Best Hook On High Chair: A Space Saving Way to Dine with Baby

The Best hook on high chair comes into play when the little one of the family getting ready to sit up properly in a high chair and eat at the table with the rest of the family. You are probably quickly realizing at this point that baby gear can sometimes be bulky and take up a lot of space in the home.

It’s not long before your house begins to resemble an obstacle course, with less and less space available for strollers, bassinets, toys and other baby gear to be stored away. It gets quite agitating to have to be so conscious of where you are walking all the time so you don’t trip, step on or walk into anything!

In order to save that little bit of space and reduce the tripping hazards around the home, the best hook on high chair is one brilliant invention. It’s a high chair seat without the needs for legs as it clamps right onto the dining table!

The idea of a hook on baby chair may seem simple but it’s extremely effective and helps to save a lot of space in the dining room and fortunately, they’re also quite affordable.

They’re a really good idea for parents who like to eat out a lot, as it can be a hassle getting a baby high chair in a restaurant – having the best hook on high chair to hand is a highly convenient option for you.

Our Top Picks

#1 phil&teds Lobster Highchair


The name of this high chair refers to the user-friendly clamping mechanism that it employs with clamps that resemble lobster claws. Not only is it super easy to use, but it fits most tables that are between 0.8” to 3.75” thick.

The chair and its tray are very minimalistic saving as much space as possible whilst still being highly functional and maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. The back is padded to give extra support and the straps have a guard to prevent tugging and friction.

This chair also has safety certification for children that weigh up to 37lbs. There are three colors to choose from, the apple green stands out the most but some might find it slightly garish.

Although this can be seen as a negative trait; when in public such as eating in a restaurant, it helps others to notice the seat and steer clear to avoid accidents. The fabric is machine washable and the tray is dishwasher safe.

#2 Inglesina – Fast Table Chair with Dining Tray


The Inglsina high chair is slightly bulkier than the Mountain buggy one, but it’s still highly portable, and has a handy storage pocket at the back of the chair. This one comes with a tray, which is an optional feature that you can use to keep your table protected from your babies mess when they eat!

What’s particularly great about this hook on high chair is it’s very convenient to, well, clamp on! You operate the clamps with a simple twisting mechanism, instead of having to screw the clamp yourself.

The chair itself is nice and comfortable, with padded back and the seat is set quite high so your baby will always be able to reach above the table. It folds down really easily making it highly useful for when you are out and about with baby.

The tube frame is made from steel and the fabric cover is heavy duty and resistant to damage. The fabric can be machine washed and is stain resistant. It also comes in a great assortment of colors giving you the choice to match the chair to your baby’s personality.

#3 Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair


The Chico hook on high chair does not make the best travel high chair, however, its unique feature which is to swivel in place is a brilliant way to make meal times more interactive and convenient!

With the 360 swivel option you can position baby to face any direction whilst they remain seated. This is great when you may or somebody is behind the baby, now they can play and talk to each other. You can also turn your baby to watch you cook if you have a kitchen/dining room making them feel more engaged in the workings of the home.

The clamping mechanism for this seat is very secure but is also very large and may get in the way if you have a small table. Never the less, it is easy and convenient to use, you just need to press the button and move it into position and then release.

This chair also comes with an optional dining tray and a carry bag so you can take down and store or travel with this hook on high chair. The seat is super comfortable, padded and machine washable and the tray is safe to put in the dishwasher.

#4 Mountain Buggy Pod Hook On Highchair


When storage and portability is the main factor in question, there is no doubt that the mountain buggy hook on high chair is the best portable high chair option available. It’s so streamlined and easy to just fold up and put away in a drawer or a bag, it would also make the absolute best travel high chair option!

Even though this clip on high chair is very minimalistic, it doesn’t even have its own tray as the other options do, it allows your baby to use the dining table as the rest of the family whilst serving to not protrude outwards from the table (which it would with a tray).

When it comes to comfort, it’s probably not the most comfortable option due to being so minimalistic it lacks padding, but it’s still soft and comfortable enough while having a non-slip quality. The back of the chair is padded, giving your baby some postural support too.

The frame is extremely sturdy, made from aluminum, but it’s not so stiff that it doesn’t compensate for your child’s weight. The table clamps are also strong aluminum which screws securely to the table.

