Best Toys & Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys

If you’re looking for a gift for a 7-year-old boy then we have you covered. This is an exciting age to choose toys and other gifts for boys, since they are usually beginning to explore more complex games and are taking their passions more seriously, yet he’s still not at the age where he’s lost interest in toys.

At this unique age, you want gifts that will maintain his curiosity, encourage physical activity and allow him to explore his creative side. By now he’s most probably past the major physical development milestones, and now it’s largely about finessing those motor skills.

10 Best Gifts For 7-Year-Old Boys

Spikeball Game Set


This fun game was featured on the hit show Shark Tank and is a great choice for a 7-year-old to have family-filled fun. The set includes everything required – balls and adjustable net. The game is straightforward to understand and play; each team of two gets three chances to strike the ball into the net and the first team to reach a score of 21 wins the game. Obviously, the rules don’t have to be so rigid and it’s very likely kids will incorporate their own rules into the game.

The nets legs are easily folded down and packed into the accompanying drawstring bag, meaning it’s very easy to carry and take to friends or the local park. A Spikeball app also allows other players too in the local area, so that they can play together.

Kano Computer Kit


This is kit allows your kid to build their own computer and learn the basic concepts of coding. The company who makes these little self-build computers has made it extremely easy and child-friendly. There’s absolutely no need for any prior-knowledge about computers or coding before getting started, it’s an easy to follow, step-by-step process.

The kit includes a stunningly illustrated instruction book that details and explains how to build the computer in a child-friendly way using the components included.

The best part is that once the computer is built and up and running, your kid has even more activities to do. This includes engaging projects such as coding artwork, music, and games. This is the perfect combination of learning and fun, helping to prepare your child for a potential computer career in the future.

LEGO City Police Station


This comprehensive LEGO set will allow your boy to build and run their own city police station! In total, there are 894 pieces of, 4 vehicles and 7 figures including policemen and a police dog, allowing them to operate their own k9 unit, perfect for pretend play and building.

This set is a great way to get your son to follow basic instructions, plan and build multiple different objects, the ideal way to learn and develop their motor skills. Of course, they will also learn to appreciate the Police and how their role in society.

K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set


A classic boy’s toy, the K’Nex building set allows building a huge range of different objects, which not only look great but sometimes have the ability to move. This set is far beyond your usual building the brick set – it allows kids to get creative, engage in problem-solving and develop their motor skills.

The instructions included are easy to follow and allow 35 different models to be constructed from the pieces included in the kit. Some are easier than others, so it will allow them to start off slow and steady and once they get the hang of it, build more complex pieces.

It also comes equipped with a “treasure chest” so you can store all the pieces and keep them safe after they’re finished building.

Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction


This award-winning light up marble run is the perfect modern take on the classic game of marbles. Not only is it fun, but it gets your kids thinking and trying to come up with new configurations to get the marbles moving, using momentum and gravity.

The set includes everything needed – marbles, tracks and a selection of colorful blocks that all have unique functions to control and direct the marbles down the track. Easy to follow instructions are included with the kit, but equally, your kid can get creative and build their own construction and see the results of their own creative designs.

The Original Walkaroo JR. Lightweight Stilts


In the age of the computer, anything that gets your kids outside and active has to be a good thing, right? Well, these lightweight stilts are the perfect way to encourage them. Designed with kids in mind, the stilts are adjustable, feature non-slip foot grips and have an ergonomic design to stop any of the frame digging into their body.

Since they’re height adjustable, you can start out with them quite low, but once they have mastered balancing and moving with them at this height, you can make them higher and see if they can rise to the challenge.

JuniorScope – The Ultimate Kids Microscope


This award-winning kids microscope is the perfect way to get your kid interested in STEM subjects and foster learning in a fun and exciting way. It also includes a colorful and illustrated book full of experiments that make using the microscope easy and engaging for kids.

Objects are positioned on the stage and illuminated by the built-in LED lights for clear and easy observation of things like plant cells and water bears. Everything required to carry out engaging microscope experiments is included, such as stains, tweezers, and slides.

Using this microscope your boy will experience science first hand and won’t just have to settle for theory and texts books. The instruction book also teaches about microscopy and how to set up the microscope for successful experiments.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing


This adventurous toy is a brand new take on many classic ride-on toys and can reach a maximum speed of 5mph and can spin around using the easy to master controls. This is a great toy for the garden or park and they’ll be driving around the place like crazy.

The wheels have some good grip on them, making them suitable for off-road adventures. The only thing to remember is that the cart is quite low, making it difficult to see, especially for cars, so it’s probably best to keep play restricted to the garden or away from roads.

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit


Another LEGO is the Klutz chain reaction kit that offers a new innovative take on the classic toy. Effectively the kit can be used with the building blocks they already own, or they can simply use the 22 new ones the kit includes to create 10 moving constructs that can act similarly to pinball machines, – pivot, drop and lift. Each unique construction can do something fun alone, but combined with the others can make an entertaining and very cool chain reaction.

The kit also includes an instruction booklet that provides details on how to build the blocks and other materials included with the kit – balls, buckets and additional pieces. This kit is a great addition to LEGO sets and a fantastic way to get your boy to develop problem-solving skills.

Cozmo the AI Robot


This little robot has officially gone viral and videos of him getting up to mischief are all over the web! With facial recognition software, Cozmo is a robot that can interact with faces, learn different emotions and interact with the environment.

As Cozmo moves around, he is able to detect and analyze his surroundings ensuring he never crashes or falls off the edge of surfaces. Accompanied by an app, kids can control the robot from smartphones, which allows them to control his movements and make him build and stack the power bricks (included) in a range of different configurations.

This is a unique and fun toy to use and will allow your kid to get to grips with basic programming!

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