Best Folding High Chairs for Easy Storage, Space Saving & Travel

The best folding high chairs are for you if you are at the point of needing a high chair but don’t think you will have enough space. Other than that, they are also excellent to have if you just want a high chair that’s easy to take on your travels and store away.

You don’t have to give up on the idea, there is a practical solution, even for those with the most limited of living spaces.

This selection of the best folding high chairs are all a great solution for those with limited space or who like to travel often, especially if you eat out a lot, and sometimes come across that restaurant with no high chairs available. Simply set it up at feeding time and when you are done, fold it up and store it away.

When Should You Start Using a High Chair? 

Since all children develop at different rates, there is no standard answer to this question. The real answer is that it depends where your child is currently at in their growth and development.

A child is only ready to use a high chair when they have the ability to hold their heads up and sit upright independently. This is fairly easy to recognize and they usually begin to do this (without the assistance of a sit me up seat) between the ages of 4 and 6 months.

Once they have started sitting in their high chair at meal times, they will usually continue until they are around 2 years of age. But of course, this timeline can vary greatly depending on the child.

The majority of high chairs do state their maximum weight limit, so it’s always worth checking the manufacturer’s information.

Tips for Choosing a The Best Folding High Chairs

When looking for a folding high chair, there are a number of important considerations to take into account. If you in the market for a high chair that folds up, there are a number of factors that probably matter more. Still, things like safety, style, and quality all matter equally as much as any other high chair.

With that in mind, here are some top tips to take into consideration:

Choose a High Chair with Restraints 

A high chair with restraints will help keep your child safe when they are sitting in their high chair. Without restraints, your child is at risk of sliding out from the bottom of the high chair or climbing and falling from the top.

Ideally, you want a high chair with a passive crotch restraint and a three-point restraint system. Although, you can get high chairs with a five-point restraint system that is typically recommended for smaller infants.

Select one with User-Friendly Locking 

Fold-up high chairs are great for their space-saving ability and to transport, but in order for them to be secure, they do require locks. Locks are usually located on the sides of the chair and the wheels if they have them.

The best locking systems are the ones that provide the most security, but also the ones that are convenient and easy to use. Therefore, when you are comparing different high chairs, check how their locking systems work.

Certified is Preferred 

A high chair with a certification label indicates the manufacturer has met the requirements outlined by ASTM International (previously named the American Society for Testing and Materials). It also means that the product has taken part testing governed by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. High chair models that have been certified are worth the most consideration as only the best folding high chairs can pass rigorous testing procedures designed to determine whether the product is worth your money.

Easy Assembly & Disassembly 

Similar to the locking mechanism, a folding high chair is usually great because it’s easy (or at least it should be) to fold up and fold down. The best folding high chairs offer the ability to do this quickly and conveniently. You will usually find the all-in-one high chairs are the easiest to work with, but there is a lot of variation so it’s important to assess every model.

Easy to Maintain & Keep Clean 

Meal times can get messy, especially where children are concerned, so that means your high chair is also going to get messy too. As a result, make sure to choose a high chair that is easy to clean and clean well.

Some folding high chairs have removable trays that can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher. If the high chair comes with a fabric seat, make sure it can be removed easily and placed in the washing machine. Although, high chairs with plastic seats are preferred as they are easy to wipe clean and won’t absorb any spilled food or drink.

The Folding High Chairs: Compared!

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

This ultra-slim folding high chair can be set-up in a matter of seconds and afterward can be stored in some of the most limited of spaces.


The high chair is incredibly easy to set-up and can even be done using one hand if required. This is ideal for busy moms and dads who don’t have time to mess around.

Another great feature of the Graco is the adjustable seat that allows you to select from three different reclining positions. This makes it ideal for kids who still need a little more support and can then be adjusted accordingly as they continue to grow.

Underneath the seat is a mesh storage basket, which can come in handy during feeding times. As you feed your baby, you can keep all the things you may need at arms reach. That includes things like baby wipes, wash clothes and other essentials.

With regards to hygiene, the tray of the high chair can be removed quickly and so is easy to keep clean. The fabric seat cover and pad can also be removed for machine washing, which is a definite bonus.

JOOVY Nook High Chair

The Nook by Joovy is a folding high chair with a little more style than the others listed and has a range of comprehensive features that make it stand out.


