35 Ways to Announce a Pregnancy to Your Family in Person

Congratulations! – you’ve found out that you’re pregnant. Life will never be the same again, and the future is going to be a busy one! Yet, once you’ve received this good news, you’ll more than likely want to share it with those you love. So, why not consider making this one of the most creative announcements yet?

Before you go ahead and tell others about your pregnancy, take a look through this section of no less than 35 thoroughly creative ways that you too can make that perfect announcement, albeit with a difference.

When to Announce Pregnancy to Family?

This is an extremely personal decision for you and your partner to make and it all depends on what you are comfortable doing. Many people will decide to wait until they are 3 months pregnant to tell their family, to ensure they have passed that all-important early stage.


35 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family


1. Draw your inspiration from your ultrasound/sonogram photo

These pictures say everything you need to know at a glance but can be used creatively. Add a lightbox with the due date and place this photo on a pair of booties or item of baby clothing, tagging all family members in it on social media! Alternatively, box the picture up and then hand it out so people can discover this present for themselves.


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2. Pregnancy announcement cards

These days pregnancy announcement cards are anything but boring! Take your time to come up with the perfect caption and photo and work on making the recipient take a moment to think about the message – before they discover the reason behind the card.

3. Allow family members to remove a bun from the oven

Allow family members to remove a bun from the oven
Another classic yet always a winner, if you’re at home with family members and want to drop the hint of your news rather than come right out with it, get them to remove a bun from the oven and see how long it takes them to realize.

4. Spread the word through t-shirts

There are many possibilities with t-shirts including having them printed for family members with their soon to be title on, for example, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, or auntie. Additionally, you could also turn up wearing your own customized shirts revealing them casually as you remove your coat.

5. Get some merchandise printed

There are other types of merchandise which you can use to your advantage when announcing a new life. Mugs and cups are perhaps the most versatile here as you can decorate them for individual family members, or even wait to see if they can spot you drinking out of your own personalized ones!

6. Purchase a baby item and include it in some thought-provoking shots

Purchase a baby item and include it in some thought-provoking shots
Booties, baby grows, and vests are all popular items of baby wear here as they immediately symbolize your intended news. Better still, take a picture with the booties in between you and your partner or put a printed message on the clothes themselves.

7. Celebrate the news with a cake or two

Cake toppers are brilliant items here and can be placed upon any type of cake and lit with candles, allowing family members to blow them out to see your message right in front of them! You can also add your message onto the icing and get them to read it out loud.

8. Make it a jigsaw announcement

A fun and unique idea is to have a small jigsaw made up with the words you want to announce and offer it to a family member to complete, ensuring they discover your news piece by piece.

9. Label a drinks bottle with your news

Label a drinks bottle with your news
A great way to toast your news, print out your announcement on a label and place it on a family member’s favorite beverage. Use phrases such as a baby are brewing on a beer bottle, or the number of months until the baby is fully matured on a wine bottle!

10. Get pets involved

If you have any type of pet, you can draft them into your announcement plans with the most hilarious or cutest of results, dressing them up or placing an announcement board with string over their heads.


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11. Offer a promotion letter

Devise a letter to those family members who will get a title and give them a promotion, detailing your news like a contract of employment letter.

12. Strategically set up a banner

Banners never fail to hit home any message, and a pregnancy announcement is no different. Consider making your own and hanging it somewhere your family members will be able to read as they walk into a specific room.

13. Create baby bump shadows

A lovely way of setting the scene, baby bump shadow pictures simply require the mom-to-be to stand in front of her partner, and a significant bump to be photoshopped in as the shadow on the wall behind. Done aesthetically, these can make a beautiful keepsake card for many family members.

14. Draft in your current children to share the message

If you are already parents to one or more children, get them involved in the announcements. Kids of all ages can wear clothes with slogans on of their new roles, hold placards starting their eviction if they’re still in the crib, or note their expiration dates as the youngest member, for example.


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15. Write on the soles of your shoes

Whether you sit down and put your feet up in front of family members or take a picture of this announcement, both write your birthday on your shoe’s soles, adding a third set of little shoes in with the due date printed on.

16. Buy a small chair

This is great if your family is coming to yours for a meal and will have to sit down next to a spare chair which is sized perfectly for a new addition!

17. Be inventive with your food

Offer to cook for your family, serving them your announcement on a plate! For starters, you could write the news in spaghetti shapes and get them to read it out before tucking in.


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18. Eggs with hatching notes

Using the concept of fortune cookies, buy a selection of plastic toy eggs and write your message on a strip of paper inside. You could also add just a pacifier here – which is a message all of its own.

19. Air your laundry

Encourage your family out into the garden where they can see the little babywear pieces hanging from the laundry line. You could also add a sign here with the words, more laundry expected soon.

20. Decorate a video case

Insert a sleeve into a video case with the news in the form of an upcoming blockbuster, mentioning its release date as your due date. Better still, if you have an actual video of your scan, place this inside the case as a beautiful gift.

21. Go crazy with chalk

Write your due date all over the floor outside, on a nearby wall, or on the drive, making it bright and colorful to draw attention to its magical message.

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