Best Long Johns for Kids 2021 – For Maximum Durability & Comfort

Long Johns are simply a fantastic article of clothing for those cold nights and chilly mornings, and there’s not a single person who owns long johns that would disagree. The snug warmness that the best long johns offer make all the difference when it comes to home comforts, outdoor ventures, and sport!

Long Johns aren’t just clothing for adults though, and kids long johns are just as readily available on the market today; they would certainly make a great gift for a child especially in the winter months when the mornings outside are crisp with frost.

Best Long Johns for Kids Compared

Just to clarify, these reviews are listed in order of price but its best to take a look at them all so that you can get a good idea of the amount of value you can get for your money.

Just Love Thermal Underwear Set



Starting with the most affordable set, Just Love Thermal Underwear Set is a great sleepwear option for girls. The set is available in several soft pastel colors, is designed to fit comfortably with a lot of sizes to choose from.

These long johns are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and they do feel really nice to the touch, they are very suitable for young children to sleep in and lounge in on a cold day. The elastic waist also increases the comfort whilst the cuffed legs and arms helps to increase heat retention and insulation.

The product is advertised as a girls product, but I don’t see any reason why boys should not enjoy the product, there’s not really that much genderization involved with kids long johns except maybe for color but that’s really down to preference!

32 Degrees Thermal Underwear Set




This product is more marketed towards boys by name but clearly, there are selections more suitable for girls in this range so it’s worth taking a look. There is certainly a nice range of styles from gentle colors with spots to a camouflage design which boys would really love, especially to take camping.

This set is functionally water resistant due to the array of materials it is composed of acrylic, polyester, rayon, spandex. These materials are comfortable to wear and are not irritable at all.

The thermal clothes do have a snug fit and the sleeves are quite tight against the wrists but this set does not feature cuffs and so may not be as insulated as other choices but are stretchy enough to ensure a pleasant fit.

Even if it does get soaked when out and about the materials are quick drying and so your kid won’t have to wait that long to get back into them. This is a fantastic feature for campers as an unfortunate bit of rain doesn’t have to be as much of a problem.

Another benefit of this set is it’s relatively easy to clean as it is machine washable and detergent can be used but there are some cleaning instructions to watch out for including to not use fabric softener, do not iron and do not dry clean.

SNOOzZZ’N Girls Thermal Underwear



This is a great selection of girls who want a warm and happy nights sleep, and its great value for the buyer too! Each purchase gives you three, two-piece sets of girls thermal underwear, and with such a scope of lovely patterns, this is definitely a nice gift for a group of daughters or nieces.

All of the designs have cuffs and a micro-waffle knit texture which is the alternative to being smooth and gives it a more pleasant and ‘thick’ feel to it. They are fairly comfortable but the stitching is not as spectacular and not as sturdy as other products that are available.

A good benefit is that they can easily be machine washed and tumble dried making laundry a little easier with fewer considerations. They have an elastic waist for extra comfort and are great insulating clothes for children. The material they are made from primarily is cotton, making this a comfortable garment more suited for lounging at home or sleeping in.

City Threads Long John Set



For some long johns that are extremely comfortable made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, City Threads Long John Set is a sure choice. Not only is this product high quality by design, but it is also manufactured in the USA and so it is brilliant when we support homegrown businesses.

Going by price; this set of kids long johns are great value for money due to its quality. The waffle knit stitching really does add a nice characteristic to the clothe whilst it provides durability and warmth.

There’s a good variety of bright and dull colors, all look pleasant but nothing particularly notable about the actual style; this set is more focuses on comfort and insulation. The leg and wrist cuffs are present and fit very adequately.

Sara’s Prints Long John Pajamas



Unfortunately, this choice is limited to children in the toddler age group with the sizes available and it’s a shame because these kids long johns have a super cute design on them as well as being a high-quality choice I think older kids could benefit from them.

They are made with comfort in mind is 100% cotton, and so are machine washable and there are other pretty and seasonal styles available other than the snowman design featured. Kids thermals like these would surely make a fantastic winter or Christmas gift for a young child and will serve to keep them snug and warm all through the season.

Minghe Boy’s Long Johns For Kids



These long johns from Minghe Boy’s would be a smart choice for a kids soccer or football kit. Due to the durable and waterproof design through the choice of materials (polyester and elastane), any outdoor sport playing kid would stand to benefit.

The tight fit is by choice and it’s supposed to increase the oxygen supply around your body and also protects the muscles whilst exercising and playing a sport. It also aids to keep the kid warm, it’s tight fit also making it easier to wear as an undergarment underneath the usual sports kit.

The thermal insulation provided by these long johns make them the perfect underwear to have when participating in sports such as skiing or snowboarding or even if you just live in a cold climate and want to go out for a jog they are bound to keep you perfectly warm and comfortable as you go.

The quality build and stitching of this choice, as well as its sleek design, really come into the quality making these kids thermals a great value pick for the parent with sporty kids.

Considering Kids Long Johns

There are plenty of kids long johns available to buy, all with varying designs and qualities as they have different intended uses. Of course, they are intended to be worn by the child but some are designed to be used during sporting activity whilst others are just there to provide relaxation and insulation at home.

The great benefit of wearing long johns are the insulating properties they have and how they can practically be worn throughout the day under other garments.

They are designed to be tight fitting, especially around the bottom of the legs and sleeves; keeping the body heat from escaping and being wasted. It is surely an effective means of keeping warm and highly beneficial in colder climates.

The product reviews provided with this guide aim to give you a better idea of which are the best kids long johns available that are suited for you.

The structural design and the materials they are made from and the price are all aspects that factor into to the overall quality of the products.


When looking at the design of the product you’ll want to notice first whether or not the sleeves and legs are cuffed. Having cuffs is no doubt a signal of how efficient the long johns will be at retaining warmth.

You may also find it preferable to have a loose or elastic waist on the bottom part of the long johns, this, of course, is down to you or your child to decide which you think is more comfortable.

There’s also a good range of colors, patterns, and prints to choose from allowing you to really pick one which expresses your child’s personality more or would appeal to them more.

This would definitely come into whether the kid feels comfortable wearing the long johns or not. With that said, however, if you are really looking for optimal warmth; darker, heat-absorbing colors are a better choice.


Ideally, the best materials for kids long johns will be comfortable, easy to wash and have a high insulating efficiency as well as being stretchy enough for growth.

Thermal clothing for kids tends to be composed of cotton and polyester which show to have those important properties even though there are other materials used like spandex in long johns for kids sports as its more durable and is better able to resist water.


It’s no surprise that price is going to factor into your ultimate decision but it’s important to remember that value is key. You want to get your money’s worth, and so often when shopping for goods this may mean not going for the cheapest costing products out of the range to ensure a suitable quality.

There is a good range of prices for kids thermal wear; the majority of those are completely affordable and our look at the products will be sure to give a good example of this price range so that you can make a more informed choice. It’s also good to remember that price will depend on your size selection.

Final Words

Quality means everything when it comes to kids thermal underwear and it really does influence how long-lasting the long johns will be. The selection of styles go far beyond the selection reviewed here and so I would recommend that you have a good look at the options.

Hopefully, this article has given you ideas on what to look out for when shopping, such as the stitching quality and materials the sets are made from. You may also find our review of the best kids electric toothbrushes to be useful.

These all factor into whether the long johns are geared towards comfort or practicality and so ultimately options are there for you to consider.

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