Best Toys & Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys

The age of four is a time when doors open up for your child, they begin to see more sights and experience the world in new and exciting ways. It’s such a pivotal age as all of a sudden the world is their oyster and the opportunities for new experiences are endless!

Toys for four-year-old boys aim to enhance what they know about the world around them and have fun whilst doing it! At this inquisitive age, kids have boundless energy and will love not only getting active and moving around but also challenging their mind with puzzles and games and so the best toys for four-year-olds will reflect this.

What better time to gift them with toys that they can age up with and use continually than on their birthday, Christmas or other occasions important for them?

10 Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Boys

Back to Nature Outdoor Set for Kids


With four gifts for four-year-old boys all within one set, this toy is great! It really promotes your kid getting active, going outdoors and exploring the world around him. In this set, he gets a magnifying glass, a compass, a pair of binoculars and an LED, rechargeable, battery-free flashlight with an added bonus of the additional bag you get for free to keep this kid’s outdoor kit together!

With these toys combined, your boy can play young explorer. They can use the binoculars for navigation and nature watching, the compass and magnifying glass to read maps and the flashlight to see into darker areas. He can recharge the flashlight via a hand crank too, so no need for batteries!

This is a fantastic gift for a kid who loves nature, science, using tools and playing outdoors. It would be great if you have a planned field trip; you can take these to a park or nature reserve that he’s not familiar with so he can really unleash the inner explorer. It’s also on Amazon Prime so if you have a subscription you can enjoy the benefits of a reduced price and faster delivery for free!

Fun Little Toys Kid’s Garden Tool Toy Set


For another great set of toys that’ll inspire and encourage him to get out in the open and get his hands dirty, you should choose this great toy gardening set. This is an especially great gift if the parents or caregivers are also gardeners themselves, you can have your kid join in with you and make it a bonding experience whilst promoting a passion for gardening.

This set includes a cultivator, a trowel, four plant pots, a water spray bottle, hedge shears, a rake, a striking tool, a watering can, two hand forks, a dibble and a handy and fun little cart to keep all of the tools together.

You need not worry about the safety of these tools; after all, they are all plastic toys with no metal or sharp points at all and are functional to a degree, except for the shears which are just for fun.

You don’t’ have to restrict these toys to the garden but, as the seller recommends, the kids can have just as much fun with them on the beach but ideally for a four-year-old boy, this toy aims to get them active and interested in a rewarding practical skill.

Betheaces Kids Toys Soccer Goal Set Hover Football


Kids sometimes find it irresistible to find a ball and kick it around indoors putting glassware, pictures, ornaments and other fragile things in the home at risk of being broken. They just need a release of energy and sport is a great way to achieve this.

Hover soccer is a fabulous way of getting them on their feet and moving around in which the ball is replaced by a disc that is not going to bounce around in the air. It’s great for boys who are four and a bit older as they’re not going to go over the top and are less likely to hurt themselves from running around and bumping into furniture, but plenty of space for this game is still recommended.

It comes with two goal posts which have suction cups to prevent them from shuffling across the floor or being knocked over. The floating disc is very reactive and doesn’t need to be kicked really hard to get moving. Overall it’s a great fun game that can keep the kids entertained and get some exercise for an hour or two on a rainy day.

Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit for Kids


When we talk about toys that mimic tools and jobs, this toy car which the child can take apart, modify and customize themselves is a fantastic example. The pack comes with a battery operated toy drill which can be used to screen the parts on and off of the car.

The wheels and doors can be removed and replaces whilst also other add-ons are available such as an outer engine, skirting and tires.  The car itself is also battery operated and comes to life with realistic and exciting sounds to really make him feel proud of his achievement in putting the car together.

Theo Klein John Deere Tractor Engine


This toy is another great vehicular option that really simulates being a mechanic. When a four-year-old boy encounters this tractor engine they will be brimming with excitement and won’t be able to wait to check under the hood and see what’s in need of repairs.

It’s a battery operated toy that has 165 play options including repairable lights and makes lifelike sounds. There are many replaceable parts that can be removed and secured with the plastic screws and tools that come with the set.

It does, however, require quite a lot of batteries: 8 AAA’s in fact. This may not be wholly convenient for most parents who are on a budget, but it’s still an awesome and exciting toy that will provide hours of fun!

Kidcia Bug Catcher and Viewer


Young boys can sometimes be made about bugs, parents never understand why but we can tell you; they inspire the imagination and look so unique in comparison to the other more mundane varieties of life. This combo bug catcher and a magnifying glass is another perfect toy for getting the kids outside and exploring the world.

The door mechanism in which the bugs enter is such an easy way to catch them; I don’t doubt you parents and caregivers will be using it when a stray spider or wasp comes to visit. Having your kid get a closer look at the smaller lifeforms can really engage them in their local wildlife, learning to appreciate that all creatures are valued no matter how small.

The hatch is operated by the red trigger and is completely painless for the insect which can be freed after the kid is done to go about its business. Pay extra mind when you are out in more wild areas though, and ensure you know which bugs can be dangerous if you happen to be in a location which harbors creepy crawlies that can pose a threat.

ToyVelt 68 Piece Workbench


If your kid really wants to free their inner mechanic, get them a toy workbench such as this one by ToyVelt. ToyVelt is offering a complete 68 piece workbench simulation here, complete with highly realistic tools and even a lifelike drill; really providing kids with a fully-fledged workshop experience.

Having such realism will really help the kid appreciate and engage with the toy, they’ll be repairing, fixing and replacing things all over the house, it will no doubt inspire them to develop DIY skills as they grow up. What masterpieces will they create? You’ll just have to find out when they get this toy and the creative juices start flowing!

The toy itself is very lightweight and safe, it’s durable and easy to get set up; so it’s very convenient for parents and caregivers, it will also teach the kids valuable organization skills as every tradesman should take good and proper care of his tools.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike


Encouraging your children to get out and get active is essential in the age of the internet and driving this bike he can do it in style. The Harley-Davidson is a classic motorbike that oozes charisma, so your boy will be the talk of the neighborhood with this ride.

Your boy will have no issues with balance since the bike is equipped with 2 small rear and one larger front tires. The bright orange pedals can’t be missed either and are easy for smaller feet to get a grip on.

This ride-on toy has an edge and will allow your kid to explore the great outdoors in style and with ease. It’s also a great way to build some confidence riding bikes before you learn him how to ride a bicycle.

Why Are These Great Gifts For 4-Year-Old Boys?

The toys selected are ones that emulate real-world tools and jobs so they can get some hands-on experience and start developing passions and interests which will benefit them in the future.

You can stimulate their creativity and puzzle solving skills too, combining learning, fun, and experience into playing is a great way to gear kids up for the future whilst they can carry on being how a kid should be; carefree and inquisitive.

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