Best Rock n Play 2021: Which Model is the Winner?

All babies could benefit from an easy place to settle down and go into chillout mode, as it is very much needed in the early stages of development to keep an active and curious mind that is constantly learning.

There are times when we as parents could benefit from our children getting some good rest too, especially when we have to tend to chores, work or to get some sleep ourselves!

Come night time the baby has a comfortable crib or co-sleeper bassinet to relax in but during the day it’s not really practical or space conscious to have a crib in rooms other than the bedroom.

Best Rock N Play Reviews

Sweet Snugapuppy Rock ‘n Play DeluxeSleeper & Seat in One
Clacker Toys Included
Vibration Control
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Moonlight Meadow Rock N Play DeluxeCompact Fold
Removable Seat Pad
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Auto Rock ‘n Play2 Auto Rocking Settings
12 Musical Tunes & Nature Songs
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Fisher-Price Jonathan Adler  Rock 'N Play DeluxeAuto Rocking
Can Save Preferred Settings
Machine Washable Cover
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Auto Rock ‘n Play with Smart ConnectAutomatic with Smart Device Connectivity
Ability to Save Preferred Settings
Includes Soothing Sounds & Music
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There is some variation between the best Rock n Play models; differences in features and accessories and these ultimately reflect the price you pay and your babies experience with the product.

It’s wise to get an idea of what differences there are so that it is easier for you to make a decision on the best Rock n Play sleeper for you.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Rock N Play Deluxe



The Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams is indeed the best rock n play for being such an adorable first product to review. With its mellow coloration and super cute puppy design this Rock n Play is warm, inviting and friendly to babies, the fabrics used are really soft to touch and the delightful puppy insert is actually a comfy cushion that supports the babies body, head, and neck.

For it to rock back and forth, you only need to give it a slight nudge and it also has a pleasant vibration feature which you can switch on and off when needed that helps your baby to chill out and start nodding off.

If you are conservative about space this Rock n Play does not impose much at all, it very easily sits in the living room, next to or in front of chairs so baby can still nap close by whilst you watch TV or have a chat with others.

There is also the option of connecting toys to the Rock n Play to add some fun, these clacker toys keep your child entertained for a while if it’s playtime or even if they’re just not in the mood for sleeping. The sleeper does require C batteries so that the vibration feature works, but if you buy good batteries they’ll last for years.

Just like all the best Rock n Play models, this one is easy to fold and unfold into a portable, flat shape which can be put under a bed, in the trunk of a car or away in a closet to get it out of the way when you don’t need it or to take it with you to friends and family homes, it would certainly be handy on vacation!

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Rock N Play Deluxe



To include a Rock N Play sleeper that would make a great baby shower gift for a relative or friend, the Moonlight Meadow is just as cute as Snugapuppy but with more color in its design.

Sure it is not as cute or friendly as the puppy or bunny options but functionally; it’s the same as the Snugapuppy but it is easier to clean with a wipe down material. This Rock N Play Deluxe is still super comfortable. It is set at an incline to support the baby as they rock, rest or play!

It is easy to fold away and store away too without any complex mechanisms getting in the way when trying to fold it, just simply unlock, lift it up and it folds ready to be stored.

It also requires C batteries for the vibration feature, the only difference is in design, and it’s just a nice inclusion that would suit a newborn girl or pink playroom.

Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play



Modern varieties of the best Rock N Play sleepers which have adopted new technologies to aid their various functions give more control and convenience to you and a sounder sleep for your baby.

The advantageous auto-rock function in this model also comes with adjustable two auto-rocking modes between a 30-minute naptime and a 6-hour nighttime; practical options to keep the sleeper rocking for long enough for the baby to get to sleep at night.

The materials of the Auto Rock n Play are very easy to wipe clean and can be machine washed to remove stains, but for additional comfort, it would benefit from being used alongside blankets and pillows. It’s also just as portable and easy to set up as the manual ones with just a simple folding of the sleeper to flatten it so it can be put it away.

Another great feature of this Rock N Play is the 12 different songs and nature sounds that it produces through the speaker attached to the frame for the baby to focus on instead of having their sleep distracted by background noises.

Fisher-Price Jonathan Adler Rock ‘N Play Deluxe



Sometimes it just nicer to have baby products which are stylish and add some flair to the room. A particularly appealing effect on this one is the retro style wooden parts of the frame that reminds me of old-fashioned rocking horses, giving a classical feel to the product.

The chic design of the comfortable, padded material not only does well to support a babies frame but also is also eye-catching with its bold coloration.

The function of this sleeper is more or less the same of the Auto Rock N Play Sleeper except it does come with the added luxury of being able to control it with your smart device and also save your favorite setting as presets so that you can easily select them again later.

The sophisticated design does sacrifice some space though as it’snot as compact as other models but if you have the room and like the design then there’s no reason not to go for this model it’s a fantastic, high-quality product overall.

Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play with Smart Connect



Increasing the technological aspects of modern Rock N Play designs, the Premium Auto Rock n Play boasts all of the gadgets and doo-dads a sleeper could possibly need, and to top it off, it can also be controlled using a smartphone!

An adjustable canopy provides shelter from distractions outside of the sleeper as well as a being screen for delightful light show projections alongside soothing music and nature sounds.

It’s so much better to have the controls at a reachable height instead of on the lower part of the frame and the mobile app control means you don’t have to reach down for the controls at all making this the best Rock N Play for parents who love to use technology to enhance their lives.

Instead of the usual C batteries, this sleeper plugs into the mains with a power adapter which is perfect for those of you who are not interested in scouring the house to find a battery but it does limit where you can put the sleeper unless you want to use an extension socket.

