10 Best Free Online Natural Birthing Classes

Free birthing classes are an increasingly popular way of attending those all-important antenatal sessions, online birthing classes are the perfect choice for many a pregnancy.

Whether this is your first baby, you’re an experienced mother already, or you’re hoping to become pregnant soon, online birthing classes can provide a practical solution.

Best of all, there are several free online birthing classes available. This means more money saved for your precious little one’s arrival!

We’ve already covered an excellent selection of online birthing classes on our site that all parents-to-be can pay for and take part in, hassle-free.

However, here we offer a selection of some of those free childbirth classes that we believe are worth considering for potential antenatal sessions – albeit from the very comforts of your own home.

Best Free Online Natural Birthing Classes

#1 BabyCentre’s Antenatal Classes

At just the click of a blue button labeled Join, all expectant mothers can join the thousands of visitors accessing beneficial supplementary birthing classes from BabyCentre.

With the emphasis on preparing for your little one’s arrival, The BabyCentre online classes are completely free of charge.

With over 35,000 members participating in the many groups available, this is a thoroughly practical course whereby you can gain access to many topics at different stages of pregnancy.

Most importantly, the course works explicitly with standard midwife-led courses, further ensuring that you’re fully prepared when it comes to labor and the delivery room.

With features such as simple posting areas, regular polls, and photo sections, this really is a feel-good community for like-minded women.

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#2 Labor Confidence with Lamaze

Though the Lamaze website offers a range of online birthing classes that attract a fee, this one is entirely free of charge!

Working hard to empower you for that big day ahead, this is a simple online course but one which offers six important yet straightforward practices.

The emphasis of these practices is to concentrate solely on improving the outcome of your birth. That is concerning both mom and baby.

Offering an array of techniques that work to reduce pain and discomfort experienced during labor, the Lamaze content is all about energizing the mom-to-be.

Showcasing five simple but essential lessons, this course is led by highly competent professionals in the field of childbirth and attracts some marvelous testimonials.

Best of all, it’s a great way to discover more about the Lamaze technique itself, potentially considering moving onto their paid online courses if you feel you could gain more from them. Overall, a great option for those searching for online lamaze classes free of charge.

#3 Pampers Childbirth Education Classes

From one of the world’s leading and most respected companies comes a selection of free online birthing classes.

Pampers has created a nine-part series which is led by highly skilled clinical childbirth experts.

Working hard to provide all parents to be with more in-depth and vital information, the course covers all stages of the childbirth journey.

Those taking part can educate themselves further on anything from contractions and the entire process of labor through to breastfeeding methods and post-natal checkups.

Highlighting the real-life experiences of five parents to be, the courses allow you to watch at your own time and pace while referring back to them as many times as possible.

With a simple sign up process that costs nothing, you can also expect to receive regular additional pregnancy guides and informative articles. Pampers will also enroll you to receive fun quizzes and tools alongside rewarding you with special offers over time.

#4 The Positive Birth Company Breastfeeding Workshop

Yet again, another fantastic and completely free online resource comes from the makers at the Positive Birth Company.

This time it’s an essential antenatal breastfeeding workshop and one designed not only to inform but also to empower expectant mothers.

Many antenatal classes, including those online, may cover the basics of breastfeeding. However, for those moms-to-be looking for more in-depth information, workshops such as this go that one step further in their sessions.

Developed and delivered by a qualified breastfeeding practitioner, this is a great way to access an expert who also works as a hypnobirthing teacher!

Highlighting the crucial part of encouraging your baby to latch on properly, the course works on practicality. It offers close-ups of how to get this technique right – which is something often lacking in many an online and indeed physical standard antenatal course.

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#5 Becoming Mama Online Birth Class

After massive requests from many an expectant Mom, Motherly has decided to allow all moms-to-be free access to their intensive and popular online birthing classes.

Led by a certified nurse-midwife and the company’s Digital Education Editor, this course aims to support you throughout all your birthing choices while giving you the correct advice to do so with confidence.

An empowering course type, these are classes that concentrate their efforts on the actual process of childbirth.

Working hard to prepare you for the journey ahead, expectant moms can enter their details and opt to receive an email link taking you straight to the course itself in a matter of minutes.

With thousands of women signing up for Motherly’s content, these sessions are designed to help you at every stage of labor and delivery, enabling you to make those best personal choices at every step of the way.

Free Online Natural Birthing Classes Conclusion

When to Take a Free Online Birthing Class

Though most antenatal classes that you physically attend begin around the 30th to 32nd week of pregnancy, most online courses can be started at almost any point during your pregnancy.

This is another excellent advantage as it means you have more time to prepare yourself and work through many of the topics available.

The result is not just increased information and knowledge but, most importantly, a sense of confidence and, indeed, empowerment when it comes to making the right decision throughout your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond.

By accessing a reputable free online birthing class early on, you give yourself plenty of time to get through the sessions, without feeling pressured to rush or remember everything all in one go.

Best of all, by accessing such antenatal classes online, you’ll always be able to revisit subjects that you may want to devote more time to.