, would affect their practicality in terms of storage but can be more comfortable. Follow this guide and the product reviews below to get a better idea of what makes a bean bag chair and how they can add something cool to your children’s playroom.

Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids Compared

Flash Furniture Kids Bean Bag Chair



For an affordable and simplistic start, this kids bean bag chair is a great value for money choice when it comes to quality materials and comfort. There is also a huge amount of colors to choose from, and so you could get one or two of these to suit any room!

The cover of this kids bean chair is made from cotton with a twill stitching pattern which really gives it a lovely texture and grip on the floor. It’s also a very convenient cover being machine washable, it can just go in with the rest of the laundry, just make sure its a cold wash!

This bean bag chair is quite comfortable with its polystyrene bead filler; a kid can really relax out with this bean bag chair even though it’s quite small in size. Due to its size, it is actually quite easy to tuck away somewhere out of the way and is also very portable, easy to take in the car on an outing.

Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair



A great pick with a cool design is how I would describe the Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair, but that’s not all there is to it by far! Its very much armchair-shaped, very soft and comfortable and would make a great gift for a kid looking for a kids army look to their room.

There are also black and navy blue selection available, it is a matter of opinion and they are worth checking out, these bean bag chairs offer a good amount of support, their double zip feature giving the chair stability.

The manufacturer uses their own filling for the bean bag chair called UltimaX Beans offer maximum comfort by molding to you when you sit on the chair, any child would love it and it would be great if they like to sit back and watch movies or play video games in their room.

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Foam Sofa



This is an amazing choice for kids, especially those who are fans of Chase, Marshal and their friends on Paw Patrol. This foam based sofa holds its shape really well, its really soft and comfortable and also flips out into a bed; it’s just perfect for sleepovers or playtime!

It is certainly bulky to handle but it’s super light in weight, very easy to carry from room to room maybe between two people of its the kids but even they shouldn’t have any problems moving it themselves.

The charming kid’s sofa adds a sense of comfort to a kids bedroom or playroom, really adding to the atmosphere and giving a place the kids can chill out and watch tv, play games or have a nap.

ECR4Kids Bean Bag Chair



The ECR4Kids Bean Bag Chair is definitely a sleek and elegant bean bag chair with its faux leather cover and minimalistic design. There is a huge choice of color for this product which is great, it really lets you choose the best style for you and your kid.

This chair features double zips and double stitching ensuring a strong, high quality and durable seat for your kid’s room. It’s also really small and portable, great for taking out and about with you.

A great advantage of the out material of this bean bag chair is that its very easy to wipe clean and very difficult to stain. This bean bag chair is perfect for the bedroom, lounge, playroom and even the classroom and it’s very affordable too making it great value for money.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing?

When you look at the options, you’re mostly going to be wondering about the overall quality and comfort of the kid’s bean bag chairs. You may also find long johns made for kids provide extra comfort when lounging in a beanbag.

To get an idea, there are certain characteristics that we took into account with the reviews that are listed below; some for instance like color, would be down to your own preference or to match a certain color scheme in the room.

Outer Material/Cover

The material that has the most interaction with the skin as well as having to be fairly durable given its going to be sat on, laid on and likely be dragged around on the floor. It’s got a very important job and that’s to be pleasant to the touch as well being highly resistant to wear and so the choice of material would play an important role.

There are several different outer material options available for kids bean bag chairs ranging from polyester fabric to leather which would no doubt affect the price and other features such as how easy it would be to clean and how durable the bean bag chair is.

Inner Material

There are a few different types of “stuffing” or “filling”; the choice of which without a doubt would define how comforting, soft and bouncy the bean bag chair is, as well as how well it can hold its shape over time.

  • A common material used to fill bean bag chairs is called polyurethane foam/beads which is soft and comfortable, can hold its shape whilst giving plenty of support and is also recyclable.
  • Polystyrene balls are also used frequently. They add a lot of flexibility to the chair, allowing it to be modeled into a suitable shape. They work together to support the weight of the child as they relax, and can easily be packed away when space isn’t being used anymore.
  • There is a larger variety of polystyrene balls called EPS Beads and can be bought in quite large quantities on Amazon which is handy if you bought a bean bag chair cover and want to fill it yourself.


The size if the bean bag chair would, of course, be indicated by the amount of space available in the room it’s going to be in. You may also want to think about for instance if you host your children’s friends and family often; a larger option may be much more useful by offering more places for kids to sit.


This one mainly comes down to preference, but there are many choices out there, plenty of colors, textures and even some designs featuring kids cartoon characters.

The sheer amount of choice allows you to decide on a bean chair that suits the personality of the child but at the same time can add to the decor of the room.


When concerning the price of the product, what you’re really thinking is: “Do I get my money’s worth?”, because we know that value for money does not always mean going for the cheapest options which may not be built with as much quality.

The value of the product reflects how durable, comforting and aesthetically pleasing your bean bag chair is in comparison to others on the market, and that’s why it is useful to have a comparison guide, check out the following reviews to take a more in-depth look at the varieties of kids bean bag chairs on offer.

Final Words

I’m sure after reading this bean bag chair guide you’ll be quite ready to look at all of the options out there, and I would encourage you to do so.

Now you know what to look for in quality and what to expect of the comfort on offer; you will no doubt find the best children’s bean bag chair for you and your kids!

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