It is certified by the relevant organizing bodies and just as an added extra, this travel high chair comes with a free carry case, has three different colors to choose from and can fit onto tables that are between 0.8” and 2” thick.

#5 Hoomall Fast, Safe Hook On Chair High


The hook on high chair by Hoomdall has a similar clamping mechanism to the one by Mountain Buggy in which it’s hooked under the table and then fastened by turning the plastic heads but this one is slightly easier.

Even though this chair looks softer and more comfortable it actually lacks ample back support that other chairs have and can cause the infant to need to lean forward a lot of the time. This is quite a drawback.

It is, however, still a good travel high chair in that it is compact and easy to fold away and carry with you for whenever you need it. It is very safe with a 5 point harness system, allowing you to fasten your child in securely. It is important to note though, that no safety certifications have been declared.

For this reason, and due to the fact that it’s not as supportive as the other options available, this chair is certainly not the best option to go for despite it’s more affordable price tag!

What Makes The Best Hook On High Chair

What Makes The Best Hook On High Chair?

When it comes to these hook on high chair models, there’s not much variation between the models and that’s because they are all geared towards offering the same characteristics that people are looking for: convenience, portability and compact.

Now when we say “the best hook on high chair” we don’t necessarily mean the most expensive, we are looking for the most reasonably priced but also the highest quality for that price whilst also displaying the following traits:


The last thing we want is for harm to come to our children and this is why we look for baby gear that’s safe!

We would expect a hook on high chair that performs effectively under reasonable conditions (such as table thickness and child weight) and has the correct safety procedures implemented. We go more into hook on high chair safety in the next section.


Hook on high chairs usually have a tube frame made from metal (typically aluminium or steel) and we would expect that it be damage resistant and sturdy.

Many people would like these high chairs to take out on their travels and for that, the frame needs to be durable enough to not bend or take damage while in transit.

Additionally the fabric seat that covers the frame should be resistant to damage and staining too, ideally the hook on high chair will last throughout the time that we would need it which is until the child is ready enough to sit in a regular chair with booster seat at about 18 months old.

Ease of Use and Convenience

The chair is much better value for your money when you know you can set it up and clamp it on a table quickly and easy, only to quickly take it back down again when meal time is over. This is especially important for those dining out with their baby.

Having easy to use clamp mechanics is a huge bonus as it avoids you having to fiddle around turning screws and such things. The easiest to use is by far the Phil & Teds Lobster Highchair with the lobster style clamp system.

It also makes the whole experience a whole lot easier if they are machine washable and the dining trays are dishwasher safe. It saves you having to spend time cleaning them manually when you can throw them in with the washing up or the laundry.

Hook on High Chair Safety

The manufacturers can only go so far in ensuring your child’s safety when using a hook on high chair. They are responsible for making you aware of the weight limits, the type of tables that are not compatible with the chair and providing you with a user’s manual.

You should take the diligence to know the limits of the chair and be aware of the following:

Weight Limits

The youngest age that children are typically ready to start sitting in a high chair is at about 6 months old. At this point in their life, they are usually found to use a hook on high chair but, of course, make sure you know it’s weight limit!

The maximum weight limit of hook on high chairs is normally 37lbs and the chair should not be used at all when your child gets above this weight. All children are different so they may be at this weight at 18 months old, or they may be before that, ensure you are aware.

5 Point Harness Fastenings

It is always best that the high chair has a 5 point harness (or strap system). This is described as there being a strap over each shoulder, one under each arm and then one to put the legs through, separating the legs and holding the child up.

This is extremely important as is stops the child from being able to roll over either side and from slipping through the bottom of the chair.

Always keep your baby strapped in when using the high chair so that they remain seated. Never let them stand up in the high chair as they can risk slipping and falling!

Safety Checks

Do routine checks of the chair, just to see if there is any damage to harness or any of the components in the locking mechanism. The clamps aren’t particularly complicated components so it would be easy to see if there are any misalignments or problems.

One major issue to look out for is if the clamp does not fasten properly, and loosens to some degree after you have tightened it. Always check for this before putting your baby into the chair.

Table Types

Make sure the table you are hooking the chair on to is secure and stable and can support the weight on one side.

Never use a hook on high chair on a table with a glass top, a loose top, single pedestal tables, card tables, camping tables or tables with beveled lips. Also, make sure you aren’t using the chair on table leaves.

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