Best Maternity Pants – For a Comfortable & Stylish Pregnancy

There’s no way to escape the reality of pregnancy – a growing body and expanding waistline often renders your pre-pregnancy clothes unwearable, especially in the later stages when squeezing into your former wardrobe is no longer an option.

Pants are the staple garment for many women – they’re versatile, comfortable and look great. Unfortunately, many women resort to wearing loose-fitting and shapeless clothing during their pregnancy, but it doesn’t have to be like this!

Maternity pants and jeans are the perfect solutions for expanding tummies and not only do they grow with you for the full 9 months, providing comfort and support, there’s an assortment of styles to make a wide range of body types look and feel great.

What to look for in a Great Pair of Maternity Trousers: 

When looking for a high-quality pair of maternity pants, you should consider the following:

Over and Under Belly Designs – Maternity pants often come fitted with flexible waists made from materials such as spandex and there are a few different designs. The first is called over design that features a band that can be placed over the top of your belly, while the second is a waistband design that sits below your belly.

There’s also a third variation that can be worn either as a waistband or pulled up over your bump. The one that is best largely comes down to personal preference, however, it’s worth noting that some styles of pants particularly jeans look better with a belly band design that comes over the top.

Material – During pregnancy it’s essential you wear pants that are, above all else comfortable. Therefore, opt for pants and trousers made from breathable materials that won’t get too hot and will capture moisture well. Preferred materials include cotton, bamboo or cotton mixes.

Since your body will be going through a lot of growth, you will also want to select a material that will provide some give. Fabrics containing materials such as spandex are great as they are elasticized, will mold to your bodies contours and grow with you and your bump.

Stretch panels – Since your body will be growing and probably in every direction, it’s a good idea to choose pants that have built-in stretch panels around the abdomen, butt and leg areas. This is more difficult to find in denim pants but is quite common in leggings and other light-weight fabrics.

Best Maternity Leggings Compared

Mothers Essentials Maternity Leggings



The name of these leggings may sound quite uninspiring but the name rings quite true, they provide both comfort and support throughout pregnancy. They are versatile and look great with a variety of different outfits and are perfect for layering and look great with boots or flats.

They do way more than simply making you look good though, they’re beneficial to your health by providing substantial support. The stretchy elastic fabric provides much-needed support to your tummy and lower lumbar region – areas that commonly ache during pregnancy. The material is also great for absorbing moisture, which is great since excess sweat is another common occurrence for many pregnant women.

There’s no need to worry about them not fitting you during pregnancy as they feature a large section designed to mold and expand with growing bellies. The only limitation is that they are only available in one color – black; however, this isn’t really a huge issue as it is the most flattering shade for larger sizes.

Skinny Jean with Belly Band



If you want a pair of jeans that you can wear that will be flattering and make you look your best throughout every stage of pregnancy, these skinny jeans will serve you well. They aren’t like your traditional denim pair of jeans; these are stretchy, flattering and fitted with a belly band to provide extra support and comfort.

These pants look the part, they are a great alternative to your usual “maternity slacks” as they look stylish, and allowing you to feel good and express yourself as you normally would. The cinching detailing below the waist helps to create the illusion of a slim silhouette by distracting the eyes focus – they also have real pockets, a rarity for maternity pants.

An added bonus to these pants is that they have a built-in belly band that wraps nicely around expanding mid-sections. This is great as it means you don’t have to worry about zips and buttons not fastening properly, you simply slip the jeans on and the elasticized band ensures they are secured in place. This also means it’s easier for some mothers to wear their pre-pregnant clothes for longer.

Maternity Palazzo Pants



If you’re looking for a pair of maternity pants that are perfect for lounging and will feel great all day, this stylish pair of Palazzo pants that will add a pop of color to your wardrobe are a good choice. There are 8 available colorful designs in total, allowing you to rock a fun and flattering wardrobe for all 9 months.

These pants are bell-bottom style, meaning they are relatively slack fitting in comparison to jeans that can often feel quite tight. Even though they appear quite relaxed, they are perfectly stylish enough to wear on-the-go. The geometric patterns can also be quite slimming as they create the help to distract eyes from your overall silhouette.

Like other maternity trousers, they are fitted with a belly band instead of a traditional zip or button-up design. This is ideal for mothers who don’t want to keep changing pant sizes every month until their baby arrives – instead they will grow with your baby.

Women’s Maternity Yoga Pants



These maternity pants are perfect for women on a tight budget; they are tapered and so provide a good fit and the belly supportive waistband looks great uncovered, making them extremely versatile. This is in contrast to pants with built-in nude belly bands, which although certainly have their place in maternity wardrobes, don’t look good without wearing a top over them.

There are 5 different design options, all are black but the waistband is available in a variety of fun colors. The material is also considerably thicker than many other maternity pant options, meaning they are perfect for all seasons of the year and you don’t need to worry about your skin becoming visible underneath.

Similar to pants featuring a bellyband, the waistband on these pants is made of spandex and elasticized meaning it stretches to provide constant support and space for your growing bump.

Super Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans



Who would have thought you could get away with wearing skinny jeans during your pregnancy? Well, now you can! These skinny jeans are available in two colors – medium wash and rinse wash and have a belly band to comfortably house your growing bump.

Skinny jeans are a staple for many women, they are extremely slimming, create a beautiful silhouette and look great with a range of tops. The belly band hugs your body, expanding to support and provide comfort to your midsection, this makes wearing other maternity clothing look very flattering, as there’s no awful looking textures from zips and opened trousers underneath.

These jeans do include a faux pocket, which is possibly the only complaint about them. Other than that they are machine washable and overall a good quality pair of maternity pants.

Which style of maternity pants do you prefer?

Although being pregnant means you can’t wear some of favorite pre-pregnancy clothes, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort.

Besides, maternity clothes can be worn after pregnancy too, until you lose your postpartum chub, much like a postpartum girdle you will probably find that you still need them. Don’t forget – being pregnant means flaunting your baby bump, so don’t forget that it can be done while rocking a good sense of style.

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