Best Car Seat Protectors: Keeping Your Car as Good as New

The best car seat protectors are nifty for keeping your car clean. If there’s one thing that’s hard for a parent to control, its kids and pets making a mess in the car! But general trash and discarded drink bottles are not the major issues here, they can simply be removed. But the stains on the seats, crumbs in the crevices and fur everywhere are just what it takes to ruin a perfectly good car!

It’s not just that a dirty car is pretty difficult and time-consuming to clean. Especially when it comes to removing stains from a car seat. But it makes the car an unpleasant environment for passengers and it also decreases the car’s resell value unless you were to pay to have it professionally cleaned.

Why pay the extra cost for cleaning the car out when it’s time to sell? and why put up with stains and mess on the seats in the first place? You can avoid all of this by just using a simple and affordable product; the best car seat protectors!

The best car seat protectors aren’t just an unsightly sheet that you throw over the seats. They are comfortable, easy to use, remove and clean and even have other benefits such as storage pockets. There are different ones available and some are better than others, so take a look at what’s available before you choose one for your car.

Quick Picks: Best Car Seat Protectors

Car Seat ProtectorCoverageBuilt-in StorageMaterialDimensions
Lebogner Car Seat Protector1 Seat5 PocketsPolyester19" W x 27" L
VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector3 SeatsN/AQuilted56" W x 49" L
Brica Car Seat Protector: Seat Guardian1 SeatN/AVinyl20" W x 45" L
Zohzo Child & Infant Car Seat Protector1 Seat (x2)2 PocketsPVC & Polyester20.5" W x 17.75" L

#1 Lebogner Car Seat Protector


The first of the best car seat protectors that we’re going to mention is an extremely popular choice and a best seller. The reason why it’s so popular is that’s its super handy, easy to use but it’s not over-engineered, it’s a simple product that does its job well!

The material that this seat protector is made from is a type of polyester that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear damage but also can be easily wiped clean, unlike your car seat, and so it makes sense to use it as protection.

This protector also comes with a kick mat, which hangs on the back of the front seat to prevent it from getting dirty when the kids get their shoes on the back of the seat. This is also an extremely useful tool, as we know how insistent kids are when it comes to kicking the back of the front seat, no matter how many times they are told!

Both parts of this protector have pockets for storage. They could be for toys, or snacks or other utility items such as hand wipes. They are mesh pockets so can be seen through and there are five in total: 2 on the bottom of the seat protector and 3 on the kick mat.

If you have younger passengers in your car who are using a car seat, whether forward or rear facing, the seat protector has non slip material incorporated into its design. This helps keep the child’s car seat more secure when on the car seat protector making ti the best car seat protector for booster seats.

To top it off, this seat protector is easy to use, it has a loop on the top end which you simply hang on the head of the seat. It also folds up quickly and easily ready to be carried elsewhere for when you need it to.

#2 VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector


The second of our featured best car seat cover protectors is for those of you who prefer to protect your car seats in style. The main attraction of this product is suave with a quilted texture of the seat that adds instead of detracts from the overall interior design of your car.

It’s also great value for money because it covers the whole back row of seats, not just one! And does a great job to provide as much coverage over the seats and back of the seats as possible.

This not only makes this car seat great for kids but its coverage makes it the best car seat protector for dogs, cats or other pets, as fur gets everywhere and so keeping all the cracks and crevices between the seats covered is a great way to reduce fur building up where it’s hard to remove.

The material that it’s made out of is non-slip and waterproof, protecting your car seat from small spillages. The problem with that is if there is a large spillage, where is all the liquid going to go? It’s going to pool in one area or drip onto the floor, so it’s worth having some kitchen towel if your children have drinks in the back, ready for a spillage.

The non-slip aspect of this seat protector refers to the material on the bottom, that is, that faces the seat rather than what the passengers sit on. This gives the whole seat protector extra grip on the seat and doesn’t slide around underneath your passengers.

It’s easy to install, you just have to hook the loops over the back seat headrests and secure the ties in the corners. It’s also easy to clean, as being waterproof, you can simply wipe away any debris or blot spillages.

It’s worth mentioning that this seat protector also has three different color options for you’re to choose from. Personally, I like the gray but there’s also the black and brown option which may suit the interior of your car better.

#3 Brica Car Seat Protector: Seat Guardian


The Brica car seat protectors are also very popular; people like them because they are very high quality by being composed of thick, durable vinyl while being comfortable and easy to use.

It incorporates dual grip technology, enabling the seat protector to grip onto car seat, preventing it from sliding out from underneath your kids or passengers. It’s also got a lot of grip on top, keeping your passengers, pets and baby car seats secure in place.

It also covers the back side of the seat, acting effectively as a kick mat if you were to use a rear-facing baby car seat. It’s very easy to install, you just have to loop it around the headrest of the car seat, and the loop also has a clip which you can fasten if that makes it easier for you.

The vinyl material it’s made from makes it completely waterproof and stain resistant. It can very easily be wiped down, or taken out of the car to shake off any crumbs or debris left by the kids.

#4 Zohzo Child & Infant Car Seat Protector


With a purchase of the Zohzo car seat protector, you get great value for money because not only is it really affordable, but you get two car seat protectors per purchase! They’re a great simple product which has adjustable headrest straps so you can set it to be as tight or loose and you feel is appropriate.

