Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents: Tips & Reviews

Tall parents do not worry, you only need to find the best umbrella stroller for tall parents! We know that standard size umbrella strollers can be a pain, especially in the back! But there are models out there designed for individuals of exceptional height.

Strollers, in general, are a fantastic way to transport your baby around safely and quickly, whilst having storage space for all the baby gear that you need on the go. Umbrella strollers add that needed protection from the elements and curved handles for ergonomic comfort

The best umbrella stroller for tall parents still has all of the much-loved features of an umbrella stroller but also has added adjustability so that you can match the stroller to a comfortable height that doesn’t cause strain as you are strolling.

Quick Picks: Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents

Umbrella StrollerHandlebar AdjustabilityAge RangeFrameUnique Characteristic
Hot Mom Baby Stroller with Bassinet ComboTelescopic Handlebars0-36 monthsAviation Magnesium AlloyUltra Stylish and Practical
Qaba Lightweight Steel Convertible Tricycle StrollerTelescopic Handlebars18+ monthsSteelConverts to Trike
Besrey Airplane StrollerNone 6 - 36 monthsAluminumUltra Portable
Mia Moda Atmosferra StrollerTelescopic Handlebars0-36 monthsAluminumGreat Storage
Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet StrollerSwivel Handlebars0-36 monthsAluminumSleek and Stylish

#1 Hot Mom Baby Stroller with Bassinet Combo


The best stroller for tall parents by far is offered to us by Hot Mom. It not only has the adjustability that you are looking for but it’s sleek, lightweight, ergonomic and ultra-stylish. It’s the height of stroller fashion with a futuristic design and very high quality materials that justify it’s rather large price tag.

The most important feature for us is the handlebar. It’s telescopic and can be adjusted to various heights. It has a very comfortable, ergonomic rubber grip with the button to change handle height and position just underneath the grips.

The mechanisms that operate the adjustable systems, including the handlebars and the tilt or positioning of the seating area, is incredibly smooth and seamless. It allows you to choose whether to have the seat facing you so that you can interact with your little one, or facing away so that they can get a view of the environment as they stroll.

The frame is extremely minimalistic and height weight but the stroller itself is stable and resistant to the shock of going over bumps in the sidewalk. It’s going to be a very smooth and comfortable ride for your infant.

The stroller “egg” shaped seat is built for ultimate comfort with breathable cushioning. This can be replaced with the bassinet that’s included with purchase so that your baby can rest peacefully when you are on the go.

Even though this stroller with an adjustable handle is sleek and stylish, it does maintain some storage for your much-needed baby gear. A small storage compartment is attached to the bottom of the stroller, it doesn’t hold as much as other bulkier models, but that is a sacrifice made for being compact.

This kit also includes a car seat adapter, cup holder, rain cover, mosquito net and a wristband.

#2 Qaba Lightweight Steel Convertible Tricycle Stroller


This next stroller we’re going to look at is sleek, lightweight, affordable and also a fantastic idea: a stroller which converts into a tricycle for when your baby transitions into a toddler. This greatly increases the longevity of the stroller, and in effect, the value of the product.

Now, this stroller is better suited for babies over 18 months old as it doesn’t have the back support that a younger baby would need to stay comfortable and it may cause them to strain while trying to hold themselves up.

The handlebars are fully extendable, and they are super comfortable with a squishy, rubbery material covering them. The stroller does have a back wheel brake so you can control the speed if your child is doing the pedaling and steering.

After your child has grown some more, the handles and/or canopy can be completely detached and they have a luxury tricycle complete with a supportive seat and back storage. With handles attached, there is also a storage pocket by the grips for gear that you may need close to hand.

The frame is sturdy and durable, made from steel which does make this quite a heavy stroller but some may prefer this. It is, however, very slim and minimalistic which is what we want from our strollers.

It also comes with a cup holder and a bell on the tricycle making this stroller a lot more fun than most models you can buy.

#3 Besrey Airplane Stroller


If you are looking for something that’s slightly more of a traditional stroller but is still lightweight, compact and has the adjustable handlebars that you need, look no further than this model by Besrey.

It’s really stylish with a sporty feel thanks to the soft, slim fabric that the covers and seating are made out of. It has a great design that’s supportive of your baby and has an adjustable footrest at the front of the stroller to support them even more as they grow.

The handlebars are easily adjusted with a button click that’s located just underneath them. They are comfortable to use with the squishy, rubber padding around them.

The best part about this stroller is how compact it is and is why it’s so great for parents who like to travel. You can fold this stroller down so easily into a compact square that can still be strolled along using the wheels and handles and will easily fit into airplane storage lockers.

The seat positioning is adjustable, there are an included rain cover and a protective backpack that’s made from nylon and just about smaller than 20 inches.

#4 Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller


The Atmosferra by Mia Moda is another great stroller option for tall parents as it allows you to adjust the handlebars as well has having plenty of storage space and a reversible seat.

This stroller is more of a traditional model, being quite bulky and large in size but this doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. The handlebars have soft, ergonomic grips and is telescopic so you can adjust it to suit your height easily through the click of a button.

The leg support at the front of the stroller is also adjustable and this will come in handy when your baby starts getting taller. The canopy is large and covers all the way over the large seat that is both comfortable and supportive.

