Best Dollhouses for Boys – The Ultimate List

Gone are the days when just pink, girl themed dollhouses were available. Back in the day, it was quite typical for girls to have their own dollhouses and boys to feel restricted in some way from playing with them. Yet the truth is that dollhouses are not just for girls! Many boys love playing with them too!

In fact, today there are many great dollhouses created with boys in mind, as well as those made to be gender neutral and perfect for both girls and boys to play with, independently or together.

Whatever gender, dollhouses are a great way for kids to explore their imagination, improve their fine motor skills and of course have fun! With all of these factors in mind, we have selected some of the best dollhouses for boys to enjoy.

Best Dollhouses for Boys Compared 

Skylar Dollhouse



This large dollhouse with an open design allows kids of all ages to very easily play with all of the figures and pieces as they are able to easily access all sides of the house. This is a definite advantage over the closed designs that typically have a single front panel that can open. This also means that other children can easily join in, as they play at opposite ends.

The multicolor theme and overall appearance of the house also has a gender-neutral feel and look, making it perfect for either boys or girls to play with. Made from solid wood, the set is extremely well-built, durable and will definitely stand the test of time.

The house comes as a complete set and includes everything required for a great experience right out of the box. This includes 20 piece furniture and accessories set, four figures, as well as a moveable staircase. The set even includes a pet dog!

Kid Kraft Everyday Heroes Play Set


This play set by Kid Kraft definitely veers away from the more traditional residential style dollhouse and instead presents a very cool looking multi-story fire and police station. For this reason, it’s definitely targeted towards boys and allows them to role-play with the fire-fighters and policemen.

In total, this set boasts three floors and 12 rooms, which includes a bathroom, kitchen, gym and locker room. It also includes other essentials of a fire station – the fireman’s pole and fire engine. The police department also features police bike and helipad complete with a helicopter for when things get serious!

The set is large enough for group play and everything can be placed inside and closed up when playtime is over. This means nothing will get lost or broken and it’s easy to store away, a major benefit for any parent. The set also includes furniture, vehicles and the figures making this a set that can be played with right out of the box.

Melissa & Doug Medieval Wooden Castle


What little boy doesn’t like medieval fantasy? This beautifully crafted wooden castle will allow your little guy to jump into the world of kings, queens, and battles for the throne in an instant. Even though it does not fit the classic mold of a dollhouse, we think this is a great option for any boy who likes to play with 3D models and interiors.

This large royal castle has all the usual trappings of a traditional royal castle. It includes a hinged front to open up the castle and multiple turrets, one of which is removable for more flexible play. It also includes a drawbridge and trapdoor to keep enemies out and keep prisoners in.

The stone paintwork and dragon emblem are what really give this set the authentic medieval castle feel. This is a quality built castle that certainly provides a quality imaginative play. There is also a wooden Royal Family doll set available by Melissa & Doug complete with horses, which are essential for the complete historical experience during play time.

Kid Kraft Deluxe Garage Set


What doesn’t boy like playing with cars? This Garage set complete with car wash, gas station, and lift is the ultimate little boys take on the doll’s house. It is sure to provide your little guy with the ultimate pretend-play experience for hours on end.

The open and large design makes it suitable for both group and sibling play and each child can easily be off doing their own thing without any interruptions. For example, while one is playing with the winding ramp, another can be using the regular ramp or perhaps be checking out the skyline with the help of the helicopter on the top floor.

The bright and colorful design is what gives this particular garage the edge over others as well as the cheerful townspeople. As well as the large garage, complete with car wash, gas station, and ticket machine, the set also includes 6 cars and trucks, 4 smiling townspeople, along with a helicopter and helipad. Overall this is a great gift for any little boy who loves cars and dollhouse play.

VTech Go! Go! Discovery Home


If you are specifically looking for a dollhouse more suitable for younger kids and toddlers, then this vibrant and interactive house by VTech is a great choice. The tough plastic design makes it much more durable than the more mature dollhouses, which can only be positive at the age where kids seem to have a propensity to drop things and be heavy handed.