Firstly is the folding design. Much like a beach chair, this Nook can fold down to a portion of its fully assembled size. This feature makes it very easy to store away when not in use and take on vacation. It’s also very easy to fit into the back of your trunk.

The high chair tray is also a great feature. It’s much larger than your average high chair tray so will provide your baby with lots of room during meal times. The best thing about it is the fact that it can be adjusted to four different positions. You can also swing the tray open at one side, which means no more struggling to get your infant to sit into the seat.

With regards to safety, the comfortable padded seat itself features a five-point harness to fasten your infant into it securely. As well as a crotch restraint to prevent them from sliding out of the seat during meal time.

The seat cover is also very easy to wipe clean and it’s machine washer safe, a must for busy moms who want to maintain excellent hygiene standards.

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

The standout feature for this folding high chair is perhaps being the vast array of different designs the chair pad cover is available in. This includes everything from geometric patterns to more character driven designs. Sure to be a definite hit with the kids.


The high chair itself can be put up in an instant and put down again just as quick. It folds down into a very compact and easy to store configuration, which is designed to “stand”. This makes storage much easier and will help you avoid the annoyance of having to prop it up against something.

The tray is large and you can alter the position in three different positions, so it will be able to keep up with their growth and development. It can also be removed, which makes cleaning quick and simple.

The chair itself is well padded, available in many different designs and fitted with all of the recommended safety restraints. That includes a crotch restraint to help prevent sliding, as well as a three-point harness to help keep them secure and prevent them from climbing out.

Overall, this is a great option for those looking for a chair with some longevity that will save space and serve its purpose well.

ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

This high chair is another folding chair that can be set up in a matter of seconds. The process is seamless and once the locks have clicked into place it’s ready to use.


The high chair comes with a convenient carry bag that makes storage even easier and makes it the perfect chair for travel, camping, and vacations. The tray even includes a cup holder!

This outdoor style high chair is made from a vinyl material so is perfect for handling almost all kinds of weather. This also makes it very easy to wipe clean and you don’t have to worry about any food or drink spillages being absorbed and attracting bacteria.

Regarding safety, this high chair does come with a five-point safety harness but does not have a crotch restraint. It also doesn’t have a footrest or any ability to changing the reclining position.

Overall, this is a great folding high chair that is portable, weatherproof and easy to store. However, it’s probably most suitable for kids that are confident with sitting up independently.

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Highchair

Another brilliant choice for those who want to save space is this summer chair style fold-up high chair by Summer Infant.


This lightweight folding chair can be put up almost instantly and packed up just as quick. It also comes with its very own bag which makes it a great accompanying chair for travel and vacations.

It includes a hard plastic tray which can be removed with a few clicks. The seat itself isn’t as padded as some of the others listed, yet it is completely removable and so very easy to keep clean and free of crumbs.

In terms of safety, the chair does not feature and safety belts, but it does have a crotch restraint to prevent sliding. The legs are also equipped with grips to prevent the chair sliding around on a range of surfaces.

When can babies sit in high chairs?

Babies don’t usually need to sit up at an adult table until they are about 9 months old. This is the time they begin to grow out of their baby feeding tables and is the age range that most high chair manufacturers recommend their products for. However, many parents would like their child to eat at the family dining table form an earlier age to allow them to engage more with the family and feel like a respected member of it, and this is a great idea.

It’s much harder to find high chairs that are suited to ages lower than 9 months old because before 9 months old, infants are not as able to hold their own bodies, heads, and necks up for prolonged periods of time and it’s often quite unsafe for them to be sitting in a high location. This is why when looking for a high chair for your infant, whether it’s a folding high chair, high chair booster seat or hook-on high chair, you should pay close attention to the manufacturer’s age recommendations.

With that being said, the best folding hair chair or any other type of high chair, safety should be your first prerogative as a fall from a high place, even if it’s a low as the smallest booster seat allows, can be dangerous for a little one.

Final Words 

One of the best folding high chairs can be a real benefit for parents and caregivers with limited space. Come feeding time you can spring the high chair into action and afterward put it back in the closet.

Ideally, you want a high chair with some life, so make sure you opt for a chair that can be adjusted over time. This will mean it can be used even as your child continues to grow. Of course, make sure to check the maximum weight limits too.

Also, remember that a high chair safety is paramount and so one that has both a crotch restraint and harness is always recommended. This combination will help prevent sliding, climbing and generally keep them secure during meal times.

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