There is a small tray that can be fixed in front of the seat with a cup holder so that your baby can snack whilst on the go. You can also attach your own cup holder that’s included with this stroller, near the top of the handlebars.

Mia Moda also offers a car seat and car seat adapter which can be purchased separately from this stroller if you are looking for a travel system.

#5 Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller


The convertible stroller by Cynebaby may be making the bottom of the list for the best umbrella stroller for tall parents and that’s because the handlebars do not adjust to being shorter or taller. However, the handlebars can be rotated to suit your posture which can be just as effective.

With that being said, this is still a very high quality, deluxe stroller that just oozed with style is extremely comfortable for you and your child and has plenty of storage space for all the baby gear you need in the undercarriage compartment.

It’s very stable when strolling and has great shock absorbance so when you go over a bump in the road, the baby will barely feel it and this is thanks to the large, thick rubber wheels.

The frame is lightweight, and slim but also very durable being made from an anti-rust aluminum alloy. The fabrics have anti-bacterial properties helping the seating area to stay a clean and safe space for your little one.

Why Use The Best Umbrella Stroller For Tall Parents?

There are many advantages to using an umbrella stroller over other types and it has everything to do with your convenience and user experience.

It’s much harder to find the best umbrella stroller for tall parents because many models don’t have the adjustability that you need. But you shouldn’t have to go without taking advantage that umbrella strollers have to offer, including:

Convenience: Umbrella strollers are usually easy to fold away and store, collapsing with just a button press or two. They can be folded by using just one hand which is fantastic for those who travel a lot, are particularly busy and constantly on the move.

Portability: Due to the strollers being able to fold easily, they are also highly portable. Easy to collapse on the go and put into the trunk of a car or carry with you when on foot.

Ergonomic: One of the main benefits of an umbrella stroller is that the handlebars are J shaped. This offers you a much more comfortable grip over the handlebars without causing your wrists to ache.

Lightweight: Umbrella strollers typically have very lightweight frames made from aluminum. This metal is not only lightweight but it is durable enough for this intended purpose meaning you are not too burdened by the stroller if carrying it around.

What Make the Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents

What Make the Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents?

If there is one thing that tall parents need over those of average height; it’s flexibility. The ability to adjust the stroller to whichever height you need so that you aren’t hunched over when pushing the stroller avoiding back aches and strains.

On top of that, there are all the factors to consider which make up the total quality of the stroller. The better quality the stroller is and the more features it has usually means an increase in price but it also means you get a product that’s of more value to you and will last a lot longer.

When shopping, consider the following:

Materials and Durability

There are two main parts of the stroller that are made from distinctly different materials and perform different functions. You have the frame, which acts as a support and gives structure to the stroller. The frame needs to be durable but as light as possible so that you can carry and move the stroller easier and also so it’s resistant to damage.

There’s also the seating area which is usually a fabric material. This is where your baby will sit and rest and so ideally it would be soft but tough enough to resist tearing, fraying and still be easy to clean.

Available Storage

You don’t realize how important storage is until you don’t have it! Storage space is valuable when you are on the go with the baby, as you need space to store diapers, drinks and snacks, changing equipment, spare clothes and any other gear you decide you need with you.

Strollers which offer ample storage space are great, and it’s even better when you have an undercarriage compartment and some kind of small storage space by the handbags such as an attachable bag.

An additional feature that many strollers have is a drinks holder, and this is especially useful for those who go jogging with their strollers or double jogging strollers so that they can keep their water bottle to hand.


For tall parents, as we have mentioned, adjustable handlebars are a must-have feature. They allow you to set the bars to a comfortable height for you to stroll without getting back and wrist aches.

There’s also the options of having a reversible seat so that you can decide whether baby is facing you or towards the environment. You can either interact with them whilst you are out and about, or they can take in the environment and explore the world around them.

Adjusting the seat position and recline are also great features to have as you can set your baby to a comfortable position that you think is best for them at any given time.

Ease of Use

Ease of use comes in especially when you have a foldable stroller. It’s most important when you are a busy person or someone who travels frequently for the stroller to fold away easily without any hassle so that you aren’t inconvenienced by the process, as traveling is stressful enough!


Safety should always be your top priority and for younger babies who don’t yet have the strength to hold themselves upright, or support their head properly will need a 5 point harness system. This gives them maximum security and restrains when in a seated position.

Things like footrests are also a good safety measure when your child gets older and the 5 point harness becomes too restricting. The footrest enables them to support themselves so they don’t slip off the seat.

Safety Certifications

You should always make sure the stroller you are interested in holds the compulsory federal safety standard, 16 CFR Parts 1112 and 1227. The most up to date version of the ASTM stroller safety standard is named ASTM F833-15.

For additional reassurance, look for strollers with a label that states the stroller takes part in a certification program overseen by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Extra Features

Extra features are always a bonus to increase the value of your stroller and its overall usefulness to you. We’ve already mentioned cup holders and they’re super handy to have, especially for the joggers out there.

Canopies are a must but some strollers don’t have them. They work great to shield your baby from the sun, wind, rain and other elements that can cause them discomfort or hurt them.

Some strollers you can purchase include a bassinet, rain cover, mosquito net, phone holder, food tray and other included items that can help you a lot. Always try and get as much included in your bundle as it really gives you more value for the money you spend.

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