Best Toys & Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

Mobility, dexterity, motor skills, creativity, and imagination are all essential skills that a child starts to really develop when they reach 1 year old. It’s their experience with people, their environment and the objects in their environment which have a heavy influence on their development.

If you are thinking of buying and gift and are wondering “what is the best toy for a 1 year old” consider not only the quality and value for money but also how the toy encourages and aides them as the experience the sights and sounds the world has to offer whilst being fun and engaging.

10 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck



Immerse your child with sensory stimulation with a toy with an unlikely shape – a dump truck. Boys love to play with vehicular toys, they can push and pull it across the floor with the colored balls (or rocks) rumbling around on the inside.

The rocks can be placed on the top of the cabin and a voice will count them, they can then tumble down into the bucket portion of the truck to be transported. There are also three colored buttons which activate songs and phrases that teach the child about colors and tools.

Matney Stealing Coin Cat Box


This cheeky kitten shouldn’t be described as a thief; it’s actually polite, friendly and stores money for you. This toy is so much fun for youngsters; an effective and encouraging way to get them to grasp numbers, counting and talking.

It works on most American coins which when placed on the sensor, the kitty pops up, says hello, and takes the coin followed by a thank you. It then rests inside the box waiting for the next time your child wants to pay their new friend a visit. Overall this toy is a super cute gift idea that your child couldn’t help but fall in love with.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Park and Learn Deluxe Garage


This fun parking garage toy is a great way for your child to experiment and get creative. They may need help in putting the track together at times; however, the push along cars, the flashing lights, the songs, and phrases help your child to familiarize with different vehicles and letters of the alphabet.

The vehicles can pick up some speed when going down the ramps which for a 1-year-old boy can be extremely exciting, the songs that play as their doing just add to the action. It’s certainly an impressive toy for a youngster, they will surely have a great amount of fun with it and it’s highly rated amongst buyers.

The Learning Journey My First Match It


For a toy that really works with the imagination, shapes, and logic, look no further than this card picture matching set. Kids will enjoy this simplistic puzzle of matching one half of a friendly dinosaur to the other.

Kids can learn the differences between the dinosaurs as they try to match the 15 couples together. No two puzzle pieces are cut the same, so there’s no risk of an unfortunate splicing of two dino’s, and you could also make your own game of snap out of it to enhance learning.

Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent


If you have a lot of room, this fantastic and surprisingly inexpensive rocket ship tent would make an amazing addition to any playroom. Kids love to have their own play area and this gives them that opportunity to crawl in tunnels and engage in imaginative play.

You have an enclosed rocket ship tent for them to play in after which they can blast off into the out space ball pit. This toy is great when there are a bunch of kids playing together and getting in on the action, it offers loads of room and a safe and engaging environment to play in.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag


Another way to let your kid really get creative is by giving them some blocks and seeing what they can build out of them. The mega blocks are a great gift for a 1-year-old as they’re easy to put together and pull apart and don’t pose any danger to the kid.

It’s a great activity for several children or the family to get together and see what they can create whether its buildings, animals or vehicles, it really enhances the imagination to create and your boy will have so much pride when they craft a toy for themselves.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set


Some kids even at ages as young as 1 are highly energetic and so what better way to take advantage of that and get some exercise than basketball? This small, free-standing basketball net can be played with outside or inside, allowing the kid to get some hands-on experience with the sport.

The balls are not real basketballs but a soft plastic that does not need inflating. They’re not particularly bouncy and there’s not much hope of dribbling successfully with one. But it’s still great fun and gives young kids a great sense of achievement to overcome the challenge and dunk the ball through the hoop.

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube


This cube has a range of fantastic activities on each side giving the child loads to explore in such a small and compact toy! It teaches numbers, shapes, music, animals, reading, food and more featuring a diverse number of interactive elements on each of its five sides.

A part of this toy that stands out is the turn page nursery rhyme book which actually sings the nursery rhyme as the page is turned! It not only teaches with phrases and pleasant songs but develops the hand-eye coordination skill with a shape sorting game and is just a bundle of fun that can keep a child entertained for a long time.

Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Toy


Marco, the bath time submariner is an adorable and charming bath toy for a 1-year-old boy which aims to make bath time a better experience for your kid. He floats in the water with his head just appearing above the water line.

Once he’s in the water, his headlamp changes color leading the way on an underwater expedition. This is a simplistic but cute toy that a kid can use to let his imagination run free and make the most out of bath time.

Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter Ride On


A fantastic gift option for a kid can be quite difficult to choose sometimes, and a great idea is to gift them the ability to get around more efficiently. At 1 year old, the child will be developing their legs and mobility which can be supported by providing them with this sleek looking scooter that also has a smart storage compartment.

The seat is optional too and when removed, the scooter can be operated whilst standing to give them support as they gain a sense of balance. What’s great about this product is it’s simple, doesn’t require batteries but can be taken out and about and provide hours of fun. It can also be used continually as the kid grows. The product is reserved for Amazon Prime members only, however, so Prime members can also enjoy the benefits of this toy, reduced prices and free faster delivery!

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