The Smart Discover home is colorful and the large characters and furniture make them very easy to grip and handle for small hands. The three-story house includes bedroom, balcony, garden, and slide and it large enough for group play.

As well as being a visually appealing and great way to enhance pretend-play, this house is packed with interactive features that enhance learning and development. The figures included introduce themselves when pressed and it includes more than 35 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. There is also what is termed “MagicPoint” locations too, which light up and making engaging sounds when the figures are placed in them, which is a useful way to highlight cause and effect relationships and enhance play.

Kidkraft Fire Station Set


This impressive looking fire station will be loved by any boy and the open side design means it’s perfect for group play. The set is made from solid wood so is incredibly hardy meaning it will easily survive a good amount of play and could easily be inherited to future generations and younger siblings.

The set includes 15 accessory pieces including furniture, helicopter, fire engine and bendable figurines. The attention to detail on this set is what makes it stand out from the crowd, for instance, the station features brickwork and background illustrations as well as a pet dog and silver bell.

Two vehicles are included with the house – a good sized fire engine housed in the fire station behind doors and a helicopter that sits on the roof. The fire engine even has ladders that can be extended for enhanced imaginative play. Overall, this is a fun, engaging and detailed toy any little boy will love!

Factors to Consider when Buying Dollhouses for Boys

Choosing a dollhouse for a boy used to be a tricky decision to make, but today with so much choice, it’s no issue at all. The key thing is to choose a set that your child will like, as of course, they are the ones going to be playing with them. Here are some important things to remember when making a decision:

What type of dollhouse does your boy want? 

Today, there are a variety of dollhouse categories out there, the more traditional residential style dollhouses and then the more themed dollhouses, such as fire stations, police stations, barns, and zoos.

The traditional dollhouse is also now targeted at boys, even though it was classically a girls toy, this is no longer the case. Today many are designed to be gender-neutral and don’t look overtly feminine and are available in more colors than just pink.

Many prefer to choose the themed option since these have more versatility than just a “house”, for example, a fire station would come with vehicles such as fire engines. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, you could even ask your son what they would prefer to play with.

Closed vs. Open Dollhouses 

There is two main type of dollhouses in terms of design and structure: the “open” house design and the “closed design”. Open dollhouses are panel three and allow 360-degree access and views of the house interior, while closed houses typically have walls on all side of the house with a single front panel that opens up for access.

The “open” house design is preferred since it allows easy access to the interior and also means there is adequate space for group play from all sides. On the other hand, some kids prefer the more appearance of a closed design, but this is probably most suitable for independent play.

Do you want a furnished dollhouse?

The majority of dollhouses available usually come accompanied with all of the necessary accessories including furnishing, vehicles, and figures. However, some do not so bear this in mind when looking. For some, this is not really an issue, especially if your child already has figures they would like to use with the dollhouse.

What size dollhouse do you need? 

You will also want to check the dimensions of the dollhouse you like the look of since pictures can be quite deceptive. Thinking about the size is also important if your child wants to use toys and figures they already own the new house since they will need to fit. Many houses fold up and allow you to store all accessories inside, which is great for space saving and ensuring nothing gets lost, so this is another great feature to keep an eye out for.

Materials of the Dollhouse

Dollhouses tend to be made from two main materials, either wood or plastic. Many parents prefer to use wooden dollhouses as they not only prefer their organic appearance but also feel that they are safer than plastic, which can contain BPA. However, it’s important to note that since companies have become more aware of parents concerns, they have made the necessary changes and today not all plastic toys contain toxic materials, but it’s still always worth checking the label and product information.

Age Suitability 

It is important to check the recommended age for the dollhouse you buy your child. A lot of small parts can be found in dollhouses, particular the accessories, therefore always check this. Usually, dollhouses for toddlers will have much larger accessories and parts, making them easy to handle and more difficult to place in the mouth. Regardless, it’s essential to co check and abide by the age reccomendations.

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