This Rock N Play also easy wipe and machine washable and has extremely comfortable padded material which like all of the best Rock N Play sleepers is set at an incline to help support your baby’s posture.

Best Rock N Play for Newborn Babies

When it comes to newborns, the best rock n play for them are simplistic, secure and not too large:

Rock ‘n Glide Soother


Rock N Play models don’t tend to get too large anyway, but to make it comfortable for a newborn (and it make it easier to clean) it would be better to have less moving parts. As you can see the best Rock N Play for newborn babies we would recommend is the Rock N Glide soother.

It,s comfortable and really secure with a deep chair to help keep baby seated while you buckle them up. There are four soothing modes to choose between that include side to side, head to toe, rocking or gliding which all help to drift your baby off to sleep.

There is also the choice of various songs and sound effects, from nursery rhymes to natural sounds that are there to entertain and to further help the little one drift off into a sound sleep. You can also switch on the gentle vibrations too although a D battery is required for this.

Best Auto Rock N Play Deluxe

By far, the most stylish, functional and absolutely deluxe auto Rock N Play is the Jonathon Alder Rock N Play Deluxe which has a review featured above.

It has hands free rocking modes that you can customize yourself and then save for next time! It is allowing you to free up your hands to get on with other important tasks while the Auto Rock N Play rocks your baby for you.

It also has the option to play music and soothing sounds of nature and allows you to set the volume too which is great as there are many kids products out there that don’t have this simple function.

The Jonathon Alder Rock N Play Deluxe is also part of a range of baby furniture which also includes a high chair and a bounce which all match in style. They would go together to make a sophisticated house make even more sophisticated!

There is no doubt that it is the best auto rock n play deluxe and no other of the best rock n play models can compete with just how luxurious the Jonathon Alder Rock N Play Deluxe is!

What are the Benefits of The Best Rock N Play?

They’re so useful for helping to ease off discomfort with gentle rocking resulting in the baby feeling snug, secure and relaxed any time of the day. They also allow the baby to look up at family and friends, interact with them and play with toys which may be difficult to do on the floor.

They are really helpful for babies who get agitated when it’s chillout time, just like using crib soothers for sleep, they serve to take the infants mind off of their distress and soothe them.

This means that while baby relaxes you have time to get something done or socialize a bit more when family and friends come to visit or even when you go to visit them as Rock n Play sleepers offer total portability.

They are so simple to collapse and set back up again and they’re very slim when folded so it can be stored away or packed in the car for travel.

Rock n Play sleepers also allow you to sit the baby up if they find it more comfortable, this means that it’s not just a place for baby to relax and play when they should be kept off of the floor, it also enables you to sit the baby up for feeding time.

Additionally, they are just generally high quality and are made by the distinguished brand Fisher-Price; an American children’s toy production company founded in 1930.

They have since built a reputation for designing and selling reliable and great value for money baby products loved by parents and children worldwide.

Rock N Play Sleeper Safety Concerns

The Rock N Play is hailed as a baby “essential” or “must have” baby product and parents are just about becoming aware of the risks that are involved with these products.

It is not just the Rock N Play that has safety concerns, but having a young child rest in an semi-reclined position (as many products such as car seats do) for extended periods of time can have certain health implications which include a contribution to flat headed syndrome and torticollis and the disruption of motor and cognitive development.

Torticollis and Flathead Syndrome

According to Rachel, in her well-researched post, acquired torticollis can be caused and congenital torticollis can be exacerbated by lying in a semi-reclined position with limited movement for extended periods of time.

Torticollis is also known as wry neck, a condition in which there is a tightness int he neck on one side causing the head to tilt at an angle. It is usually treated with physiotherapy but can have a negative impact on a child’s development.

Flathead syndrome occurs when there is too much consistent pressure applied to one spot on a baby’s head. If the baby can not freely move around like it could when lying flat in a crib, it can’t equalize the pressure. Having torticollis can also have an impact on developing flathead syndrome.

Semi Inclined Position and SIDS

The SIDS avoidance guidelines of the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) give great advice on how to avoid the tragic occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which every parent should be aware of.

It goes into detail about how a baby should sleep on a flat surface rather than in a reclined position and this means when sleeping at any time, not just during the main sleep at night. This is because sleeping in a reclined position is a great concern regarding the babies airways as they can become restricted.

Developmental Restrictions

For babies to develop their motor, cognitive and memory skills and become stronger movers, they need to be active. They need to be able to explore and interact with their environment.

It has been shown that babies who spend too much time in baby gear perform worse in motor development tests. They’re just not getting the stimulation they need to develop and are instead wasting this critical developmental period strapped into baby gear.

This isn’t to say parents should not use baby gear at all, nor should anybody be judged for using a Rock N Play, they great devices to keep your baby entertained and in place. The key is to use them in moderation.

A Solution?

It would be great if you could use the Rock N Play all the time, for playtime, for sleep, for naps, and for meals but it is a risk according to the scientific literature out there. I would highly recommend reading the post by Rachel (which I linked earlier) to get further information on the subject and to see her suggestion of Rock N Play alternatives.


Whether you’re looking for somewhere simple that your baby can relax whilst you have your own time to relax the best Rock N play is no doubt worth trying out.

It is, of course, very imperative to be aware of the safety concerns regarding this baby gear product, just like you should with all baby gear and remember that moderate use is important.

There’s not a whole lot of variety between the different models but there is something different about each. You may love the idea of being able to control the sleeper from your phone like the Auto Rock n Play with Smart Connect, or having something that really stands out like the Jonathon Alder Auto Rock N Play Deluxe.

So it’s worth checking out the range as there will certainly be the best Rock N Play choice for you and your child!

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