What is an Orgasmic Birth? The Comprehensive Guide

An orgasmic birth is often a topic of controversy, but also a widespread phenomenon, some women are able to experience pleasure during childbirth. This level of pleasure has been placed on an orgasmic, or ecstatic, scale.

While this might sound unlikely to some, there are plenty of mothers that will vouch for their own experience of having an orgasmic birth.

To achieve this, you must ride the waves of pleasure into delivering your child. Yes, this is much easier said than done, yet the end result will be entirely unforgettable.

It is often thought that giving birth in different positions can make a huge difference, such as a squatting birth. It allows you to bypass pain and encourages your muscles to relax.

Defining the Experience

It is hard to imagine something that you have not yet experienced for yourself. Mothers that have successfully completed an orgasmic birth have described it as a blissful, sensual occurrence.

With only a mere 0.3% of women claiming to have experienced this, it is natural to approach the topic with curiosity, or even doubt. It is thought that an orgasmic labor and delivery are worked through in a series of increasingly intense waves of pleasure; each one can be ridden into the next.

When giving birth, many strong emotions and sensations are felt. When the body feels pain, especially in intense increments, it is easy to hold onto that feeling.

This should not be a shameful embarrassing feeling. Giving birth can definitely be synonymous with feeling ecstasy, as long as the mother is able to channel her energy towards her pleasure receptors.

Does It Involve An Actual Orgasm?

The answer is, sometimes. During an ongoing orgasmic birth, it is possible to actually orgasm spontaneously throughout the process of labor and delivery. Some women even go as far as masturbation or intercourse during labor.

This, of course, is not a method for everyone. If the birth is happening in a hospital, there is limited privacy. Also, it can be hard for a woman to get to a state of physical comfort when it comes to sexual acts during active contractions.

An ideal setting for an orgasmic birth would be in the comfort of one’s own home. With up to 98% of mothers giving birth in hospitals, it is not surprising that most do not even know of the concept of pleasurable birthing.

Childbirth is a transformative experience for the mother. Women have reported that even a small amount of clitoral stimulation is enough to turn the pain into sensations of pleasure. This is a way to feel fully connected and grounded during the entire experience.

Talking to Your Partner

One of the most important aspects of having an orgasmic birth is to discuss it with your partner. Even if he/she will not be directly involved, being open with your partner will help to bring you into the highest state of consciousness during the birth.

This is something that you should feel proud of, and if there are any concerns, they should be discussed well ahead of your due date. Becoming familiarized with what is expected to happen can ease any stigma that may exist.

Once you have confidence in the topic, you can bring it up to your partner and provide some insight. During this time, you will need to rely on one another for support. Talk about the ideal location of the birth.

Discuss whether you are going to have sex during labor, or something less immersive. You can opt for foreplay, and even toy play, if you do not want to have sex. Remember, no matter what options you choose, you must go with what is right for you, your situation, and your comfort level.

How to Achieve an Orgasmic Birth 

If an orgasmic birth sounds like something that you would like to experience for yourself, there are a few tips to assist with the process.

  1. Know Your Feelings

Before you go into labor, and possibly before you even get pregnant, it is essential to be deeply in touch with what you are feeling. If you experience something positive, recognize the joy. The same goes for negative emotions; if you are upset by something, allow your mind to recognize this.

Knowing how to process these feelings is going to bring you one step closer to reaching a climax while giving birth. This is an essential time for you to bond with your partner and to express yourself fully. Think especially about how intense emotions make you feel.

Most people feel overwhelmed when they experience a surge of emotion, and this is likely what will happen during childbirth. Learn to associate this rush of emotion with a feeling of pure bliss.

  1. Learn Your Body

Now is the best moment to become well-acquainted with your body. Stand in front of the mirror and recognize that your body is a vessel that carries you into greatness. Your body is able to house and nourish your child, and that is something to be proud of. Accept all of the aspects that you see as flaws.

If you have any other friends going through motherhood, now is an ideal time to celebrate one another. Give compliments, and do it often. Once you feel at peace with your body, learn what it likes. See which physical actions bring pleasure. This can come from a simple touch, or from time spent masturbating.

  1. Believe in Birth Giving

Know that you are seeking this option of an orgasmic birth because you are seeking the best for your delivery experience. Do not let the opinions of others bring you down in your decision. Educate those who doubt your choice, and stand confidently.

If you are unsure about the process, continue to do your own research to make sure that you are making the right decision for yourself and for your family.

  1. Know Your Values

It is likely that you already have preconceived notions of the way that a birth is supposed to take place. These beliefs are instilled in us from a young age, normally. Know that it is okay to stray from the traditional path.

By choosing an alternative birthing plan, you are setting an example for mothers who may want to explore the same thing for themselves. By looking at your decision with confidence, you will continue to build up the love for yourself that is necessary to experience the best orgasmic birth possible.

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