Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Results: Positive or Negative?

Thinking about trying the toothpaste pregnancy test? Using an everyday item such as toothpaste is one way that potential soon-to-be mothers are using to predict their future.

There are many unconventional ways to determine a pregnancy. From superstition to folklore, cultures near and far all have their own unique methods.

Similar to the sugar pregnancy test, the toothpaste test is thought to be more natural and cost-effective than a traditional store-bought pregnancy test.

What is The Toothpaste Pregnancy Test?

By adding drops of urine into a container of plain toothpaste, it is thought that this will achieve the same results as taking a standard pregnancy test. Decades ago, women sought to use this method because it was something that they could easily do from the comfort of their own home without having to purchase anything.

This was especially common for women residing in rural areas with no easy access to a drugstore.

Nowadays, women can still be found making their own toothpaste pregnancy tests. Whether it be to satisfy curiosity or to want a more natural approach to testing, anyone can make this test fairly easily. These tests may be seen as somewhat of a novelty, because the operation is so simple, and the process of creating one is so easy.

How Does the Toothpaste Test Work?

So, how do you read your test results and determine if you are expecting? It is said that the toothpaste will react to the urine by changing to a bluish color and possibly frothing.

This is why the importance of plain white toothpaste comes into play. If if the result is negative, nothing will happen to the toothpaste. Calcium carbonate is a component of toothpaste, and this mixed with the acid of a pregnant women’s urine is what causes the chemical reaction.

Of course, this method should not replace a formal test done by a doctor. If the test comes back with a positive result, you can then take the next step by confirming this with a medical professional.

Making Your Own Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Creating your own test takes a couple of minutes. You will need the plain toothpaste, urine sample, small dropper, stirring stick, and two plastic containers/cups. Then you simply need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Collect the urine sample in one cup first thing in the morning. If you are pregnant, your body will contain its highest levels of HCG (pregnancy hormone) right after you wake.

Step 2: Place a teaspoon of toothpaste into the other cup. Next, collect a dropper full of the urine and add it into the toothpaste. Stir it together with the stick and then set a timer for 3 minutes. Letting the test sit for too long can often result in a false positive because froth will eventually begin to build up naturally over time.

Step 3: After the initial 3 minutes is up, look for any frothing and color-changing in the mixture. If you notice any potential sign of a positive result, make a doctor’s appointment to confirm.

Does it Actually Work?

As expected, many people are skeptical of this testing method. You might even find yourself shaking your head at the thought of toothpaste being able to predict a pregnancy.

While there is no scientific backing to the process, it is an easy and fun way to create a DIY test kit. You should always approach this method with an open mind and make sure that you are not only relying on these results to make a determination.

The test is not for everyone, but if you would like to try it out for yourself, you will likely already have all of the supplies that you need.

How to Ensure the Most Accuracy

Research shows that a positive result can be up to 80-85% accurate when using the toothpaste pregnancy test! To weed out some of the factors that may get in the way of your results, be sure to follow the specifics of the test instructions.

It is best to take this test at least 1 week after your missed period, as this is when the hormones will be building up. Many times, using a container with contaminants inside will alter the results. This is why purchasing a new plastic container or cup is the smartest thing to do. Also, double check that you are buying plain white toothpaste.

Any coloration or hint of dye is going to make your test hard to read and unclear. Also, toothpaste that isn’t white might not contain the proper chemicals that react to the pregnancy hormones.

Time is also essential; waiting beyond 5 minutes can void your test. In time, the paste will end up frothing from the acidity of the urine. The same can be said for rushing the results – Wait the full 3 minutes, and then check your results immediately.

Pros and Cons of the Test 

If you are still scratching your head over whether you would like to try this DIY toothpaste test out for yourself, you can compare the pros and cons:


  • This test is cheap, possibly free! If you do need to purchase supplies, you will not find yourself spending very much on them. Most store-bought tests cost around $10+, so you will be well below that if you have a tight budget.
  • Almost anyone can perform this test for themselves with ease; the instructions are not hard to follow.
  • The result is fast! In a mere matter of minutes, you will be able to read it.


  • Determining your result could be confusing. If you see something in the test, it might be easy to second guess the true meaning of what you are looking at.
  • The accuracy rating is lower than that of a store-bought test or doctor’s office visit.
  • This is no actual proof that this method works. Some people chalk it up to sheer luck that the toothpaste test produced a positive result and the official test result was the same.

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