These car seat protectors have many layers of protection which include a water-resistant polyester material, and PVC making it easy to wipe clean. The problem is these seat protectors don’t cover many seats, and so if there was a spillage of non-viscous liquid, there’s a chance it would run onto the next seat.

It has two mesh pockets on the bottom to store any essentials or toys that you like to keep handy, and it has a reinforced PVC leather material incorporated in the centre which increases its durability and protects it from tearing.

The underside is also made from a non-slip material which grips onto your car seat without doing damage. This helps the seat protector to stay centred and not slip around underneath your passengers.

What Makes The Best Car Seat Protectors?

You must be thinking – “There’s got to be a reason that they have suggested these car seat protectors over others, right?” And you would be correct. There are many reasons why we have listed these products as being the best car seat protectors.

The quality of the car seat protector is paramount when choosing a product to get the best value for money. And this doesn’t just refer to the materials that go into its construction, we also look at other features such as coverage, storage space and ease of use.


The ability of the car seat protector to resist damage increases its lifespan and this does greatly depend on the materials that it is made from. Vinyl and PVC are quite heavy duty as opposed to polyester. They are less likely to suffer damage from shoes, pet carriers or other objects being placed and moved around on top of it.

The longer the product lasts, the better value you are getting from it. It means you can use it for longer without having to need to spend more money on replacing it!


A vital safety consideration to have with car seat protectors is if they have a non-slip material. Materials such as textured PVC, vinyl, or rubber being present on the bottom and top side of the seat is favorable. It’s essential in all cases for it to be non-slip on the underside as it stops the seat from slipping from under passengers, making their ride safer and more comfortable.

Having non-slip materials on the top side is not as important unless you are using a baby car seat. If this is the case, the non-slip helps to keep the baby car seat held in place when it is properly installed. This is extremely important for safety when using a baby car seat but there are risks to having a baby car seat on top of the car seat protector as we discuss further down.


You may have noticed that the car seat protectors featured in this article vary greatly in how many seats they cover. Some only protecting one seat at a time while others cover multiple seats. The more coverage, the better at protecting your seats from liquid damage and form small particles or fur, in the case that you have pets.

The best car seat protectors for dogs, cats or other pets that you may travel with, even if they are in a crate, are the ones which offer the most coverage such as the Viewpets one that we have suggested.


It’s really handy as parents or caregivers to have the extra storage pockets in the car. It allows your kids to keep the things they need during a car journey to handy for when they need them.

Things such as snacks, drinks, entertainment devices, toys can all be within reach whilst they are traveling in the car, meaning they can reach for their own stuff instead of you having to top to give it to them.

They’re also a great way to keep the stuff you keep in your car such as maps, de-icer, sunglasses, etc. organized and easy to find.


Some car seat protectors are of a thin material and so don’t take away the comfort of the car seat but as a result, are not as resistant to damage and not as able to protect the car seat from liquids.

For optimal protection, the best car seat protectors are made from several layers of different materials which all have different properties that work to protect your car. If a car seat can be comfortable while doing this they are certainly good value.

The Brica car seat protector – the Brica car seat guardian plus (listed above) is both comfortable and high quality.

Why Use A Seat Protector?

Children and pets can leave your car in a state, and before you know it, the fur, liquid damage, crumbs can congregate in the cracks and crevices of the car seat leaving it difficult to clean again.

Not only that, but liquid damage can wear away at the materials of the seat and even stain the seats which can be extremely difficult to remove. This leaves the family car you’re so proud of, in a way that’s not so desirable.

Pets, kids, food, and drink can also transfer bad odors into the fabric of the car seat, leaving a permanent bad smell in the air that air fresheners can only temporarily repress.

You may be wondering how to prevent car seat marks on leather? A car seat protector is your answer and will protect your leather car seats from baby car seats and marks left by shoes on the car seats as kids climb in.

A car seat protector is a driving essential for both parents and pet owners! It protects the seat from the fur, the crumbs, and potentially the liquid damage that build upon the seats of the cars and leave lasting bad smells, keeping your car in fit shape.

Is it safe to use a seat protector?

Car seat protectors are totally safe to use, however, there are times in which you should specifically not use them. One example is they should not be placed underneath a baby car seat as baby car seats are designed to fit securely onto the actual seat of the car and be fastened in place with the seat belts. A car seat protector will enable the baby car seat to slide around and give it too much leeway for movement when it is supposed to be totally secure to function properly as we outline in our ultimate car seat guide for parents.

The also shouldn’t be used underneath booster seats if the manufacturer has specifically stated specifically that their booster seat should not have anything placed underneath it. With that being said, most car seat protectors that you can buy will have a warning which notifies you to not use the product if it intefers with the workings of any car safety equipment for children.

In Summary

The best car seat protector is your best bet at preserving the interior of your car, protecting it from the mess and bad odors. But do they protect your seats from liquid absorption, damage, and stains?

It does highly depend on the amount that is spilled. Waterproof car seat protectors are going to stop the liquid from being absorbed into the car seat fabric directly below it, but the liquid has to go somewhere, right?

It’s always a good idea to give your kids secure sippy cups or bottles with sports lids that if dropped, won’t spill a vast amount of liquid onto the seats. That way, only small drops of liquid can be spilled and easily wiped clean.

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