Sexy Pregnancy : Why it’s Important & How it’s Possible

Sexy Pregnancy

Is a sexy pregnancy possible? Aching backs, swollen feet, and a belly so large that you can no longer see your toes – this is often the image associated with pregnancy. While being pregnant is truly a gift, a lot of soon-to-be moms cannot see past their new, larger size and appearance.

Pregnancy can help raise the ugly head of many old insecurities in women and even create some new ones. One thing that has a huge impact on their sex life is their weight gain, which often puts them off intimacy altogether.

It is essential to remember that it is still possible to feel sexy during pregnancy, and it is also important to remind yourself of this.

Just because you have a new life growing inside you, does not mean that you are supposed to keep yourself hidden away from the world and from your partner until that baby is born.

No Longer Feel Sexy During Pregnancy: What Can You Do? 

Naming the obvious – sex is what led you to pregnancy in the first place. Your partner felt attracted to you which resulted in the two of you having sex.

While this seems like a no-brainer, many couples push intimacy onto the back burner once they find out that they are expecting. It is natural to spend a large amount of time focused on the arrival of your newborn, but do not forget to keep the natural chemistry that originally brought the two of you together alive.

Make the extra effort to go on dates, flirt with each other, and have intimacy. This can be so easily overlooked but can make a real difference.

It is a lot easier to feel sexy when you are still having sex regularly. Don’t be afraid to go out and buy new lingerie or try something new in bed that you’ve been longing to try.

Your Sex Drive Might Actually Increase During Pregnancy

It is actually fairly common for a woman to feel an increase in her sex drive after she becomes pregnant. Again, there is nothing wrong with acting on this newfound sexual energy that is being released due to an increase in hormones.

Finding a comfortable sexual position might be a challenge, but there are plenty of guides, tips, and tricks to getting the most out of the experience for both you and your partner.

Some of your favorite positions will likely have some sort of pregnancy modification. If you do not feel comfortable researching this, let it happen naturally. Vocalize what you like and dislike to your partner. This open communication will not only help you maintain a sexy pregnancy but improve your relationship in general.

Spoil Yourself Regularly

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you cannot treat yourself to nice things. Allow yourself a spa day, some nice shopping time, and anything else that will make you feel good.

Excellent self-care goes hand-in-hand with the way that you feel about yourself. It is guaranteed that you are going to be able to look in the mirror and think positive thoughts if you are treating yourself the way that you treat others.

Remember, being pregnant is hard work. It is completely reasonable to reward yourself for accomplishing this feat for up to 9 months consecutively. This is going to be a major confidence booster, as well, one that will likely stick with you even after you give birth.

Talk With Your Friends

It is likely that before you became pregnant, you talked about everything with a few (or a lot) of your girlfriends. Keep this conversation going!

Talk with your friends about the way that you view yourself and bounce ideas off of one another on how to feel even more empowered. You are your own person with interests, desires, and preferences. Just because you are pregnant does not mean that those things will go away.

Spending time with friends is a great way to blow off some steam and allow yourself to feel like the same old you again. Go see a movie, grab some lunch, and sip on a (non-alcoholic) beverage. Keeping your friends in the loop will naturally increase your support system during the pregnancy.

Keep An Open Mind

When you are pregnant, it is likely that you are going to be feeling things more intensely than normal. This goes for physical sensations as well as emotions. Maybe, on an average day, you dislike going out for Italian food.

When you’re pregnant, that can all change and can get in the way of having a sexy pregnancy. You need to make sure that you tell your partner, your friends, or whoever you may be with at the time when you feel something desirable. Giving in to your cravings is an indulgence that you should never be ashamed of.

It is possible that you will surprise yourself with this renewed interest in things that you normally wouldn’t care to do or participate in.

Stay Level With Your Partner

It is more important than ever to be on the same page as your significant other. You two are about to bring a child into this world and you have a big future ahead.

If you feel that your ideas begin to clash about certain things, maybe it is a good time to take a step back from all of the planning and preparation.

Sit down and have an open and honest talk with one another. Voice your wants and needs in the relationship, and try to focus them solely on what is best for you. Remember, making yourself a priority is not selfish. It will give you the confidence to keep moving forward, even during the days when things are hard.

During your pregnancy, make it a daily goal to love the skin that you are in. Even though your body is changing rapidly, that does not mean that you should be any less confident in yourself.

Surprise your partner with sensuality and try to keep the spark alive and create a sexy pregnancy when you can. This will continue on, even after your baby is born.

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